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Alien actor confirms cancer diagnosis


One of the best known faces of the small and big screen, Sir John Hurt has revealed he has been diagnosed with early stage pancreatic cancer. The Oscar nominated star of The Elephant Man and Alien revealed the diagnosis as he stated he had never shied away from revealing his personal life to the public and felt his diagnosis should also be shared, according to the BBC. The 75 year old actor has been knighted for his services to acting after a TV, film and stage career that has seen him appear in iconic roles in the Harry Potter franchise, Doctor Who and in many Hollywood movies.

Keith Mann, partner with the uncommon schools, says Hurt revealed he had already begun treatment for the illness and was hopeful he would completed a full recovery after the medical team treating him had offered a hopeful response to the first stages of treatment. The actor came to the notice of the public with his performance in the BBC TV play The Naked Civil Servant, which saw him win a BAFTA for his role as British writer and cultural icon Quentin Crisp.