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Big Investment Streak Continues for Talos Energy


Off the coast of the Mexican state of Tabasco lies a well that holds an enormous amount of potential. Various companies and interests were trying to get it on the deal for a long time, ever since 2015 when Mexico opened up a bidding war for the rights to drill there. However, it was not always this way.

In 1938, Mexico put forth a policy preventing foreign investors from putting their funds into the oil and gas industry in Mexico. However, this led to a monopoly. Pemex was the only game in town, bringing competition down and incentives to innovative fell away. When Mexico allowed foreign investments, three firms stepped up to the plate. Premier Oil out of London, Sierra Oil and Gas from Mexico, and Talos Energy, LLC from Houston.

The three firms will split the proceeds almost evenly across the board. Sierra Oil and Gas will have more than others in the ownership, as Mexico wants to ensure their people get the best end of the deal. Analysts predict the drilling will be a success. That’s a good sign for a well that holds anywhere from 100 to 500 million barrels of crude oil.

Talos Energy is a Houston based oil and gas company. They were founded by investors with over $600 million in capital. Their parent company, Phoenix holding, had a cohesive strategy from the start. They didn’t want to fall into the fate of other companies that didn’t grow quick enough. They decided to quickly acquire Helix Energy, a competitor, for $620 million. It’s one of the reasons that their revenue is up to $475 million annually.

This revenue isn’t just dispersed to management and ownership like other companies. Talos stands apart in that it shares the profits with all employees. This goes from the clerks all the way to the geoscientists that go out and analyze the wells. Because of this, management finds that employees are more motivated than in other companies. It has led to it being one of the top and fastest growing small companies in the industry. Right now, they focus on the Texas and Mexico regions, pumping around 16,000 barrels of oil per day.

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The Protest of George Soros against Segregation and the Attacks of Right Groups against him


While many consider George Soros as a billionaire investor, he likes to hear more as a fighter of democracy, equality, freedom, and more. He opposes all sorts of segregation policies publically and support groups who are campaigning about such groups. Due to that reason, many right-wing groups and political parties see Soros as an opponent and raise campaigns against him. According to a Business Insider report, the right-wing groups easily found a master brain in him when there was a huge protest by liberals against President Donald Trump, immediately after his elevation, in the wake of his flawed stands on women’s rights and other issues. Though he was not involved in those protests, especially after the election, the right parties found him as the target and learn more about George Soros.

The primary reason they aim Soros is he supports many causes which liberals agree. This makes the far rights fury, and they create stories to make him all the reasons for the unrest, though they do not have evidence. While he exercised some of his investment insights and powers to earn profits like 1992 British Pound sell-off and capitalizing his investment during Asian Financial Crisis, the right critics see those as sinister activities. In their efforts to defame Soros, they forget to remember that most of the far right supporters are criticized by people for the damaging environment and corrupt administration practices, unethical business policies, and more information click here.

Soros is an enormously successful hedge fund manager with a fortune over $25 billion. From 90’s the right conspiracy theorists started targeting, and it got intensified after Soros contributed money to various PACs to defeat President George W. Bush in the 2004 Presidential election. He openly said that the reason for his opposition to President Bush was Iraq War. This is where right theorists found him making loggerheads with them. Additionally, he started contributing money to establish democratic reform in many countries that the right groups found as a gesture of secretive plots. Also, right-leaning media outlets like The Washington Times and Breitbart accused him of funding the March for Science and the Women’s March. The reality was that he was contributing to various liberal groups since decades back and what George Soros knows.

Soros was born in Hungary in the year 1930 and completed his graduation from London School of Economics. After working in London for a brief period, he migrated to the United States in 1956 and started working as a stockbroker at the financial markets of New York City. In 1970, he designed his own hedge fund firm named Soros Fund Management. From early 90’s Soros started establishing Open Society Foundations with a mission to establish democracy, respect for individual rights, freedom of expression, and more. He supports the works to bring various sectarian communities to mainstream including LGBTs, drug users, sex workers, and read full article.

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Factors That Have Helped Build Madison Street Capital Impressive Reputation in the Industry


Madison Street Capital (MSC) a boutique financial firm based in Chicago has for the longest time been providing expert financial services to business all over the world. For most people this may look like a walk in the park, however, it is not.

In order to be able to stay on top of the industry and build a good reputation such as one enjoyed by MSC it takes not only experience but also expertise in your area of service. The following are some of the points that prove MSC is a reputable financial investment firm according to an article published on PR.com.

MSC has helped a number of companies successfully obtain loans

One of the key specialty areas of MSC is provision of credit services. Since time immemorial, MSC has helped a number of companies’ successful secure loans from their lenders.

