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Interesting Chris Farley Documentary to Air on Spike TV


Chris Farley truly was an outstanding comedian. Farley first achieved great fame as a member of the Saturday Night Live lineup. Eventually, he moved onto the movies and was poised to become a major comedy star. Sadly, Farley died under tragic circumstances. He does leave us with a small body of work that we can watch time and time again.

A lot of younger comedy fans may not remember Farley. They may never even heard of him. A few older fans might very well have forgotten him. If you are a Farley fan, like Igor Cornelsen, you may wish to introduce these fellow travelers to the upcoming Chris Farley documentary when it airs on Spike TV.

Titled “I Am Chris Farley“, the documentary purports to tell the whole tale of the comedian’s life. In addition to focusing on his professional career, a rare look at his personal life is also going to be shown. Sadly, the special is likely going to delve into the darker aspects that led to his premature death. Hopefully, the documentary is going to focus on the positive side of his career and not wallow in anything depressing. Considering the makers of the documentary have a strong affinity for Farley and his work, the project is probably going to be very positive in nature.

The documentary is slated to air on Spike TV on August 10, 2015. Hopefully, the program will draw in a large audience proving that Farley’s life is not forgotten.