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Why Many Economists Oppose Minimum Wage Laws


Most policy makers who support minimum wage feel that it’s a way of ensuring that unskilled workers have adequate incomes to provide for themselves and their families. Of course this is reasonable. However, economists believe that minimum wage laws are dreadful ways of achieving such a goal. The laws of demand and supply can be used to explain their argument.

The forces of demand and supply are applicable in the job market for unskilled workers. The price of the workers is the hourly wage that they get. At equilibrium, the number of unskilled workers looking for job opportunities equals the number of jobs that are available in their respective industries. However, the only problem is the fact that the equilibrium wage doesn’t provide satisfactory income for these workers. Minimum wage laws or policies are aimed at increasing the income of these unskilled workers by calling for employees to pay these workers higher wages than they would if the law was non-existent.

Minimum wage can be said to fall under a type of price control called price floor. The minimum wage laws don’t allow the price to drop beneath given point or the floor. So the minimum wage is above the equilibrium wage. However, at prices above the equilibrium wage, the quantity of available labor (unskilled workers) exceeds the demand (number of unskilled job vacancies that the employers are offering). Accordingly, at prices that are above the equilibrium, unskilled labor is in surplus.

Whether the minimum wage has fulfilled the objective of providing unskilled labor with satisfactory income or not is debatable. The unskilled workers with jobs are considerably better off because they are earning higher wages. However, their unemployed counterparts who would have been employed if the minimum wage was non-existent remain in the unemployed state with these laws. So are the laws helping these unskilled workers by creating polices that require employers to reduce the number of unskilled workers in the industries?

This is the main reason why many economists are opposing the minimum wage laws—because the laws are far from reaching their intended objectives. Instead of implementing the idea of increasing the income of unskilled workers, therefore, policy makers can look for alternatives to the minimum wage because they are there.

Great economists such as Christian Broda have proposed alternatives such provision of education and training, more income, and basic items (such as housing, food, and clothing). Christian Broda is the current managing director and lead economist at the Duquesne capital management. He has tenured as professor at the prestigious university of Chicago and Booth school of business. Christian Broda has also served as the head of International Research at the Barclays/Lehman Capital between 2008 and 2010.

Do This Summer Arm Workout to Get Arms Like Matt Landis


matt landis arm workout

For anyone that is interested in getting well defined arms like ol’ boy Matt Landis up there, it is important to check out these simple exercises. Essentially, there are three separate types of exercises that you should do to help define your arms, including exercises for the triceps, biceps and the shoulders. Furthermore, the exercises are very simple and they are designed in such a way that you can do them whether you are at the gym, at home or even at a playground.

For the triceps exercise, all that is required is that you simply sit on a chair and grab the front legs of the chair with your hands. From that point, push yourself up off of the chair until there is daylight between your buttocks and the surface of the chair. You can then slowly lower yourself back down to the chair. To really get a good triceps workout, you should complete this exercise anywhere between 8 and 15 times, depending on your individual fitness level.

When you make the decision to exercise your biceps, the best workout that you can do is chin-ups. This is something that makes a lot of people roll their eyes in dread because most people hate the thought of doing chin-ups, but these exercises are quite effective. If you are only able to do one or two at a time, then do what you can and rest for brief period before you come back to repeat that same number of repetitions again. Try to add one or two more every time you do this exercise until you have built up your strength and you are doing solid repetitions. They may take time and effort, the payoff is well worth it.

Finally, to get your shoulders more defined you should lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your heels touching the ground. Find a bar that you can reach from this height and then grab it, making sure to grab it with your arms more than a shoulder length apart. Now pull yourself up off the ground so that your torso is lifting up off the ground while your heels maintain contact. Lower yourself slowly back to the ground and repeat this exercise 8 to 15 times.

If you really want to get well defined arms like Matt Landis, start doing these exercises. If you need to find out more information, visit livestrong.com. You will be glad you did.

Celebrities Who Have Been Naked In Videos


There are many who would love to see a superstar naked. The fact is, many stars have posed naked in music videos, and many of them were not even asked to do so. There are some stars that posed naked in their videos because they feel the need to get a message across. Naked Celebs. Some stars have no problem posing naked, and they don’t care if they’re not paid extra for it. There’s a list of stars that have posed naked for their videos, including Miley Cyrus, Alanis Morissette and more.