One company that has helped Madison Street Capital build its reputation is Vital Care Industries. In 2014, MSC through its advisory services helped the Illinois-based company secure the best lender with the most affordable loan product.

Good leadership

A business is as good as its leadership; MSC is no different. Anthony Marsala, the company’s co-founder has helped build the businesses reputation through the many awards he has won.

For instance in 2015, Marsala was nominated for the prestigious 40 under forty award by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. Anthony Marsala who holds a master’s degree with 14 years’ experience earned this nomination for his role in the mergers and valuations endeavors of the business. Learn more about Madison Street Capital: https://network.axial.net/a/company/madison-street-capital/

Services rendered

One specific quality that stands out in the services being rendered by MSC is quality. The business has a reputation when it comes to its services. In 2017, MSC was able to provide merger services that saw DCG Software Value successful come to terms with The Spitfire Group. Read more: About Madison Street Capital

When it comes to investment projects, Madison Street Capital has served well ARES Security Corporation as their primary investor. Not only this, MSC has also been able to provide its financial advisory services to WLR Automotive Group or Maryland company helping it maintain smooth operations in its market.


Finally, when it comes to building its reputation, Madison Street Capotal has heavily relied on philanthropy. One of the course the company is known for is the 2011 weather calamity.

The company through its employees and site visitors contributed towards the courses of rebuilding and supporting the affected communities. In addition to this MSC has for a long time supported charitable organization such as the American Red Cross the United Way.

About Madison Street Capital

MSC is a boutique financial firm situated in Chicago. The company is well known for its premier services that include mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory and corporate finance. Besides its financial services the company is committed in the building and development of its community a course it supports through different nonprofit organizations.

Don Ressler Articulates Leadership through Internet Marketing


Business owners as well as entrepreneurs understand the importance of appropriate leadership when it comes to success. Leadership encompasses a skillet of strategies that have been set to guide the terms and conditions of operating a business. With good leadership, a business is set to succeed. That is why Don Ressler is highly regarded for his input in the world of internet marketing. For a business as a boutique, Don Ressler has been instrumental in building Fabletics as well as TechStyle.




Don Ressler is a household name in entrepreneurship. Behind the multiple startups like Intelligent Beauty and the affiliates is his commitment to develop a plethora of successful platforms for business. His first business roots from a partnership with Adam Goldenberg. The duo invested in FitnessHeaven.com, a company that was purchased by the prominent Intermix Media. In 2001 when the business was bought, Ressler and Adam Goldenberg formed Alena Media. With the rise of ecommerce platforms, Ressler and Adam Goldenberg invested in internet marketing. Without sponsors and role models to look up to, the two motivated themselves into forming several online marketing platforms.




In 2005, Intermix was purchased by News Corp. The business blossomed by gaining a huge client base. What Don and Adam formed was flourishing in a different platform. They were disappointed because they did not enjoy the revenue that was generated from their efforts. They quit establishing a new business. Being visionary and skillful, the duo invested in online marketing by creating a platform that facilitated online trading autonomously. Don was the head cheerleader of the project. He poached a team from Alena Group. The co-founders held a strategic meeting to discuss their way forward in business. A brand was then born into the online marketing conglomerate. Intelligent Beauty focused on skin care.




After two years, Intelligent Beauty produced another business called SENSA, a weight loss initiative. Under the leadership of Don Ressler, the firm earned significantly massive profits. In 2010, Don Ressler led Intelligent Beauty into launching another company that graced many business platforms. JustFab is one of the major success stories that Don Ressler is now identified with. Within eight months, the membership had hit 4 million. Being the president as well as the creative director, he initiated an online platform that has vastly grown into a multibillion business. Presently, Don Ressler is also a lead executive at TechStyle, an online platform for active wear. He is a role model and pace setter in business.

Adam Goldenberg

The Online Business Empire of Online Entrepreneur Don Ressler


Entrepreneur Don Ressler has launched a series of successful start-ups which have given new life to more daughter businesses such as JustFab which s now known as TechStyle fashion Group.


TechStyle Fashion Group emerged from its mother company called Intelligent Beauty seven years ago in 2010. The business of TechStyle Fashion Group is an online retailer of clothes and shoes, jewelry and other accessories, and much more. The TechStyle Fashion Group sell through its many stores which make good use of subscriptions. Subscribing to services is a trend in the retail business as it ensures revenue and a consistent quality of the services provided.


Mr. Don Ressler created the TechStyle Fashion Group in collaboration with entrepreneur Adam Goldenberg. The two business partners are collaborative chief executive officers of the business, but Mr. Don Ressler is responsible for most of the success of the TechStyle Fashion Group. All of the companies are based in the United States of America, and many of them have physical stores as well.


