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Arthur Becker: Always On The Rise


Arthur Becker’s Tribeca land office serves as a craftsmanship studio, with an undeniable workshop alongside models and artworks he’s made in plain view. The space is right down the road from the site of what will be his initially ground-up solo improvement extend, at 465 Washington Street, an eight-unit extravagance condominium with a normal offer of $52.5 million. The 66-year-old previous Bear Stearns stockbroker made his fortune purchasing tech organizations in the mid 2000s however has all the more as of late made attacks into land in New York and Florida.

As of not long ago, be that as it may, he’s been all the more a quiet cash accomplice, most outstandingly backing Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney’s Billionaires’ Row improvement at 111 West 57th Street. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.

He was additionally put resources into 10 Sullivan Street, a 16-story apartment suite building created by Maloney and Robert Gladstone’s Madison Equities. Be that as it may, in August, the designers exchanged three nearby Sullivan Street townhouses to Becker in return for his stake in the venture. Becker — who was hitched to creator Vera Wang for 20 or more years until the two isolated in 2012 — will apparently live in one of them and offer the other two. The head honcho’s business dealings are tremendous, traversing fund, tech, workmanship and, obviously, land, which he appears to be ready to get all the more intensely required in going ahead. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

  • Becker’s various business wanders have created various self-announced disappointments, including an endeavor at advertising specific binoculars named Bnox.
  • Becker gathers antiquated monetary standards from African nations like Nigeria and Cameroon — some of which are over a thousand years old and a considerable lot of which he duplicates as models.
  • At the point when Becker was in his mid 30s and living in LA, a companion induced him to put resources into a macadamia nut cultivate in Hawaii.

Arthur Becker began purchasing tech organizations in the mid 2000s and ran the web-facilitating organization NaviSite until 2010. Despite everything he possessed a stake in the organization when it sold for nine figures.

Interesting Fact About Becker

  • As a child in Bristol, Connecticut, Becker counseled his Magic 8 Ball routinely.

Evidently, it was valuable consultation…

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Highland Capital: A Global Asset Management Force


Highland Capital provides investment and asset management for a wide spectrum of different types of entities and individuals. The firm has one of the most diversified client lists of any similar entity in operation anywhere around the world today.


The diversified client list of Highland Capital includes financial institutions, fund of funds, governments, public pension plans, foundations, endowments, corporations, and families and individuals classified as having a high net worth.


Highland Capital Management was established in 1993 by two business partners, James Dondero and Mark Okada. Since that time, the firm has become one of the largest, most experienced alternative credit managers operating in the international marketplace.


At the present time, Highland Capital has over $15 billion in assets under its management. In this regard, Highland Capital specializes in a number of investment categories. These include different credit strategies that include credit hedge funds as well as long-only funds and separate accounts. The firm also invests in distressed and special-situation private equity, and collateralized loan obligations.


The firm also specializes in alternative investment options. These include emerging markets, long-short equities, and natural resources of different types.


In addition to being an industry leader when it comes to investment and asset management, Highland Capital has also garnered renown for its support of philanthropic endeavors. The company has donated over $10 million to worthy organizations, projects, and programs over the course of the past 12 years. This includes donations made to different endeavors around the world.


Beyond the financial support of worthy organizations, the team at Highland Capital takes a hands-on approach to community service. The staff at Highland Capital are heavily involved in volunteer work.


The firm is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. In addition, Highland Capital maintains other offices in a number of other major global financial centers. These include Sao Paolo, Singapore, Seoul, and New York.