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George Soros Provides Positive Outlook


For many people who are in bad situations, it can be hard to look at the positive aspect of things. George Soros makes it so that people are able to get what they need out of different situations and so that they don’t have to worry about the problems that could come from the things that they are doing. He does everything that he can for different people and he works to make sure that people are getting what they need out of different situations. The Washington Times reported about the positive things that he has done in Ferguson and that is evidence of the fact that he cares about people in many different situations. It is also something that shows how dedicated he is to different things in his own career and with people who are often struggling to get the help that they need. While it is sometimes necessary to help them, George Soros does everything that he can to help them out.

In Ferguson, George Soros wanted to see change. He wanted people to be able to do different things without worrying about the problems in their own country. He also wanted to make sure that people were getting what they needed out of the situations that they were in so that they could do more with their lives without having to worry about the different socioeconomic factors that were a part of the things that they were doing. It was a great way for George Soros to come in and make a difference. Read his profile at Business Insider.

By donating money to organizations, George Soros was just doing one more thing that was a part of his philanthropy abilities. He saw it as his duty to help other people and he wanted to make sure that he was giving to the right organizations. He chose to give money to the ones that were running the protests in Ferguson because he wanted to see things change and make everything better for people who were in those situations. It was a great way for him to truly bring about different opportunities for people and make Ferguson better.

While doing all of this, George Soros continues to grow the money that he has. He wants to show people what they need to get out of different situations and that is something that has allowed him the chance to make everything better on his own. George Soros is going to continue working for organizations and making money so that he can make things better. He wants to see the world change and wants to make everything better for people who are in different situations. He also wants to use his money for good in the world. Learn more on discoverthenetworks.org about George Soros.

Thor Halvorssen: The Unstoppable Human Rights Advocate


Thor Halvorssen descends from a family of human right activists, political heroes, and warriors. Oystein, his paternal grandfather, represented the King of Norway during the Second World War. His mother shares ancestry with Cristobal Mendoza, Venezuela’s first president, and Bolivar, who led the Latin Americans in demanding independence from Spain. Therefore, Halvorssen firmly believes that personal liberty and human rights should take center stage in any discussion.

Halvorssen understands the practicability of activism

Thor Halvorssen is conversant with both the theoretical and practical aspects of dedicated activism. While carrying out an investigation on the possibility of bank fraud and money laundering in Venezuela, his father was arrested, beaten mercilessly, and tortured. His mother sustained gunshot injuries during a peaceful demonstration in Venezuela back in 2004. Leopold Lopez, his first cousin, is still a political prisoner in one of the Venezuela’s jails. Halvorssen uses challenges he encounters as a stepping-stone for furthering his cause of advocating for human rights. He does not care about the political opinions or inclinations of people he works with, provided they are working towards a common goal.

Thor Halvorssen in brief

Thor Halvorssen is a leading Venezuelan human rights activist and film producer who has made significant contributions in the specialty of public interest advocacy, civil liberties, pro-democracy advocacy, and public policy. He heads the Human Right Foundation, a non-partisan organization that protects and advocates human rights worldwide. It unites people in the collective goal of defending human rights and fostering liberal democracy. Halvorssen works tirelessly to ensure the organization’s mission of preserving and promoting freedom across the globe is realized. He serves as the Patron of Children’s Peace Movement headquartered in Czech and the Moving Picture Institute’s founder.Halvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum, a movement that holds conferences on a yearly basis. He has promoted human rights through film production and writing. His opinions have featured in leading newspapers and journals such as The Washington Post, The Nation, The Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine. Halvorssen is a gifted speaker who has appeared on prominent television outlets including BBC News, The O’Reilly Factor, and Al-Jazeera.

Thor Halvorssen Fighting the Good Fight Against Intolerence


Thor Halvorssen describes himself as a human rights advocate but also as a film producer. He has been labeled a champion of the powerless and an advocate for the underdog. He founded the Human Rights Foundation in New York City that is fighting for the liberation of political prisoners and making inroads toward promoting civil and political rights worldwide.Halvorssen also created and is CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum. An organization that meets once every year to aid the cause of the human condition when experiencing dictatorial governments. Halvorssen has written two books and has the rights to Robert Heinlein’s, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Halvorssen most notably came into the public eye when he was interviewed by Fox New in an attempt by right-leaning Fox to discredit Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign. Halvorssen was known for negative opinions on Che Guevara and Hugo Chavez. Fox assumed that he would also discredit Bernie Sanders, the progressive socialist candidate. Fox, however, was in for a surprise when Halvorssen educated the interviewer on the effective workings of socialist governments in Europe and as a coup de gras Halvorssen proudly admitted supporting Bernie Sanders and giving Sanders campaign the largest allowable donation.At this point, the right-leaning publication, The Weekly Standard, set out to do an intensive study of this intelligent, handsome young man born in Venezuela of privilege and power.

The consensus on Halvorssen is that he is opposed to any government that usurps the rights of their citizens. His efforts around the world are certainly needed because the world is being ruled by an increasing number of despots, tyrants, and those who seek to eliminate the political opposition. One of the first things that despots do is to eliminate a country’s free press. Many in the United States of America see a country that is moving toward a less tolerant and much less hospitable country that is far removed from the views of the founding fathers.