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SahmAdrangi Company Raises Money


SahmAdrangi is one of the most respected investment officers in the world. At the moment, Sahm is serving as the chief investment officer of a company known as Kerrisdale Capital Management. At this position, the successful businessman has introduced so many changes in the enterprise. The institution has done his best to make sure that the company remains to be a leader in the competitive market. Kerrisdale was founded in the year 2009, and it has assisted so many individuals.SahmAdrangi has made his name in the modern market for being short research activism. The businessman managed to expose the fraudulent activities happening in Chinese companies. This act becomes a great subject of discussion among many people, especially in the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Just recently, Kerrisdale Capital Management announced that his company had managed to raise over one million dollars from investors. Sahm says that the money raised from the investors will mostly be used to bet against a single stock. The information has been released to the public. The new investment from the private company is known to be one of a kind.This is not the first time the private firm is engaging in such an activity. The hedge fund manager and his company organized to raise money that is used to bet on the stock exchange market. The successful firm is based in New York City. The management of the firm says that it will be used in a noble cause.The management of the company says that it managed to raise the huge amount in a very short, meaning that the investors are committed to the activities taking place in the stock exchange. Sahm doesn’t want to disappoint his investors in the market, and he is doing his best to invest in a public company that has not yet been disclosed to the world.Sahm has served as a hedge fund manager for a very long time. At this position, the businessman has acquired a lot of expertise, and this is why he has led his company to success. Most of the enterprises he has worked for say that he is a hardworking man who is going to change the world.

The Doubled Power Of Sam Tabar


Becoming Director of Capital Strategy at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
did not happen by accident for Sam Tabar. He had been a stellar performer at the SPARX Group, where he had been in charge of that company’s Asia-Pacific Region. His expertise in not only law, but also business, doubled his power in his role as co-Head Business Development Managing Director. He had honed his legal chops while with the Schulte Roth & Zabel legal firm. He loves working in the legal arena.

It takes something for a person to succeed in a career in law. Not only are many years of university schooling required as a basic prerequisite, before several years of law school, but then there is the Bar to pass the tests of. It is a challenging process for the strongest of people. Sam Tabar has been a shining example of how to tackle a career in law. He is a top legal attorney with many satisfied clients. His reputation at FullCycle Fund is a wonder. His office is in New York City.

Sam Tabar started out working at the legal firm Arps, Flom LLP, Slater, Meagher, and Skadden. His main duties were to find new innovative ways to raise capital and contribute to business development. With a great deal of experience, he has succeeded with the development of several businesses. He is a Senior Associate who works within the area of compliance and hedge funds at FullCycle Fund. Besides having a top reputation is law and business, Tabar enjoys a hobby of photography.  Check out Sam’s finance tips on PRNewswire.

Alexei Beltyukov Figuring Out Ways to Make Economy Boom


When you think about the many different business owners, economists, politicians, or just theorists in general who understand how the economy works, the fact of the matter is there are many opinions on how to approach progress. However, one such individual is start to preach some economic strategy that seems to be turning heads the entire time. While not everyone has heard his message yet, it is the ideas of Alexei Beltyukov that are starting to make rounds as a possible solution and not just another idea.

The basic idea of the original article not only went into the ties of Alexei Beltyukov and small businesses, but it focused on Alexei Beltyukov stressing just how important small businesses are. When you continue to have individuals devoting their time, effort, and energy towards their own personal goals then you are able to bring the greatest number of opportunities to all due to the incentive. However, it just doesn’t matter how much focus is placed on the academic teaching of small business ownership being important if the political climate isn’t prepared to create an economy to support small businesses.

When a general area is able to focus their efforts on producing economic opportunities for all, then there is a much better chance anyone will be able to actually create a small business. At the end of the day it isn’t about taglines or about trying to fix the entire economy all in one fell swoop. The point of any small business is to help generate enough income and wealth so that the original owners and stakeholders of the business are able to provide themselves with a living. When you don’t have a landscape in place to actually allow those business owners to be be incentivized, then they simply won’t risk their time and effort. That’s why Alexei Beltyukov says the focus now is on incentivizing the business owners. Read more about Alexei on About.me.

Just Fab: Change Your Look With One Accessory


Most of us do not have the time to edit every single faction of our wardrobe when spring leaves it’s rainy days behind for warmer summer breezes. A lot of the items in our wardrobe are classics: denim shorts, gauzy white tees and blouses, a bright colored sundress.

One of the easiest ways to change the look of our wardrobe with minimal impact to our schedules and budgets is by changing the shoes that we wear with the clothes. Shoes have the ability to embody the trend of the season. Summer 2016 is all about lace ups, and we see them everywhere – JustFab Summer Shop.

Lace up fronts are everywhere in tops and can be seen weaving up the center of a tee, body suit or dress. Instead of switching out all of our basic tops for lace up tops, why not invest in a pair of lace up sandals? The lace up sandal can be worn with a variety of different styles we already have in our wardrobes, and can transform the look to be 2016 ready.

One of the best shopping sites that makes it easy to add shoes and accessories to the wardrobe is JustFab.com. Purchasing a variety of lace up tees and tops could easily run about $40 a piece. One pair of lace up sandals from JustFab averages $39.99 or even less. The amount of wear one could get out of the shoe is way more than the wear one would get out of a single lace up tee. The value of buying a trendy shoe far outweighs any other trendy article of clothing.