Alanis Morissette did a video completely naked, and she was in a subway station with her hair covering her breasts. As Christian Broda (cnnireport) is aware, the video was very memorable because it was one of the first of its kind. One of the latest artists who have posed naked in a video is Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus is no stranger to controversy, and she has no shame about her body whatsoever. Miley got naked for the video “Wrecking Ball,” and she even sat butt naked on an actual wrecking ball.

Miley has fought hard to show her independence, and she also wants to shed her Hannah Montana image. Other artists who have gotten naked in their videos are Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Pink, Shia LeBouf, Lisa Marie, and John Legend. Many of these stars have been remembered for being naked in a video, more than for some of the acting or singing that they’ve done.

Kim Kardashian’s Personal Photos Leak


Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous women in the world today. However, Kim became famous by sleeping with Ray J in a porn video. Recently, Kim Kardashian’s phone was hacked, and many scandalous photos of the reality star have been leaked. Kim had sexual pictures on her phone that were meant for Kanye West’s eyes only. Fans like Sam Tabar (lawyerist.com) know that the hacked pictures ended up on the internet, and the whole world got to see a lot more of Kim. The pictures were so revealing and sexual that fans were actually a bit disgusted.

The leaked photos of Kim Kardashian were mostly of her big butt. She was also completely nude in a few of the photos. Kim says that she is not embarrassed, and she’s happy the hackers did what they did. We can clearly understand why. Fans aren’t surprised that Kim doesn’t care about her naked photos. Everyone already knows that she has no shame. However, fans are wondering if Kanye is happy that his wife’s naked body is all over the Internet. Actually, Kanye West is even more superficial than his wife. It is only a matter of time before the couple splits, and then the media frenzy will truly begin. For more information on this story, visit E!

James Best AKA Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane Dead At 88


Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane spent a lot of time chasing the Duke boys in the hit 80s TV show, “The Dukes Of Hazzard”. He was out smarted by the Duke boys at every turn and his own bumbling would allow him to get close, but never actually catch the boys. Rosco P. Coltrane was portrayed by one of the great character actors of that time, James Best. Best died April 6, at 9:28 p.m. Eastern Time. He was 88 years old.

Fans like Sam Tabar know that Best was actually born Jewel Franklin Guy in Powderly, Kentucky. He was later adopted by Armen and Essa Best after his mother died and he was sent to an orphanage at the tender age of three. Although he is most remembered as Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane, Best has appeared in 83 movies and 600 TV shows. Some of the more notable shows and movies he appeared in are Gunsmoke, The Andy Griffith Show, Bonanza, Mod Squad, The Caine Mutiny, Ode to Billy Joe, I Spy, Rawhide, Perry Mason, Ben Casey, The Naked and the Dead, Shenandoah and Wagon Train.

In the ’70s, Best started his own acting school. Some of his students went on to become well known in the entertainment field. People like Regis Philbin, Roger Miller, Burt Reynolds, Glen Campbell, Lindsay Wagner, Farrah Fawcett, Quentin Tarantino and Clint Eastwood. Acting was not his only passion. Best also enjoyed writing songs, plays and poems. He was an artist, a director and producer as well.

James Best was much more than a bumbling sheriff on an 80s television show and he will be remembered as more by all who knew him.

X-Men Actress Jennifer Lawrence Leaving Role of Mystique


The recent few “X-Men” movies that have dealt with the past, have included the character Mystique who is played byJennifer Lawrence. When talking to Lawrence about the movies, she said that her last time playing Mystique could be in “X-Men: Apocalypse” which comes out in theaters next year.

Mystique is a recurring character in the X-Men stories and has been played and voiced by different people over the years. The most recent before Lawrence was Rebecca Romijn who played as Mystique in the trilogy that was set in the present time beginning with “X-Men” and ending with “X-Men: The Last Stand”.

When Lawrence first appeared as Mystique her name was just beginning to become more known with her recent roles. Shortly after her appearance as Mystique, the world was also introduced to her as “Katniss Everdeen” in “The Hunger Games“. Both roles helped skyrocket her name through households and now the bubbly, happy actress can be seen smiling at many major events.

Lawrence has been in many movies while working on the “X-Men” and “Hunger Games” movies. In each of her roles she seems to shine. And although it will be sad to see her leave the role of Mystique, it may have helped open new doors for her so we can continue to see her act. Fans like Brad Reifler who loved the trilogy of X-Men movies based in the past may continue to remember her as “Mystique” no matter where her acting travels take her.

