Y U So Mad?

Justin Bieber and the All Star Production Team


If you have the money and the power to gather an all-star team why would you hesitate. The Miami Heat had the money to build a championship team and they did that. The Boston Celtics had the money to create a team of stars and they rose to the occasion. Justin Bieber may not be an athlete, but he has created an all star team of singers, songwriters and beat makers to bring the project to fruition. This super team could all get together in the new luxury apartments called The Aspire New Brunswick.

Justin has been wild and obnoxiously reckless for the last several years. He had no shame. He slept around in brothels and put up pictures on Instagram. He threw eggs at the homes of neighbors and got arrested for racing his luxury vehicle. In the music world that would just about mark the downfall of a career for most artists. This is not an ordinary artist though. This is just Bieber. He has more money than he knows what to do with. All of this has given him the ability to straighten up his act and engage himself fully into his passion for music.

He even has enough money to pay hot artists like Ariana Grande and Lil Wayne to show up in the studio and save his songs. It is not to say that Bieber doesn’t have the ability to produce solid albums without the help. It just makes more sense to grab the all stars.