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Mr. Ricardo Tosto – Educating Future Lawyers


Mr. Ricardo Tosto has been one of the most recognized lawyers of Brazil. His full name is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho and he has become a role model for many of the law students not only in Brazil, but all over the world as well.His legal education Mr. Ricardo Tosto has received from the renowned institution of Mackenzie Presbiterian University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Law and after that he pursued a career in law as a strategist and a litigator. Mr. Ricardo Tosto has been occupying a number of position at a few legal firms. The positions that he has been working at include strategizing and taking legal action as well.

After having gained some experience in the field of law, Mr. Ricardo Tosto was confident enough to start up his first company. His legal firm is called Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados which translates to Leite, Tosto and Barros Associated lawyers. The legal firm has been experiencing a massive success and it has become one of the largest and most active legal firms in the country of Brazil.Mr. Ricardo Tosto has specialized in a number of the fields of Law. His work has involved acting as the defense of many public personalities and he has been defending whole company names as well. Mr. Ricardo Tosto is one of the most skilled litigators in Brazil. He has been a great mentor for many of Brazil’s famous lawyers. Some of those lawyers became his current partners that are working with him at his law firm today.

Mr. Ricardo Tosto has started a program that educates future lawyers and also provides experience. Mr. Ricardo Tosto believes that the books will not be able to teach all there is to know about being a lawyer. In order to be god at the job, the future attorney has to receive some hands on experience and to learn how to navigate the scene of a court case and the legal world as a whole. The program has been highly beneficial as he is personally teaching and mentoring the interns.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus to Provide Data for Better Cancer Treatments


Data is essential to medical treatments and research. Recently, Tempus announced that they would provide physicians at the University of Chicago with information that can help them treat breast cancer patients. The company was founded by Eric Lefkofsky to improve the healthcare of people with cancer. Tempus said that it would offer molecular sequencing solutions to the breast cancer specialists of UChicago.The purpose of this data is to help create treatment plans that are tailored to the needs of the patients.

Tempus also mentioned that it would use a sample population of 1000 breast cancer patients for research. The data accumulated from these studies will enable medical practitioners to discover trends that can predict the response of patients to treatment.With time, this information will help doctors improve patient results and offer better treatment. Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade said that breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer. However, there is little information to help with studies related to the disease. Lack of specific genetic data forces many doctors to make less informed decisions. Olopade added that the data would assist them to make more targeted decisions. He concluded by saying that the University was happy to work with Tempus on this new initiative.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Mr. Lefkofsky is the founder and chief executive of Groupon, the parent company of Tempus. He’s also a co-founder of Lightbank and Uptake Technologies. He believes that genomic and therapeutic data can help improve cancer treatments. Eric holds a Juris Doctor Degree from Michigan Law School.Together with his wife Liz, Eric Lefkosky established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This organization is involved in charitable activities that focus on helping the society. Lefkofsky is a board member of various organizations in Chicago, including the Steppenwolf Theatre and Lurie Children’s Hospital. Eric is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. He’s also an author and tech enthusiast.On the overall, Mr. Lefkofsky’s startups have raked in almost $1.8billion. He has done that much with the belief that offering a solution is the only way to make a difference. With Tempus, medical technology will offer solutions that were previously not available.

James Dondero Supports ‘The Family Place’ through $1 Million Challenge Grant


James Dondero, the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, helped The Family Place, a Dallas-based voluntary organization assisting the victims of family violence, by offering $1 Million Challenge Grant. The announcement of the assistance came in October 2016, and the challenge was to raise an amount of $2.8 million within six months from the grant declaration. Dondero made the announcement during the Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon by Family Place. The amount would be directed through the Highland Dallas Foundation, the philanthropic wing of the firm. Interestingly, the grant matches any amount with 50 percent contribution from Highland up to $1 million with a grant period end date of April 4, 2017.



