Y U So Mad?

Future for Venezuela Looks Bleak


A recent article in the Miami Herald reports that Venezuela is approaching a major collapse. One of the major sources are from twitter, which shared the article’s prediction in a report just released by the International Monetary Fund that projects that Venezuela will reach an incredible inflation rate of potentially 720 percent this year. What this means is that Venezuela is on the brink of hyper-inflation, which is a serious state of economic disarray when the country’s currency basically has no value at all.
In addition to the impending economic turmoil in the country, President Nicolas Maduro may have a real political crisis on his hands. Given the concerns stated by Manuel Gonzalez over the unstable economy and lack of prospects for sustainable growth, President Maduro may face a coup before the next scheduled presidential elections, which are now set for 2019. As frustration and uncertainty over the future of Venezuela mount, political analysts are concerned that a military coup is a very real possibility to over throw President Maduro well before the next presidential elections. The current mainstream predictions are that the greatest threat of a military coup would likely come from the Chavista army officers who have been vocal about their distrust of President Maduro and frustration regarding what they perceive as his lack of competence and experience necessary to run the country, or at least prevent it from a total meltdown.