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Lovaganza: Changing The World


Onward comes the caravan, Bohemian and festive. Across the land they bring the news of three-dimensional entertainment, and cultural unity. A convoy, a traveling party, a new wave of reality in a world gone global on Academy Creative. It’s called Lovaganza, and in 2017 the caravan begins.

Featured in this Bohemian expression of cultural identity, adventure, humor, and intrigue will be new technology for showing films of Lovaganza that provides greater immersion than ever before. This is done via 180-degree screens and new means of technological capture that truly bring the experience of cinema to an immersive level. Think CINEMASCOPE from yesteryear, but upgraded with modern sensibility and tech, and you’ve got some idea the impact IMMERSCOPE 3D will have.

Lovaganza was originally going to unveil in 2015, but as technology developed, it became apparent that things would be more effective should deployment be delayed slightly. Now dates have been announced. Lovaganza is set to debut in eight simultaneous, strategic locations worldwide. The Lovaganza festival will look a lot like World’s Fairs of the bygone golden age. Combined with IMMERSCOPE, additional interactive presentations, entertainment, and seminars, the technological exposition of this upcoming event is set to be staggering. Each location will feature a four month run. Africa, The Middle East, Oceania, Europe, Asia, and America will all have locations. The amount of people that will be able to enjoy this technology could end up sparking a new trend in cinema.

Three trilogies are planned, and in 2017 films from the first will be cycled through the world via traveling convoy. They’ve already commenced shooting, and this convoy will sequentially release this first trilogy as it tours the globe.  type will follow.

Lovaganza has long history behind it, and promises to take entertainment and technology to a whole new level while simultaneously bringing the world together like never before. With locations on every continent where there are large people groups, Lovaganza is set to affect the world like no other cinematic experience.

To keep abreast of changes, updates, and coming convoy locations, check out Lovaganza.com. This celebration of art and culture is set to inspire billions, and establish historic precedents across the planet. Necessarily, there is great power behind it, and it will be interesting to see what is ultimately produced.

Learn more about Lovaganza: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lovaganza-2015

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.