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Lacey And Larkin Reveal The Harsh Truth About Being An Immigrant


There are certain laws that are given harsh consequences when they are broken. Among one of the laws that have really harsh consequences is DUI. Driving under the influence can bring one to jail for plenty of days.

The country as a whole is harsh on citizens when it comes to DUIs. For one thing, citizens will not only get a few days in jail, but they will also lose some of their eligibility for certain jobs. While it is bad enough for citizens, it can actually be worse for another group of people. Among the people that could suffer worse for a DUI are migrants.

One thing that Lacey and Larkin advise migrants is that they don’t act like the citizens when it comes to parties. One thing that should be understood is that one instance of a DUI can be grounds for deportation. Therefore, it is important for people to make sure that they are careful when they are in the country.

After all, the justice system is not on the side of the migrants. Larkin and Larcey are not even on the side of the citizens. One thing to know is that when faced with the courts, the justice system is not out to get what is right. The system is out to get various people. There is a reason that the defendant is often called the victim. Learn more about Jim Larkin: https://www.facebook.com/jimlarkin53

One thing that people are faced with when they are found under the influence of drugs is that they are faced with mandatory minimum sentences. Therefore, people who are found to be driving under the influence are faced with at least one day in jail, maybe even more depending on how far under the influence they are. Another issue with the mandatory minimum sentencing is that it prevents judges from being able to put other ideas into consideration for sentence reduction.

One of the issues with mandatory minimum sentencing is that it criminalizes the migrants. People of color are also going to have to be careful because they are vulnerable to criminalizing by the mandatory sentencing that has been put in effect. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid being put into this situation.

The one way that is best for immigrants and people in general is to avoid all types of parties and situations in which people could get themselves intoxicated and then in trouble. One small misstep could mean a lifetime of troubles.

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