Y U So Mad?

North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park Shares Her Harrowing Story


Yeonmi Park was unlucky to be born in an environment and atmosphere that mostly consisted of brutality. She was born in the Northern part of Korea close to the Chinese boarder. The atmosphere of the Kim dictators was both paranoid and brutal. Unbelievably, she survived even the worst of her experiences at the hands of merciless people. In her autobiography, named In Order to Live, she narrates of her perseverance in a hunger-stricken community, her defection and also about how she ended up being trafficked by gangsters in northern China. It takes exceptional courage and strength for her to survive the awful incidents. In 2007, Yeonmi crossed Yalu River with her mother at night with her mother. This was during the beginning of harrowing. In years, they had to travel across China across a desert to get to South Korea. It is during this time that she suffered constant abuse and starvation.

Unfortunately, Yeonmi’s father travelled to be with her but died of cancer. During her interview with Youngvoicesadvocates she narrates how her father died without the knowledge of the kind of democracy in the world. She also explains that she escaped would have stayed in Korea she had things she needed to survive. She says how writing the book helped her put behind her past. She also explains how badly her privacy and dignity as a woman were violated. Additionally, Yeonmi park explains in Youtube.com, how Korean women were ill-treated in China. Besides these, she gives incidents of how men disrespected women and only viewed them to gain pleasure. Yeonmi explains how she found herself in complex circumstances and situations. For example, a violent gangster who apparently fell in love with her helped her to escape. She feels that the man was a bad person while on the other hand; the same gangster helped her escape. Yeonmi also explains in her interview how they would not let there be oppressors and law breakers in North Korea in 5o years. Yeonmi also confirms that her story is true regardless of propaganda about her being satirical and a liar. She hopes that the book will be instrumental in bringing light to the darkest parts of the world. Finally, she insists that no one is justified to treat others inhumanely.