Y U So Mad?

Simple IT consultant to an Exceptional Player in the IT Staffing Business


John Goullet received his Master’s degree in Computer Science -Ursinus College, having finished his studies in 1983. Starting off his career as an IT consultant, he later shifted to IT staffing, within a while; he founded Info Technologies, a company that provided IT staffing solutions to companies all over the nation including some Fortune 500 companies. John steered the company to a worth of over 30 million dollars within a span of five years. Placed on Inc. magazine’s list of privately held US firms growing the fastest.


Full of vision, he merged Info Technologies with Diversant Inc., resulting in Diversant Limited Liability Company with John as the Principal. Diversant LLC-African-American is Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) certified and is the United States’ leading IT staffing company. It provides a wide range of available IT staffing and a variety of staffing augmentation in IT, direct hire and diverse solutions to products innovated. Products and services produced by this firm are unique and are guided by exceptional policies with an objective of meeting its clients’ needs, those who affiliate themselves with the company and the community served by the enterprise. Critical problems are solved by the use of a consultative and involvement of the clients as real business partners.


Under John, the company has grown at all times- even during economic downturns. His enthusiasm is contagious and spreads to his staff whom he encourages to be creative thinkers, uphold the ethical behavior, and be respectful and disciplined. He firmly believes in teamwork, and this is what has enabled him to build this IT staffing firm. The company has been honored for its financial success being the first time recipient of certification as a Minority-Owned business.


At the DIVERSANT you will meet all the talented professionals with suitable companies by the fact that it’s an IT staffing firm; this is after employing appropriate methods in vetting them. This process creates more productive and healthy relationships with clients and IT consultants. In this sits the core business of John Goullet.