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The Process Through Which Dr. David Samadi Develops New Techniques for Prostate Treatment


Dr. David Samadi is more than just a well-known board-certified urologist, he is also a pioneer in the field of robotic surgery. As Chief of Robotic Surgery at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Samadi is often asked about the work he does in the diagnosis and treatment of urological related conditions as well as in robotic surgery. He describes his typical day as extremely busy. He generally is out of bed by 4:30 in the morning and at work by 6:00 am. On average, Dr. David Samadi is scheduled to perform surgeries two or three days a week. He also makes sure to check on all of his patients before he leaves work for the day, to ensure all is going well.

In addition to holding the title of Chief of Robotic Surgery, Dr. Samadi is also Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill. While he uses his expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders such as kidney and bladder cancer, he specifically works toward advancing these processes as they pertain to prostrate cancer. In discussing some of the latest ideas in the field of robotic surgery, Dr. David Samadi relates his latest developments in the creation of a new technique for removing the prostrate. Referred to as SMART, this technique is being developed in an effort to spare the surrounding nerves from obtaining damage during removal.

There is a certain process associated with bringing new ideas to fruition. Since he has a photographic memory, Dr. David Samadi often finds it easier to problem solve by drawing. Any time a new thought about a technique enters his mind he takes time to draw it out through illustration in order to preserve the moment. These drawings can then be compiled and analyzed by his team to bring about the best results possible. As an experienced professional, Dr. Samadi also believes having a positive attitude is an essential quality when working with others.

Although many people might be familiar with Dr. David Samadi as the host of a weekly television show called Sunday Housecall, he has actually held a number of positions within the medical field since his graduation from New York’s Stony Brook School of Medicine. His first practicing position was at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Soon afterward he became a faculty member at the Sinai School of Medicine, which is also where he was first appointed to the position of Chairman of the Urology Department.

Dr. David Samadi Social Media: www.facebook.com/DrDavidSamadi/

Dr. David Samadi to Contribute to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month by Interviewing Dr. CynaraCoomer on Sunday HousecallLivestream


Dr. David Samadi, celebrity doctor, Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Urology at Lennox Hill will host yet another important doctor, Cynara Copper. Doctor Cooper is Director of the Comprehensive Breast Center and Chief of Breast Surgery at Northwell Health Staten University Island University Hospital. She will attend the interview on Dr. Samadi’s weekly show Sunday HousecallLivestream in a bid to support the breast cancer awareness month.

“October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I thought who better to interview than Dr. CynaraCoomer, one of the primary catalysts in establishing the first Comprehensive Breast Center on Staten Island,” said Dr. Samadi as he also explained that Dr. Cooper is an esteemed colleague and an expert in breast health.

Before her current hospital, Dr. Coomer worked at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York. While there, she developed a successful clinical practice that is dedicated to the treatment of breast diseases.

“I am happy to be a part of Dr. Samadi’s mission to educate the American people about important medical conditions such as breast and prostate health.” She said. She added that she was equally excited to reunite with Dr. Samadi with whom she will discuss hot medical topics such as breast cancer.

You can catch Sunday HousecallLivestream live on Samaditv.com every Sunday at 12.30 P.M EDT.

Dr. David Samadi

Dr. Doctor Samadi specializes in the diagnosis of urologic diseases, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer and their treatment. He also specializes in the treatment of prostate cancer using minimally invasive treatments such as laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy.

Life has not always been easy for the doctor. He was largely affected by the Iranian Revolution, and he and his brother had to leave his motherland, Iran, in 1979. He advanced his education in Belgium, London and eventually, the U.S. where he finished high school. He attended Stony Brook University where he got his biochemistry degree. This professional later earned his M.D from S.U.N.Y. he went to Montefiore Medical Center for his postgraduate urology training and Albert Einstein College of Medicine for postgraduate training in proctology.

