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Smart Business with Susan McGalla


Women have been advancing in their careers over the years but for Susan McGalla on paulandlindagaume she has been a benchmark for many. She received her first degree in Business and Marketing and has since brushed shoulders with the high and mighty serving in different capacities. She has also set a high standard which many women aspire to achieve. Susan McGalla began her career in 1986 working as a marketer and also as a manager. Later she moved to American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. working in different managerial positions. Finally she became the president and chief merchandising officer of the company. Having been in charge of the launch of aerie and 77kids brands, she has emerged as a reliable woman in the industry. Currently, she serves with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here now is her success story.

Creative consulting

After thrusting the American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. into great heights, she moved to establish a private consultancy business is in 2009. This involved advising people in the retail plus financial investment. This has seen many companies grow in leaps and bounds because she is able to blend her experience to tailor solutions for the clients. Later she established the P3 Executive Consulting where great success stories have emerged.

In the business of consulting, she has remained creative and highly multi-skilled. This has enabled her to steer growth for clients. She has over the years offered services which include marketing and talent management. The company also offers clients with branding solutions and operational efficiency. The experience she has gained from one level of management to another has helped her to give workable solutions to any need in a company. This makes her clients to walk away smiling and satisfied.

Inspiring women

Susan McGalla has not been hesitant to see the success of the girl child. She has thus inspired women by speaking her views on how to make it as a woman in the industry. This has seen many women getting mentored and succeeding. She has spoken in the Women and Girl’s Foundation in Pittsburgh. Susan has also been featured in the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series where CEOs share their stories on how to succeed. This has motivated the young, old and middle aged that yes they can make it in the corporate world even when it seems to be dominated by men.

Growing as a woman

Susan says that her success is founded by her childhood days’ mode of upbringing where she was taught to be confident. This has made her to always remain confident even in the presence of men who may appear as challengers. She also strongly believes that gender should not be a hindrance to achieving goals in life. Although American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. work force was dominated by men, she explains her zeal saw her rise the levels of management to becoming the CEO.

Corporate Finance and Investment Banking


One of the most common uses for investment banking firms is corporate finance. As a matter of fact, corporate finance is considered the aspect of investment banking which is traditional. With this section of investment banks, customers are assisted as they work to raise up funds in capital markets. Clients also receive advice when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. Investment firms deal with the funding sources as well as the structure of capital in corporations. They look at the actions of the managers and determine whether or not they are bringing in more value for the people that own some of the shares. Corporate finance works with the objective of increasing the shareholder to its maximum.

There are many people that are experienced in working with corporations to bring out the best value possible in their company. Among the people who hold great influence in the companies is James Dondero, co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. He has also been appointed as president in other companies. His 30 plus years of experience in finances make him an influential figure when dealing with corporations and helping them increase their market value. He also helps people come to the best deals for mergers and acquisitions.

Co-founders and presidents of companies must have a lot of extensive knowledge and experience in corporate finance sin order to be able to run their businesses in an effective way. Another area of corporate finance that is very important is investment analysis. Investment firms definitely need this area. This is where the criteria is set in order to determine whether the investment should be financed with debt or equity capital.

Corporate finance is a very important area for investment firms. They have to make sure that the client is taking appropriate action that is going to bring about profits before they decide to grant the finances to the corporation. Different investment banks do have different criteria to meet. In this case, the company that is interested in seeking funds can either go to a different bank or work on meeting the criteria that is set in the bank of their interest. After all, it is never recommended to give funding to a company that is decreasing in value.