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Mirna Therapeutics Announcement Regarding Clay Siegall


Mirna Therapeautics is a company that is geared towards researching different types of mirco RNA, which stands for ribonucleic acid, therapies. On the 30th day of January in the year of 2013, this particular company released a statement annoucing their latest staffing change. They were very happy to annouce that the co-founder, President, Chief Executive Officier (commonly referred to as CEO), and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Seattle Genetics was now a part of their team as an outside director to its very own Board of Directors. The name of the new Board of Directors member is Dr. Clay B. Siegall. Mirna Therapeutics said that they were extremely excited to have someone as successful as Dr. Clay B. Siegall to become a part of their team, and they know that he will do great things for their company based on his impressive track record.

Dr. Clay B. Siegall started his road to such a respectable career at the University of Maryland. He spent six years at this university in order to obtain his Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology. From there, he went on to The George Washington University. It was here that he studied for about two more years in order to obtain his Doctor of Philosophy (or a Ph.D) in Genetics. He received many honors while he was in school, which shows that he definitely knew what he was doing in his classes.

As mentioned before, Dr. Clay Siegall has a very impressive career history. He started out in 1998 helping to co-found the very popular Seattle Genetics, which is located in Seattle, Washington. He became the President and the CEO of Seattle Genetics shortly after. While working for Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay B. Siegall decided to take on a few more responsibilities outside of the company. He began serving on the Board of Directors as an outside director for many other companies. A few of the companies that he worked this position for are Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc., Mirna Therapeutics, Inc., and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical. All of these places allow for Dr. Clay Siegall to use his well earned degree to pursue his passion in genetics.


Clay Siegall Leads Seattle Genetics Toward a Cure for Cancer