Through his contributions, patients are now able to go through the hardships of cancer and achieve a healthy life once again. He has been able to incorporate a team that includes staff, a special theater team and expert nurses who care for patients after surgery. He has been able to perform approximately 500 DaVinci prostatectomy annually all with minimum complications. His mission involves creating global awareness of prostate cancer.

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What you can expect from Life Line Screening Services


Life Line Screening is committed to providing people with the knowledge they need to lead healthy lives. We do this by offering people reliable and affordable screenings. We believe that identifying illnesses is a great way to improve a person’s quality of life.

We offer screening events different communities, which are staffed by licensed professionals. The events take place all over the US in places of worship, community centers, corporations, and senior centers. The screening services we offer include:

Ultrasound Screenings

Ultrasound entails using sound waves to image internal organs of the body. The technique is an effective method of identifying medical conditions in the areas of ophthalmology, cardiology, and obstetrics. This method is painless and non-invasive. With this method, we can identify conditions such as diseases of the Carotid artery, reduced bone mineral density, and many others.

Finger-stick blood screenings

With this method, we conduct a simple finger stick blood screening, which identifies risk factors for diabetes and heart disease. The screening takes place by pricking the finger and taking a few blood drops. The FDA approves all the instruments we use to examine the blood. Major insurance companies, hospitals, and laboratories use them throughout the country. The entire analysis takes about 10 minutes before you can receive your results.

Limited EKG

To check for atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeats, we will screening conduct EKG. An irregular heartbeat is usually a sign that someone is at high risk of a stroke. The EKG that we conduct is non-invasive, and you are not required to take off your clothes.

Life Line Screening Cares About Your Well Being

Besides the screening, we also offer you additional resources. For instance, we have a health E-Newsletter that can help you focus on improving your wellbeing. Whether you will need to make some changes to your lifestyle or learn how to control a chronic disease like diabetes or high blood pressure we provide you with resources for that. Additionally, if you need to learn how you can make better choices in life to avoid these chronic diseases, Life Line Screening will provide you with the resources for that.

Companies Such As Nobilis Health Can Help Provide Health Care


Health care provision is one of the most important tasks in the modern world. Health care providers help pregnant women get access to prenatal care in order to make sure that any baby they have will be healthy. As a child grows, periodic health care checks are necessary in order for a child to be vaccinated on time and to make sure that any problems the child may have such as problems with their hearing and vision are confronted and corrected as soon as possible. Health care checks are also necessary as people grow up. Women will need to get health care tests done such as pap smears to check for cancers.

A health care company can someone’s best friend and help keep them as healthy as possible all throughout their lives. Many companies will make sure that their policy owners will have the kind of preventative medical care they need at each stage in life. They will also make sure that each person has access to the finest quality health care in the event that they have an illness of any kind. This helps people sleep at night because they know that they need not worry about having medical bills they cannot pay.

Companies such as Nobilis Health are devoted to helping patients and health care providers directly connect with each other. Under their skilled leadership, patients and doctors have been able to connect easily in order to make sure that all of those involved can function as effectively as possible. The company is devoted to providing high quality care to patients all over the American Southwest who rely on their health care centers to help them get the kind of health care they need at all times. Companies can get help from Nobilis Health in order to more effectively connect with their patients.

A person who has access to health care can relax because they know that they need not worry too much about minor illnesses. They know that in the event of a bout of the flu or a sudden car accident that they can focus on their recovery and not on worrying about the constant need to pay their bills. Medical bills can be overwhelming otherwise. A person who has problems with medical bills may even find the need to declare bankruptcy because the bills are so hard for them to manage. Health care companies can make sure that all of their policyholders will have the means to pay such bills easily without a problem.

Many health care providers strive each day to help their patients make sure that they have the kind of help they really need. Many want to do all that they can to allow their patients to get better and have lives that are healthier and happier as a result of their skills. The health care provider who is able to work with patients directly and provide for their needs will be health care provider who is far happier in their chosen profession.