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Things You Need to Know About Mark McKenna


Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the most sought medical doctors In Georgia. He has vast experience in his field of specialization and has worked with many firms through which he gained his knowledge. Mark is also a highly committed patient advocate and community servant. He is also a highly successful entrepreneur and has launched a vast number of firms including the McKenna Venture Investments, which deals exclusively with real estate issues. The Uptown Title Inc and Universal Mortgage Lending firms are also among the other companies that Mark launched his career to develop his life as well as a way of acquiring property.

Besides launching a vast number of firms to develop the economy of his country, Mark also has a high dedication towards helping other people and improving their welfare. He has given his best towards helping individuals affected by the Hurricane Katrina calamity in New Orleans, and this has gained a lot of respect as well as an excellent reputation. Though the hurricane left many individuals homeless and jobless, Mark has donated some items and also given financial support to all the affected individuals with the aim of helping them pick up their lives once again despite the harm that the calamity brought to their lives.

Dr. Mark recently founded the OVME firm, which focuses on elective healthcare. He has a great passion towards achieving the best, and due to his hardworking nature, he has accomplished most of his business goals. He has also gained an excellent reputation since he founded the ShapeMed firm in 2007, which focuses on offering cosmetic solutions to all its clients. Mark uses highly specialized and unharmful products to enhance the looks of his patients and give them confidence in solving their skin and appearance issues. Through ShapeMed, Mark uses Botox injections procedures like the use of lasers for removal of blackheads or hair, to give his patients an even tone and great appearance on their sin. Besides, he also focuses on providing his patient’s remedies to deal with their weight issues and through this, he has successfully brought a smile to his client’s faces.

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What you can expect from Life Line Screening Services


Life Line Screening is committed to providing people with the knowledge they need to lead healthy lives. We do this by offering people reliable and affordable screenings. We believe that identifying illnesses is a great way to improve a person’s quality of life.

We offer screening events different communities, which are staffed by licensed professionals. The events take place all over the US in places of worship, community centers, corporations, and senior centers. The screening services we offer include:

Ultrasound Screenings

Ultrasound entails using sound waves to image internal organs of the body. The technique is an effective method of identifying medical conditions in the areas of ophthalmology, cardiology, and obstetrics. This method is painless and non-invasive. With this method, we can identify conditions such as diseases of the Carotid artery, reduced bone mineral density, and many others.

Finger-stick blood screenings

With this method, we conduct a simple finger stick blood screening, which identifies risk factors for diabetes and heart disease. The screening takes place by pricking the finger and taking a few blood drops. The FDA approves all the instruments we use to examine the blood. Major insurance companies, hospitals, and laboratories use them throughout the country. The entire analysis takes about 10 minutes before you can receive your results.

Limited EKG

To check for atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeats, we will screening conduct EKG. An irregular heartbeat is usually a sign that someone is at high risk of a stroke. The EKG that we conduct is non-invasive, and you are not required to take off your clothes.

Life Line Screening Cares About Your Well Being

Besides the screening, we also offer you additional resources. For instance, we have a health E-Newsletter that can help you focus on improving your wellbeing. Whether you will need to make some changes to your lifestyle or learn how to control a chronic disease like diabetes or high blood pressure we provide you with resources for that. Additionally, if you need to learn how you can make better choices in life to avoid these chronic diseases, Life Line Screening will provide you with the resources for that.