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Goettl Looks To Inspire Energy Efficiency


The Summer is a difficult time for many homeowners who see their utility bills rise when the hottest months of the year arrive and energy usage continues to get higher when the HVAC system of any property is not working to its correct efficiency level. In the article “Goettl Tells All” this historic company explains how to prepare any home for the Summer that arrives and can drive up bills, but with the aid of the experts from Goettl higher energy bills can be avoided with a lower level of energy usage.

Preparing a home should always begin with a service for the HVAC system, which should be performed by a professional HVAC repair company, such as Goettl. A fully serviced HVAC system will run more efficiently and provide lower utility bills for the homeowner and allow the individual the chance to enjoy their Summer with some extra available money; it is also important to make sure their are no large gaps and cracks in the building envelope that will allow cooled air to escape and warm exterior air to enter a property.

Enjoying the Summer is made easy with Goettl as the company has made a major difference to the Summer months of people across the Southwest, which saw brothers Adam and Gust Goettl change the way the people of Phoenix, Arizona in the 1930s who had largely left the state when the Summer months arrived. In creating some of the first HVAC units the Goettl brothers are now seen as the fathers of the modern air conditioning industry.

In the 21st century, the Goettl brand of HVAC technicians have become experts in maintenance and repair of units and systems across the Southeast. Under owner Ken Goodrich the company has growth of more than 500 percent and expansion taking the business back to Nevada and into various parts of Southern California.