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Todd Lubar: Success In Real Estate Investing


In today’s world, there are those who have what it takes to succeed in business. This pertains to Arthur Becker, who has made a career of creating diverse companies, as well as investing in numerous real estate projects. As a result, he has become known as one of the most successful CEOs and real estate investors in the world. Whether developing technology companies or investing in commercial real estate across the United States, Arthur Becker’s name is equated with success. In a recent interview, it became clear the business philosophies of Arthur Becker and Todd Lubar are quite similar. Check out Ideamensch to see more.


According to Patch, when it comes to Todd Lubar’s business career, it has been quite varied as well as successful. After graduating from Syracuse University, he took his talents to Crestar Mortgage Corporation, where he rapidly established himself as one of the company’s rising stars. After several years at Crestar, Todd moved on to Legacy Financial Group, where he learned more and more about commercial lending, finance, and real estate development. As a result, he helped the firm grow its volume by several hundred million dollars per year, a feat virtually unheard of at the time.


However, after working for others, Todd Lubar decided it was time to pursue his dream of entrepreneurship. As a result, he developed and owned numerous businesses in a variety of industries, including nightclubs, recycling and demolition services, and real estate development. In starting and building these businesses, Todd learned a number of business techniques that have helped him over the years. From careful planning to learning how to never give up in the face of adversity, Todd has used this knowledge in developing businesses and in helping clients with his current business, TDL Ventures. By giving his customers excellent financial advice on mortgages and other related financial topics, Todd has gained a reputation for excellence.


Committed to helping more and more customers in the years ahead, Todd Lubar knows there are numerous ways in which his business can help others lead the lives they’ve always wanted. By helping his customers stay motivated, Todd does indeed make dreams come true.

David Giertz: The Steps Toward Successful Retirement


David Giertz believes that financial planning is important. He is particularly interested in the financial planning of the aging population and retirees. Many people plan their retirements in their heads, but David Giertz warns that up to 37% of retirees are not able to have the retirement that they planned for and that can be a big problem. Instead of lying on a beach somewhere, some may be lying in hospital beds or struggling with other health problems that arise due to aging. Giertz, the former President of National Financial Distributors Inc., and many other financial planners agree that retirees should be paying more attention to their financial futures and engage in better planning.

The article, “These Big Mistakes Will Result in Smaller Social Security Checks” on CNBC.com is a wake-up call to all future and current retirees. Giertz and a few others take the time in the article to weigh in with their expert opinions. While it may seem appealing to go ahead and start taking Social Security at 62 when one is eligible, many experts like Giertz advise against it. It can end up costing retirees more, with a permanent 25% reduction of their overall monthly benefits. In fact, if retirees were able to wait until age 70, they could increase their benefits by 35%. This means that taking Social Security benefits early could reduce their potential income by 60% if they take them earlier and they were able to wait.

Giertz is uniquely qualified when it comes to budgeting and planning. He has worked in many leadership roles within the finance community, proving his business prowess. In fact, when he led the Financial Institutions Bank Channel he grew the annual revenue to over $8 billion. He is clearly passionate about every project that he starts, and the future of retirement is very important to him. He wants retirees to feel safe and secure in their futures. Utilizing material such as this article and looking towards experts like Giertz will surely be a good first step.