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Helping Students In and Out of the Classroom


Sometimes students wish that their parents could be more involved during their school day, and the same is true for parents. Now there is a way. ClassDojo is an app that allows students to connect with their parents about their school day, all day. This app allows students to send their parents pictures, messages and videos about what they are learning and doing. Thankfully, even if the student doesn’t connect with their parents, the teacher will be able to upload the schedule of activities for the school day and keep the parent fully involved. This app has been designed with teachers and parents in mind, in fact, it started from the feedback of educators on their needs for the classroom. Check on businessinsider.com to learn more about the App.


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ClassDojo, an educational communication platform, is creating ground up change by getting everyone in the classroom involved and connected with a focus on growth mindset. Growth mindset is the idea that children will learn better in a positive and rewarding environment. So, this application allows teachers to reward students for their good behavior and excellent grades, which can be a great inspiration for the student to keep doing well. Parents can check in with how their students are doing and the teachers can leave notes for the students when they receive marks.   According to amazon.com, this app is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools that gets everyone fully involved, and because everyone knows what is going on, there aren’t any loose strings that need to be tied up. Parents don’t have to wait impatiently for a once a month parent teacher conference to be caught up and debriefed, they can be thoroughly integrated in the events of the classroom as they occur. No wonder two in three schools are using ClassDojo, it creates connection and empowerment for teachers, parents and students.

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