Within three days of the announcement, The Family Place raised $200,000 for its campaign known as Legacy Campaign and received a corresponding $100,000 from Highland Capital. The total campaign funding goal of Legacy Campaign is $16.5 million with $2.8 million was not achieved until the announcement of the challenge grant. Per Dondero, the fund is addressing the call of action by the Police Chief of Dallas David Brown and Mayor of Dallas Mike Rawlings to solve various family violence issues and help the victims. With the campaign amount, The Family Place is supporting the construction of a new counseling center in Central Dallas for the victims of family violence. The counseling center has 13 emergency shelter bedrooms, a dental clinic, medical clinic, separate counseling rooms for children and women, dedicated place for job-training, and centralized call center for assistance.



Dondero has more than three decades of experience in equity and credit markets and has specialized expertise in distress and high-yield investing. He co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 to offer CLO and credit solutions for both retail investors and institutional investors around the world.



James Dondero is known for designing the customized and high-yielding financial products for its customers including hedge funds, CLOs, institutional separate accounts, mutual funds, private equity funds, ETFs, and REITs. Dondero worked with a number of organizations before founding Highland including American Express, Protective Life, and more. He completed his B.Com in Finance and Accounting from the University of Virginia. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesdonderohcm


Jason’s New Hope


Once thought of as merely a concept of the future, the internet of things, while still in its early phases, has blossomed into a real life entity that is changing the way the world communicates, offering an unprecedented level of connectivity and ease of use between people and the products that affect everyday life. Connecting people and devices through Bluetooth beacon technology has infiltrated major industries such as, medical and automotive.

One of the newest and most influential ways in which the internet of things is changing the lives of businesses and individuals around the globe is through air travel. In recent years, the conditions surrounding air travel, such as increased security measures and fluctuating ticket prices, have caused consumers to be increasingly dissatisfied with their overall experiences. With the continued growth of the technological capacity of the internet of things, aspects of travel, such as ease of check-in and personalized travel, are becoming increasingly efficient, as many major airlines have begun implementing new and groundbreaking processes.

Jason Hope is one of the leaders of the IoT movement, proclaiming himself a “futurist” and championing the internet of things as the next wave to significantly alter the way daily life is experienced. As a businessman and philanthropist helming from Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope attended Arizona State University, receiving a degree in finance, before furthering his studies at Arizona State’s W.P. Carey School of Business. While taking part in various ventures, such as philanthropy and entrepreneurship, he has recently delved into the political arena as well.

Thor Halvorssen: The Unstoppable Human Rights Advocate


Thor Halvorssen descends from a family of human right activists, political heroes, and warriors. Oystein, his paternal grandfather, represented the King of Norway during the Second World War. His mother shares ancestry with Cristobal Mendoza, Venezuela’s first president, and Bolivar, who led the Latin Americans in demanding independence from Spain. Therefore, Halvorssen firmly believes that personal liberty and human rights should take center stage in any discussion.

Halvorssen understands the practicability of activism

Thor Halvorssen is conversant with both the theoretical and practical aspects of dedicated activism. While carrying out an investigation on the possibility of bank fraud and money laundering in Venezuela, his father was arrested, beaten mercilessly, and tortured. His mother sustained gunshot injuries during a peaceful demonstration in Venezuela back in 2004. Leopold Lopez, his first cousin, is still a political prisoner in one of the Venezuela’s jails. Halvorssen uses challenges he encounters as a stepping-stone for furthering his cause of advocating for human rights. He does not care about the political opinions or inclinations of people he works with, provided they are working towards a common goal.

Thor Halvorssen in brief

Thor Halvorssen is a leading Venezuelan human rights activist and film producer who has made significant contributions in the specialty of public interest advocacy, civil liberties, pro-democracy advocacy, and public policy. He heads the Human Right Foundation, a non-partisan organization that protects and advocates human rights worldwide. It unites people in the collective goal of defending human rights and fostering liberal democracy. Halvorssen works tirelessly to ensure the organization’s mission of preserving and promoting freedom across the globe is realized. He serves as the Patron of Children’s Peace Movement headquartered in Czech and the Moving Picture Institute’s founder.Halvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum, a movement that holds conferences on a yearly basis. He has promoted human rights through film production and writing. His opinions have featured in leading newspapers and journals such as The Washington Post, The Nation, The Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine. Halvorssen is a gifted speaker who has appeared on prominent television outlets including BBC News, The O’Reilly Factor, and Al-Jazeera.

