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Fabletics – Customer Centric Athleisure Brand


One of the biggest brands in the world of Athleisure products is Fabletics, and its growth story has surprised many of the industry experts. One of the greatest reasons why Fabletics has been able to grow at the speed of which it has is because it has focused its eyes and ears on what customers have to say about the brand. Even though many brands say that it is customer-centric, not many of them actually are. However, Fabletics started on the note of providing customers what they really wanted – affordable, designer, and quality athleisure product. The market were filled with athleisure products that were a total rip off and highly overpriced, and Fabletics came with its range of designer athleisure products at the fraction of the price. Moreover, the company launched the membership model, where the customers were able to get further discount and the ability to shop from the comfort of their home in a very personalized manner.



Leveraging the power of the crowd has been at the core of the business model followed by Fabletics, and it is what has helped it get the push it needed to make its mark in this highly competitive industry. The company is relatively new and was launched in 2013, but today does an annual business of over $235 million. Moreover, the company has over a million register VIP members, who have subscribed to the company’s subscription model. Shawn Gold, who serves as the Corporate Marketing Officer at Fabletics said that the reason why Fabletics has been able to grow tremendously in the past few years is that the company focuses on its customers, relies on data, and ensures that the end users are satisfied. It is what has helped the company to get positive reviews from the majority of the customers.



As the trend of online shopping has shifted towards people believing the online reviews as their own, it is imperative for an e-commerce business to have a good online reputation. Any company that is backed by positive reviews of its customers is sure to boost its sale, online reputation, revenue, and market image. It would also help in improved organic traffic to the site and better search engine rankings. The customer loyalty increases as the company continue to gather more positive reviews, and it is what Fabletics has been able to achieve successfully since its inception. Fabletics has a review based marketing strategy that is impactful and at the same time based on call to action.

A New Approach for Fabletics


Fabletics was founded in October of 2013. The co-founders are Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The idea for Fabletics came from an issue that Don Ressler and his wife dealt with on a daily basis. He and his wife are athletic and spend a lot of time in athletic wear. They noticed that most of the athletic clothing all looked the same and was not especially comfortable to be in. Don Ressler wanted to change that.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg brought in Kate Hudson to be the spokesperson for the brand. She has a passion for fitness and has a strong belief in what Fabletics represents. Together, the three of them set out to make Fabletics a success. In the three years that they have been in business, the company has grown more year after year.


When Fabletics began, a strong business plan was created. They knew that the competition in the fashion e-commerce market was strong. Amazon is a major player in this field. Amazon controls abut 20% of the market, and Fabletics needed to find a way to compete.


When Fabletics began, they conducted their business entirely through their website. Customers were able to log on and see all of the products that were available. Customers were also given the option to become VIP members. VIP members were asked questions about their clothing preferences. This information was then used to create a customized shopping experience. Deals and specials would be offered to customers based on their VIP membership.


As Fabletics grew, the decision was made to open physical stores. Based on the data collected from VIP members, they were able to determine which areas would be best suited for a store. Fabletics was also able to decide which products to carry in their stores based on what previous customers had bought.


Fabletics took a backward approach to their business plan. Most businesses start out with physical stores and then moved their products online. Fabletics first built their brand and customer base through their website. When they opened their physical stores, they already had an established and loyal customer base. Approximately half of the customers who walk into a physical store are VIP members. They already know the brand well and have their preferences in place.


In business years, Fabletics is a very new company. Even though they are only three years old, they are currently valued at over $250 million. They have seen growth each year of at least 35%. These are huge numbers for a company that is so new. These numbers are also impressive because a huge competitor of Fabletics is Amazon.


Fabletics took an “outside of the box” approach to how they are running their company. This approach is paying off in a big way and Fabletics has seen huge growth. They are on a path to continue up and become even more successful.

Steelers New Fashion Line and Website a Touchdown with Fans


The Pittsburg Steelers are one of the most storied franchises in football history. With that legacy comes an eager, loyal fanbase, and a lot of pressure to deliver awesome things for hungry fans. When it comes to this, the 2015-2016 Steelers have created a brand new line of fashion merchandise for all their fans. What’s truly unique about this fashion line is it really does seem to be for all of their fans. Whereas many teem merchandise for professional NFL teams are male-centric, simple, and narrow in their focus, the new Steelers line is stylish, unique, and most importantly, something the fans have been asking for. This change was spearheaded by Steeler’s Director of Strategic Planning, Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla specified the Steeler’s new and innovative approach to fan merchandising with a seemingly novel idea: interact with the fanbase to find out what their needs are. She asked mom’s and women, and working men what they most wanted to see out of the Steelers new fashion line and the new line’s success only makes sense due to this. Susan McGalla is no stranger to successful popular retail. She has previously been the CEO of Wet Seal and was the President of American Eagle. Taking this experience into the Steelers she created a new line of clothing, that has become very popular. Susan McGalla, graduate of Mount Union College, used her sense of popular clothing brands and transferred it to the Pittsburgh Steelers new clothing line. Her successes according to wikinvest in the past with other companies, as well as her newfound success with this popular sports fashion line is telling of the business and marketing guru’s on wikipedia with passion and ability to do wonderful things with clothing brands. So, this and next season, expect and influx of increasingly diverse and good looking merchandise to be coming out of the Steeler’s fanbase.