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Excellent Protein Sources Increase Pet Food Quality And Profit


The next evolution in dog food manufacturing and distribution is inspired by a consumer-driven quest for healthy kibble that tastes like, and retains the nutrition of, real protein sources. This means that high quality dog food is quickly changing from the normal off-putting appearance and smell of traditional products, to nearly gourmet level delights. Brands like Beneful are realizing that real meat proteins are undeniably the best nutrition sources for pets who rely on their products. Though the addition of quality beef, chicken, lamb, and fish proteins are becoming harder and harder to secure for pet food ingredients, the commitment to quality is first priority. Beneful, a flagship pet food manufacturer of the Nestle Group, has bolstered its commitment to including only whole meat protein sources in its dog food labels. With the nearly $24 billion pet product market open for the best pet food producers to take advantage of, there’s no reason not to guarantee a pet food line that doesn’t exceed customer expectations. Beneful is an example of a company that is influencing the way in which all pet products of the future are produced. With real meat and human-quality ingredients now being used for the next generation of pet foods, pet nutrition and health design is a real option for owners. Not only are essential pet nutrient needs being met, but specialized regimens are also a possibility. Pure source proteins and other minerals and vitamins allow owners to design feeding plans for special pets. This means weight control, senior pet monitoring, and allergy concerns will be easier to manage. Brands like Purina Beneful are making it easier for owners to care for and feed any pet, simply by adopting new pure and wholesome food ingredients into every dry and wet food pet recipe. Pet food companies are sure to profit from this type of change, but more importantly, pets will have access to more natural and tasty foods.