Eric Pulier Provides Inspiration to the next Generation of Tech Professionals


Accomplishments are important. It’s a rare person who doesn’t want to leave some mark on the world. It’s even better if that mark can improve the quality of life for people. But accomplishments are also important in terms of setting the stage for the next generation. The absolute ideal that people should strive for is to leave a lasting impression that inspires people. While there’s some great examples of this in every field, the technological revolution has created some outstanding heroes. One of those who’s inspiring future generations is named Eric Pulier.


One of the most significant reasons for this is that he’s not only a leading figure in the technological landscape. He’s also someone who had his start in childhood. Pulier began programming in the earliest days of home computing. He began it in earnest all the way back in 4th grade. He already had a small business based on his database software by the time he graduated high school. This sets up a great example to kids about the ways in which one can push forward in self education even if the resources aren’t there in a more official way. Computing was young enough at that point that Pulier had to teach himself. And by the time he arrived at college he’d already had a huge head start.


That head start allowed him a chance to diversify his academic focus. He was able to learn a lot about a wide variety of subjects at Harvard. In fact, he ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English and American literature. This provided a strong background in both literature and technology. He leveraged this into a company called People Doing Things. Much like his academic background, the company focused on two facets of everyday life. It looked at ways in which technology could help healthcare and education. He’s also worked to help lift up children who suffer from a variety of chronic illnesses. His life offers up countless examples of this dual interest. He’s fascinated by technology, but wants to use it to help people live a full and happy life. All of this makes for the perfect role model for any young person who wants to reach their full potential.


Discover the Achievements of Adam Milstein


Adam Milstein performs his duties as a specialist in real estate and also in philanthropy. He works as a partner in Hager Pacific. Together with his wife, they have managed to launch the Milstein Foundation. This achievement was actualized in 2000.


Milstein was born and raised in Israel. His father, Hillel Milstein, performed his work in Israel as a developer of real estate. Because it is mandatory for a person to serve in Israel’s defense forces after school, Milstein registered and served successfully served his term. After finishing, he enrolled in the Technion, where he managed to obtain a qualification of degree in business administration.


While he was studying, he used to assist his parents in the expansion of the real estate enterprise. This made him knowledgeable in property matters.


In 1974, Milstein got married to Gila. Soon after the event, the family shifted to the United States. While there, he enrolled in a university and managed to graduate with a master’s degree in the administration of the business. This boosted his skills while working as an expert in the commercial estate.


Milstein has been categorized as one of the foremost influencers of Do-Gooders. His philanthropic activities have been recognized globally, and he is listed among the top contributors.


In the list of top contributors, he is No. 187. The list is dependent on his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Milstein also works as a co-founder of the American-Israeli council. He is the leader of various modern Jewish organizations such as the campus coalitions, AIPAC and StandWithUs.


Some of the influential figures who have made it into the list include Elon Musk, Melinda Gates, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michelle Obama, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton.


AdamMilstein highly values philanthropy, and he regards the activity as one of the most important things in his life. His inclusion on the list was a memorable occasion for him.


He has founded the Milstein Foundation with his wife. The organization’s purpose is to administer help to the Israel nation and also strengthen the bond among the Jewish people. The organization has funded many projects that have had a positive impact on the lives of the citizens.


The Jewish people are strengthened through the provision of knowledge and expertise in numerous areas. The experience makes it easier for the Jewish people to continue advocating for the welfare of the Israel nation.




