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Boraie Skyrockets New Jersey’s Real Estate Market


Currently, New Jersey is globally recognized for its peak performance in the real estate industry. New York Times was mostly fascinated by the state’s exceptional achievement and published an informative article regarding Boraie Development, a New-Jersey-based real estate contracting organization. In NJ Biz’ opinion, New Jersey is among the nations with the highest rates and shares of residential mortgages characterized by delinquency. As a result, New Jersey’s market is dominated by the real estate sector whose focus is to enhance basic household aspects including household formations and home prices. Additionally, New York has incorporated low mortgages rates thus enlarging mortgage credit availability which contributes to the state’s housing boom. Boraie Development is the nation’s latest development firm designed to make improvements NJ’s real estate industry.


Boraie Development has operated in the real estate sector for over two decades. The company’s primary source of money to support its projects is private capital. Also, Boraie Development’s unique work is attributed to its affiliates who entail sophisticated financial organizations, contractors, and architects whose performances are duly diligent. Boraie Development line of activities is diversified in focuses on various aspects such as properties augmentation, marketing, and sales as well as asset management. The organization is made up of a dedicated team whose principal concerns are directed towards providing excellent and unique services that are customer-satisfying. Not only does the company find pleasure in meeting its client’s needs but also in employing its visions and capitalism to the fulfillment of each of its projects.



Boraie Development’s projects are characterized by exceptional elements aimed at attracting financial collaborators and residents. Additionally, the company’s marketing strategy is effective in meeting the arising requirements for housing properties. The firm signs deal with other reliable organization to supplement its activities. Most of the deals entail different real estate operations such as restructuring master plans or finances for redevelopment and augmentation. Various partnership considers various properties and the most common include retails, student housing facilities, hotels and residential among others.


Under the leadership of Omar Boraie, Boraie Development’s President, the company has participated in the construction of attractive properties. Among the most known work of the organization is the State Theatre New Jersey, The Aspire, College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative and Rutgers University housing apartments. Besides having actual achievements, Boraie Development still focuses on future successes. In the next one year, Boraie Development plans to skyrocket its next commercial site located at Albany Street. With the upgraded infrastructure, New Brunswick will be New Jersey’s transformation icon.







Slyce Inc. Performance and Innovations In the Year 2015


Image Recognition Platforms are on the rise in the market today. Slyce Inc seems to be making a name for itself. The announcement of its financial results for the year and quarter ended 31st October 2015, shed light into the applications, software and programs that Slyce was able to come up with during that period. The report also featured various agreements and partnerships that Slyce Inc entered into with different corporations. A contract between Slyce Inc and Shoes.com for the development of SHOEme.ca, a mobile image recognition program that will allow SHOES.com customers purchase shoes online.

Slyce Technology has been integrated into Urban Outfitter system through the app Snap. Find. Shop. Through this app, Urban Outfitters have a visual search for mobile commerce. Other shoe companies such as Shoe Carnival formalized a contract with Slyce on 22nd October 2015. These contracts and partnerships have enabled Slyce to be a leader in provision of technology for business and companies.

Slyce Inc is quite innovative due to the creative and experienced staff that it has. It is not shy of introducing new products and technology into the market. The year 2015 was quite an interesting year for Slyce Inc as it introduced new applications and software. It designed and introduced the Universal Scanner that was for the purpose of availing an automated recognition of object. In an effort to promote e-commerce, Slyce Inc introduced the Slyce Link app on November 25th 2015.

Retailers have also been considered when developing Slyce technology. In the year 2015, Slyce Inc, introduced the Enhanced 3D Object Recognition. Its main role was enable the recognition of products in catalogues. A system known as User Generated Content was built to ensure the efficacy of the technology. A 2D Management system was introduced as part of the Universal Scanner. It was designed for print media for the detection of images. It was also to operate majorly on a mobile phone device.