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Slyce Inc. Performance and Innovations In the Year 2015


Image Recognition Platforms are on the rise in the market today. Slyce Inc seems to be making a name for itself. The announcement of its financial results for the year and quarter ended 31st October 2015, shed light into the applications, software and programs that Slyce was able to come up with during that period. The report also featured various agreements and partnerships that Slyce Inc entered into with different corporations. A contract between Slyce Inc and Shoes.com for the development of SHOEme.ca, a mobile image recognition program that will allow SHOES.com customers purchase shoes online.

Slyce Technology has been integrated into Urban Outfitter system through the app Snap. Find. Shop. Through this app, Urban Outfitters have a visual search for mobile commerce. Other shoe companies such as Shoe Carnival formalized a contract with Slyce on 22nd October 2015. These contracts and partnerships have enabled Slyce to be a leader in provision of technology for business and companies.

Slyce Inc is quite innovative due to the creative and experienced staff that it has. It is not shy of introducing new products and technology into the market. The year 2015 was quite an interesting year for Slyce Inc as it introduced new applications and software. It designed and introduced the Universal Scanner that was for the purpose of availing an automated recognition of object. In an effort to promote e-commerce, Slyce Inc introduced the Slyce Link app on November 25th 2015.

Retailers have also been considered when developing Slyce technology. In the year 2015, Slyce Inc, introduced the Enhanced 3D Object Recognition. Its main role was enable the recognition of products in catalogues. A system known as User Generated Content was built to ensure the efficacy of the technology. A 2D Management system was introduced as part of the Universal Scanner. It was designed for print media for the detection of images. It was also to operate majorly on a mobile phone device.