Thor Halvorssen Fighting the Good Fight Against Intolerence


Thor Halvorssen describes himself as a human rights advocate but also as a film producer. He has been labeled a champion of the powerless and an advocate for the underdog. He founded the Human Rights Foundation in New York City that is fighting for the liberation of political prisoners and making inroads toward promoting civil and political rights worldwide.Halvorssen also created and is CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum. An organization that meets once every year to aid the cause of the human condition when experiencing dictatorial governments. Halvorssen has written two books and has the rights to Robert Heinlein’s, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Halvorssen most notably came into the public eye when he was interviewed by Fox New in an attempt by right-leaning Fox to discredit Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign. Halvorssen was known for negative opinions on Che Guevara and Hugo Chavez. Fox assumed that he would also discredit Bernie Sanders, the progressive socialist candidate. Fox, however, was in for a surprise when Halvorssen educated the interviewer on the effective workings of socialist governments in Europe and as a coup de gras Halvorssen proudly admitted supporting Bernie Sanders and giving Sanders campaign the largest allowable donation.At this point, the right-leaning publication, The Weekly Standard, set out to do an intensive study of this intelligent, handsome young man born in Venezuela of privilege and power.

The consensus on Halvorssen is that he is opposed to any government that usurps the rights of their citizens. His efforts around the world are certainly needed because the world is being ruled by an increasing number of despots, tyrants, and those who seek to eliminate the political opposition. One of the first things that despots do is to eliminate a country’s free press. Many in the United States of America see a country that is moving toward a less tolerant and much less hospitable country that is far removed from the views of the founding fathers.

Why Equities First Holdings-UK Is A Leader In The Non-Purpose Capital Industry


Equities First Holdings-UK specializes in offering stock-based loans to businesses and high net-worth individuals. The company seeks to provide its clients with innovative financial services through a simple, transparent, and secure process. The loans have attractive terms. This way, more people are able to borrow such loans and enhance their businesses.

The company has been offering non-purpose capital to high-net-worth individuals and businesses for over 10 years. Through its experienced and qualified professionals, the company has managed to close over 700 transactions within this period. Through the funds, clients have been able to expand their business, invest in new areas, and maintain liquidity for optimum operations. Equities First has nine offices around the globe. They are found in London, Sydney, Perth, Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.

Over the years, Equities First has been offering unique services to its broad client base. For example, the company posits that there is no need to sell one’s stock to access capital if one believes that his or her stocks will appreciate in the future. He or she only needs to contact the firm and discuss a loaning arrangement. After agreeing on the amount of the capital, the client transfers the stocks to the company as collateral and gets a loan of a similar amount, which is forwarded to his or her account. After completing repaying the loan, the financial services firm releases the stocks back to the client. At the end of this process, the borrower retains 100 percent of the market value of his or her stock.

Individuals seeking a career in the financial industry should consider making their applications to Equities First. Interns and fresh graduates are guaranteed to work with experienced financial experts such as AL Christy Jr., Vincent DeFilippo, and Jeff Smith. In addition, one stands to benefit from international exposure, considering that the company has active operations in different parts of the globe.

Brief Bio of Eric Pulier


When it comes to naming someone who’s done many positive things to better man-kind, Eric Pulier should be somewhere on that list. This extraordinary being has a hand in numerous industries that range from education, technology, healthcare, and business. As a child, Pulier grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey. His fascination of technology was always evident, but who knew it would make him into the person of today. Creation was his game as he programmed his first computer in the fourth grade. That’s right! As he moved on to high school he began pushing his talents even further as he founded his very own computer database company. By this time he was already a full step in front of his peers.

College life began in 1984. Pulier attended the famed Harvard University and majored in English/American Literature. As an editor of The Harvard Crimson Publication, Pulier also wrote a column for the publication. Did I mention that he also took classes at MIT around this time? This guy was all over the place, but somehow managed to get things done efficiently. By 1991 he had moved to The City of Angeles and began his personal career. Here are a few of Pulier’s founded companies below:

  • Akana (software)
  • Digital Evolution
  • Service Mesh Inc
  • U.S. Interactive
  • FLY

Of course this only scratches the surface, buy you get the idea. Being so business savvy, Pulier managed to sell one of his later businesses for $350 Million. Having such a caring nature is truly what he believes in as he’s donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities, start-up companies, and capital venture deals. His ingenuity gave him the opportunity to build and run the “Bridge For The 21st Century” platform for Bill Clinton’s 2nd Inauguration.

When it all comes down to it, the question that should be asked is what can Eric Pulier not do? His eclectic business sense has helped him transcend the way we use technology and conduct business.