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From Rags To Riches With Marcio Alaor


According to the blog that was set up by Marcio Alaor he started his career at BMG as one of the lowest people on the totem pole. He started out as a shoe shiner and worked his way to the top from there. He is currently the vice president of the company and has taken his hard work to the next step and dedicated his life’s work to the bank. He has been able to do so through the way that he showed off his skills.

Alaor’s mentor, Dr. Wilmar, has talked about the way that Marcio Alaor was one of the best workers that the company had ever seen. Wilmar met Alaor when Marcio was only a shoe shiner and he was the best shoe shiner that Dr. Wilmar had ever met. Marcio Alaor took a lot of pride in his job even though it was somewhat of a culturally deficient job. He knew that he needed to be proud of the work that he did and ensured that he did the best job possible, even if he was only working to make the shoes of others look better. Dr. Wilmar took an interest in him.

According to exame.com, Dr. Wilmar started talking with Marcio Alaor and quickly learned that he had high aspirations for the work that he was going to do during his life. He tried to give Marcio Alaor the best opportunities possible but he did not want to do anything to disrupt the work ethic that he saw in Alaor. He chose to give him a job in a low paying position with the bank. This entry-level position would give Alaor the chance to succeed but would not cause him to stop working as hard as he had while he was a shoe shiner for the people who were executives of the company.

During his time at the position that he started out in at the bank, Marcio Alaor continued to work very hard to get where he wanted to be. He wanted to make sure that he was doing the best job possible and used all of his skills to find out what he needed to know. From that point on, he never stopped working hard and always used his skills to ensure that he was giving people a great deal of service. This allowed him to propel up the chain of command at the bank.

Joseph Bismarck is Bringing Spirituality into the Workplace


As a Generation X thirty-something, I have done a number of jobs in my life. I have worked as a retail store clerk, a general laborer building shelves, an elementary teacher, an ESL teacher, a minister, a rare coin dealer, and a freelance writer. For me, morale in the workplace is a fairly important ideal, even when my “workplace” has only been myself. Can you imagine how important it must be then when a dozen or more people are working together and trying to share the same space? Yes, very important indeed. As a freelancer, I am always looking for new approaches to things. I stumbled across an interesting article about an individual named Joseph Bismark on a blog called Just Judy and her Dog.

Joseph Bismark is an interesting individual indeed. Growing up in the Philippines, you could definitely say that Joseph did not have a typical upbringing. At the ripe old age of nine, Joseph decided to become a monk in the Philippine countryside, living in an ashram until he was seventeen years of age. When he returned to his family, he announced that he wanted to enter the business world. As an entrepreneur, Bismark’s life work has been to join the world of spirituality together with the business world. I found it refreshing that in the normal cutthroat world of business Mr. Bismark held the belief that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.”

Mr. Bismark became the managing director of the QI Group of Companies and also founded a company he called QNET. Bismark has been very successful, but at the same time his unique approach to business has endeared him to many of his employees because of the fact that he teaches that although material success is a blessing, it is only a temporary thing.

I found Mr. Bismark’s unique method of blending business and spirituality a refreshing respite from the normal method of society where it is dog-eat-dog and every man for himself. His books, seminars, and speaking engagements attempt to promote his methodology to other people, and it is my hope and prayer that he is successful in his endeavors.