Y U So Mad?

Man Ticketed for Warning Drivers of Speed Trap


Are you able to exercise your first amendment rights and warn people about a police speed trap? Not the universal flashing headlights you typically see, but a sign held up warn oncoming cars? Not in Seattle according to CBS.com.

Daniel Gehlke made a sign on a Rubbermaid lid that read “Cops Ahead!,” and about five minutes later a cop was writing him a citation for $138.

“I’m with the Seattle Police Department and I’m informing you that the sign is against the law,” said Officer Elliott.

Gehlke inquired about the specific law he’d broken and the police officer explained that Gehlke had a “forbidden devices or sign.” According to the officer, Seattle law prohibits people from holding informational signs that say ‘stop’ or ‘turn’, or gives directions.

Apparently, that’s prohibited. “I believe it’s complete nonsense,” said Gehlke. “Clearly my hand written sign is not a stop sign and they are overstepping.”

Gehlke plans on having his day in court to fight the citation. And he intends on holding the Rubbermaid sign – and omitting “stop” to make the police happy.