Alaska Canabis Club Raided Is Home of Former News Anchor Who Quit While on-Air


Former news reporter Charlo Greene, who quit her anchor job at KTVA in Anchorage, Alaska while on-air covering an Alaska Cannabis Club story, is now a news story herself. Greene owns the organization which is a fellowship of like-minded pot users, who are fighting for the complete legalization of pot in Alaska.

Supposedly having received information that marijuana was being sold at the club where consumers of the controversial plant gather to share their product, Anchorage police raided the location, search warrant in hand. The scene of the invasion is also Greene’s residence, as well as that of a few other club members who are medical marijuana cardholders.

People at Anastasia Date have learned that the search netted Anchorage law enforcement several pot plants, smoking paraphernalia, a few phones and a computer, a Dodge Dakota and a Jeep Liberty. In a TV interview with her previous news station where she was once employed before quitting, she said, “We don’t sell any recreational marijuana. We don’t sell any medical marijuana. This is a place for cardholders to come and share their own cannabis.”

Calling the raid conducted by the local police department, “a failed scare tactic,” Greene had the Alaska Cannabis Club up and running again less than 24 hours later. While recreational marijuana use was approved by Alaskan voters, selling the plant is illegal. Although no arrests came from the search of the premises, and no charges have been filed, intimidation by law enforcement is the name of this game and should not be permitted. With stabbings and shootings occurring nearby at the time of the intrusion on the residence, an irritated Greene was concerned why she was being hassled, while real crimes were being ignored.

James Franco Twists Perceptions


Whether people love James Franco or hate him, no one can deny that he’s taking the straight versus gay conversation, also known as the “us versus them” conversation, and twisting it around so people see that we are all “them” in the end. In a Tuesday, March 17, interview for FourTwoNine, Franco addressed the many complaints that he uses gay culture to promote his career without actually being gay.

In a surprising format decision, FourTwoNine’s editors asked Franco to interview himself. Franco looked at the entire situation from the perspective of a “straight” private version of himself and a “gay” public version. At no point did he make it 100 percent clear that he is “straight,” as currently defined, but instead explored the idea that people can define themselves as straight while still exploring a gay persona.

Some critics have argued that Franco is merely continuing to exploit LGBTQ+ culture by using narrow-minded definitions of sexuality as an excuse. Paul Mathieson (theepochtimes.com) knows that, at one point, Franco mentioned that decades ago straight military men could explore same-sex intimacy as long as it was limited to specific types. Those who criticize Franco from within the LGBTQ+ community have asked why he doesn’t just say that he’s bisexual and be done with it. Franco argued that he enjoys that his sexuality is a mystery and that it’s the public and the media who make too much out of it.

NBC brings the Manson Family to TV for the Summer


The Summer TV schedules look set to be dominated by Charles Manson for viewers of NBC, who will get the chance to see the 13 part event series Aquarius on Thursday evenings from May 28th, Rolling Stone reports. Former X-Files star David Duchovny will star in the series as a Los Angeles police officer, Sgt. Sam Hodiak who is assigned the task of tracking down Manson and his murderous family. The character of Hodiak will head the investigation into the murders committed by the Manson family in 1967 and work with an undercover cop looking to infiltrate the counterculture movement.

The arrival of Aquarius follows a series of creative decisions that have set NBC on a different path to its usually family oriented programming choices. People at Anastasia Date have learned that in recent seasons the network has broadcast more adult themed shows, such as Hannibal on a Thursday night. The production of Aquarius will see show creator John McNamara tasked with producing a cable style show the network hopes will be a critical and ratings success.

Suge Knight Going Blind?


Death Row Records co-found Marion “Suge” Knight has claimed that he suffers from blindness. The claim came during courtroom litigation surrounding the rap mogul’s most recent legal battle.

Knight was hospitalized following a brief court appearance on March 2. He was appearing in court answering to charges stemming from a hit-and-run accident that took place in February 2015. Knight told the judge that he was suffered from blindness in one eye, partial blindness in the other, and other health ailments after having been shot six times in 2014. Alexei Beltyukov understands that he claimed that he did not understand what was going on in court and was sent to the hospital shortly after the court appearance.

Knight was charged in February with murder, attempted murder, and committing a violent crime while on bail. The record exec was accused of plowing over two men with his truck in a Compton parking lot, following an altercation. Knight then fled the scene. One of the two men died as a result of his injuries.

The troubled rap mogul was on bail at the time of the incident, the result of previous robbery charges in an unrelated case.

Suge Knight is most known as the driver of the car in which rapper Tupac Shakur was shot and killed in September 1996.