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Jason Hope Is Paving The Way For Future Generations


Jason Hope is a tech entrepreneur, futurist, investor, and philanthropist who has a passion for giving back to people. He is an advocate and believer in The Internet of Things, which is a term that described objects and devices that are connected to the internet that can collect, send out, and store data. Smart phones and the like are among these, but objects like fitness trackers, smart cars, and even futuristic vegetable and fruit juicers that allow people to send signals online that gets them started are included in The Internet of Things. Jason helps companies look into the future to see where product or service opportunities are available.

Jason Hope’s Philanthropy

Jason Hope has recently given back to the scientific community by donating $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, which is a California based non-profit group that is working to create and promote access to biotechnologies that help people with age-related diseases. Jason has had a great interest in what the foundation does and believes in their mission greatly. He feels that a complete redefinition of healthcare is on its way and that rejuvenation bio-technologies are the new wave of the future. SENS works hard to figure out how to repair the damage which happens to people as a result of aging before it causes other deadly pathologies.

Jason Hope’s 4-Step Philanthropic System

Jason believes that people should always give as much of themselves to other people or causes that they believe in, and he has come up with a formula to help others do so. The first step is for a person to write down a list of their own passions and to look for groups organizations that align with them. The second step is to decide whether to help out on a local or national level. The third step is to decide what ways you want to get involved with an organization you choose. Will you donate time or money, or maybe both? The final step is to do more research and look to friends, neighbors, and family for recommendations about who to help to learn more about us: http://jasonhope.com/technology/ click here.

Jason believes in the future of our world, and he wants to encourage you to do the same.

Jason’s New Hope


Once thought of as merely a concept of the future, the internet of things, while still in its early phases, has blossomed into a real life entity that is changing the way the world communicates, offering an unprecedented level of connectivity and ease of use between people and the products that affect everyday life. Connecting people and devices through Bluetooth beacon technology has infiltrated major industries such as, medical and automotive.

One of the newest and most influential ways in which the internet of things is changing the lives of businesses and individuals around the globe is through air travel. In recent years, the conditions surrounding air travel, such as increased security measures and fluctuating ticket prices, have caused consumers to be increasingly dissatisfied with their overall experiences. With the continued growth of the technological capacity of the internet of things, aspects of travel, such as ease of check-in and personalized travel, are becoming increasingly efficient, as many major airlines have begun implementing new and groundbreaking processes.

Jason Hope is one of the leaders of the IoT movement, proclaiming himself a “futurist” and championing the internet of things as the next wave to significantly alter the way daily life is experienced. As a businessman and philanthropist helming from Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope attended Arizona State University, receiving a degree in finance, before furthering his studies at Arizona State’s W.P. Carey School of Business. While taking part in various ventures, such as philanthropy and entrepreneurship, he has recently delved into the political arena as well.

Jason Hope Is Betting On The Internet Of Things


Jason Hope is a familiar name in the tech industry as a successful entrepreneur and regular writer on all of the latest big things in tech. So, it comes as no surprise that he is looking at The Internet of Things as the single biggest advancement of technology currently hitting the industry.

Jason believes that many of the biggest corporations around the world will invest. There are already toasters, refrigerators, street lights and even door locks that are wirelessly connected, and Jason Hope thinks that this is only just the beginning.

Jason is from Arizona and received his degree in financing from Arizona State University before going on to complete an MBA from the university’s W.P. Carey School of Business and achieve great success in the technology industry.

He has made his philanthropic endeavors a priority in his life, most notably becoming involved with the SENS foundation. The foundation focuses on anti-aging with a particular focus on developing processes to allow for longer lives with an overall better quality of life. Jason notes that the research done by SENS Foundation has become one of his passions largely due to their unique approach to studying anti-aging in looking for cures to diseases that break down the body, like Alzheimer’s and lung and heart disease.

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Be Proactive with Online Reputation Management


In business, reputation is everything. The minute a business’ reputation suffers, profits begin to decline. Launching a marketing campaign to boost sales won’t help much if a brand has been severely tarnished. The minute potential customers have doubts about a business, they are not going to patronize the enterprise. People worry about wasting money on bad service.

Self-employed persons or small business owners should not think they are free from these troubles just because their reputation has remained positive for several years. Things can change quickly and without warning. Today, there are scores of anonymous review sites in which negative commentary about business enterprises can be easily published.

Once a few bad reviews are posted, the impact on a business could be enormous. What if the reviews are false, exaggerated, or inaccurate? Sadly, there is not much that can be to remove them. Most review sites have strict editorial policies about removing bad reviews. Sometimes, the negative information is published on blogs and social media platforms and there is no editorial review. Someone with an axe to grind pretty much can get away with tarnishing a reputation.

The best way to deal with such troubles is to be proactive. Taking the reigns and developing a solid online presence could defeat a bad review or other malicious material before they are even published. Businesses and entrepreneurs really do have to manufacture their own online reputation.

There are various ways this can be done. Building a website, creating a great social media presence, publishing positive testimonials, and circulating good reviews are ways a positive image and reputation is established. Imagine maintaining a really upbeat social media site and publishing hundreds of flattering blog posts over the course of two years prior to anything negative being published online. The negative material would be buried amidst tons of helpful online material.

The job of doing this, however, should be left to the experts. A legitimate reputation management firm will achieve desirable results. Trying to handle the task in-house and without experts at the helm could end up being worse than doing nothing at all.

Darius Fisher, the President of the online reputation management firm Status Labs, understands exactly what is required to help a business in these matters. He was recently listed on PR Week’s Innovation 50 list of top digital marketing experts. Those interested in building up a positive reputation should look closer at what Fisher’s firm can do.