Fabletics is one of the most recent brands that stemmed from the TechStyle Fashion Group. The brand is dedicated to selling active wear as well as sports shoes and basic sports gear such as yoga mats and dumbells. Fabletics came to be from the collaboration of CEO Don Ressler and his business partner with the actress Kate Hudson. She has been the face of Fabletics, and she is modeling the clothes for the product and brand photography on the retail website. Fabletics offers a monthly subscription as well as one time purchases. The business has a handful of physical stores in central locations such as New York City and Los Angeles.


Mr. Don Ressler has his hand in a vast number of businesses. He has created and co-founded many online stores. Along with Intelligent Beauty, Inc. Mr. Don Ressler also created the online store called FitnessHeaven. Mr. Don Ressler is president and chief executive officer of the retailer. Another of his successful ventures are called Intermix Media as well as Alena Media. Mr. Don Ressler is also the creator of a skin care brand under the name of Hydroderm. That is not all. Mr. Don Ressler co-founded Brand Ideas as well which is one of his most successful ventures up to date. In fact, the company earned him over a billion dollars from sales as the company is working in the industry of online advertisement.

InnovaCare Health: Taking Care of Patients


For years, people have been trying to improve the current healthcare environment. There are so many problems clogging the current system that it’s nearly impossible for average people to get the quality medical care they desperately need. While healthcare has become a hot issue for politics to argue over, millions of people continue to suffer.So what can be done about the current healthcare environment? For a start, more healthcare management companies need to focus on patients rather than profits. That’s not to say that there aren’t some companies who truly care about their patients; it’s just that there’s a big difference before those who own the company and those who operate it.

That’s something that InnovaCare figured out a long time ago. Shortly after being founded, InnovaCare stakeholders realized that they must hold themselves accountable. That’s why they have set such high standards of transparency and quality for themselves.For everyone at InnovaCare, from physicians to board members, trust between patients and provider is the most important goal. Everything that InnovaCare does is for their patient’s health. All of their medical practices are driven by quality care by Rick Shinto, efficiency, and sustainability. Much of their efforts go toward created new, more cost-effective managed care models.One person helping to create those better models is Penelope Kokkinides. Since 2015, Kokkinides has served as Chief Administrative Officer. She’s more than qualified to create new models and health care operations for InnovaCare. She has over 20 experience and expertise in developing clinical programs and working with government programs like Medicare.

She’s also familiar with how InnovaCare likes to get things done. Joining the company in 2015 was her second time working for the company. Before leaving, she served as COO. Now that she’s returned, she focused on improving efficiencies.The most impressive contributor to InnovaCare is the President and CEO of the company, Dr. Richard Shinto. Thanks to Dr. Shinto, InnovaCare is the largest provider of managed care in Puerto Rico. Dr. Shinto also brings over 20 years of experience in clinical and operational healthcare to the table. He even served on some management teams for Aveta.Perhaps the most impressive trait of Dr. Shinto’s is his commitment to his patients. While leading InnovaCare, he continues to practice as an internist and pulmonologist in Southern California.

Tempus, A Life Saving Company From Eric Lefkofsky


Eric Lefkofsky was the CEO of Groupon before starting his latest business venture, Tempus. His newest venture is changing how patients live with cancer. The goal of Tempus is to help patients have a better chance of surviving cancer by creating a treatment plan that is aimed solely at their own DNA.Eric knew that technology is changing and the way things are being done is changing with technology. The amount of information that is available to doctors is unable to keep up with the pace of technology. At Tempus, a lab was built to help to store all the data as well as to help to analyze patients DNA. In this 20,000 square foot lab, technology is working together with analysts to create a life saving plan for those who are affected by cancer.

The goal of Tempus is to help patients live a much longer life than before. Hospitals across the country are partnered with Tempus to create this database of information and knowledge that is used to help patients. The hospitals work together to help more doctors become affiliated with Tempus and to give them access to the wealth of knowledge that the business is acquiring. More people have a new sense of hope and survival with the help of this business.

Back in 2015, Eric stepped down as CEO of Groupon in order to focus solely on Tempus. Although he is no longer CEO of Groupon, he still holds a large amount of shares of the business. With the amount of shares that he owns, he is still able to retain primary ownership of Groupon. He knew that if he wanted his newest business to be successful like prior businesses, he would need to put a lot of time into it. By applying the majority of his time to Tempus, he has been able to make it a huge success.As time goes by, more people are using this business with the help of their doctors and together, the hope is to have more people live longer when being treated for cancer. For every life that is saved with the use of Tempus, the more knowledge that is gained to help to find a cure.