According to JustFab.com also has a wide variety of trendy handbags, which can change the style of an outfit in an instant. Adding one or two new shoes and handbags to the wardrobe every month is the easiest way to stay updated and current without adding to your weekly load of laundry. Handbags and shoes are also hand picked by style setters and celebrities so you can be sure that you are wearing or carrying an article that has a great sense of style behind it.

I would encourage any style enthusiast to put $39.99 per month into this lovely and stylish subscription service. It saves time and money and helps you to stay on trend even in your busiest moments.

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U.S. Money Reserve Is A Source For Precious Metal Coins



U.S. Money Reserve presents a valuable service to those persons who are wondering how to effectively invest in a long-term savings plans. Traditional investment options such as placing funds into certificates of deposits, bonds, stocks, and money market funds are all wise strategies. A lot of investors, even conservative ones, are getting a little tired of these “standard” vehicles.

The option of buying precious metals has a lot of appeal these days as more and more people are considering buying these assets. The reason why is not hard to deduce. Throughout the past ten years or so, gold, silver, and platinum have been able to deliver good returns on investments.

A few additional things have to be taken into consideration when investing in precious metals. Namely, it is necessary to buy and store the physical asset. Selecting the right company to work with to procure the metals is an absolute must in order to be sure things go smoothly. Most importantly, the buyer does want to be sure he or she is getting quality metals.

This is where U.S. Money reserve serves a very valuable purpose. U.S. Money reserve has done a fantastic job as establishing itself as a reliable, top provider of gold, silver, and platinum coins. A lot of work goes into the acquisition process. Researchers under the employ of the company do not simply select “any old” coins. A lot of market valuation work goes into the process of picking particular coins. Similarly, the sales representatives who work for U.S. Money Reserve do not push coins at random to customers. After careful discussions with the client, a decision is made to promote a particular coin purchase.

U.S. Money reserve has done quite well as a provider of quality coins. Hundreds of thousands of customers have been served over the years. The Austin, TX-based company has established itself as a major seller and the guidance of Philip N. Diehl, a former director of the U.S. Mint and now President of U.S. Money Reserve, the company has been able to serve clients quite well.

After speaking with a consultant to discuss the best acquisition, a purchase can be processed quite easily. Within a short period of time, the shipment will leave the vault and be on its way to the desired delivery location. Once received, the coins acquired from U.S. Money Reserve should be put in a very safe place where they will add to a diverse portfolio.

Exciting New York City Development Plans Underway!


TOWN Residential is the leader of NYC apartments for rent. We provide first class service in luxury residential sales, marketing and leasing. Founded in 2010 – Town Residential has set a new standard of excellence in the industry. Considering the new developments that are taking place in New York City, our TOP talent eagerly awaits the opportunity to make your real estate experience a success. Below are the details of recent permit applications that have been submitted to the different boroughs.


One Vanderbilt Avenue
Developer: SL Green Realty

Plans have been submitted for a 67 story high tower. This is an enormous office tower, near Grand Central Station, with 1.3 million square feet. Retail space will be on two floors and the rest will be used for offices.

115 East 97th Street – Marymount School
Academic building 13 stories high and 111,510 square feet of space. There will be a chapel, classrooms, offices, a gym, exercise rooms, dance studio and gallery.


One development consisting of two side-by-side 25-story rental buildings with community facilities.

Developers: The Chetrit Group & Somerset Partners

101 Lincoln Avenue – 780,000+ square feet, 33,000 square feet retail space, 800+ apartments.

2401 Third Avenue – 345,000 square feet, 2,250 square feet retail space and the remainder apartment units.

4439 Third Avenue
L&M Development Partners and Hornig Capital Partners
Affordable rentals, 12 stories, 138,519 square feet, 133 residential units, 11,500 square feet of commercial space and a community facility.


664 Pacific Street in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Developer: Greenland Forest City Partners
26 story building, 343,788 square feet ,323 rental units and a public school to accommodate 600+ students.

27 West Street – Greenpoint waterfront.
Developer: Halcyon Management
234 units, 280,000 square feet nearly 6,000 square feet of retail space and community space of nearly 4,000 square feet.

1721 East 8th Street
Developer: Z&K Realty Developers
Synagogue, with commercial space and apartments in an 11-story, 160,000+ square foot residential building. 1,220 square foot apartments.

541 Fourth Avenue – Park Slope
Developer: Anshel Friedman and Aaron Karpen
12-story rental building, 100,000+ square feet. 125 units, 10,000+ square foot retail space, garage space and pet spa.

140 Friendship Lane in Willowbrook, Staten Island
Developer: Douglaston Development
5 story, 161 unit building, 100,000+ square feet, 10,000 square-foot recreational facility, connecting to Brielle’s present 188 unit, 3-story residential structure.

Joseph Bismarck is Bringing Spirituality into the Workplace


As a Generation X thirty-something, I have done a number of jobs in my life. I have worked as a retail store clerk, a general laborer building shelves, an elementary teacher, an ESL teacher, a minister, a rare coin dealer, and a freelance writer. For me, morale in the workplace is a fairly important ideal, even when my “workplace” has only been myself. Can you imagine how important it must be then when a dozen or more people are working together and trying to share the same space? Yes, very important indeed. As a freelancer, I am always looking for new approaches to things. I stumbled across an interesting article about an individual named Joseph Bismark on a blog called Just Judy and her Dog.

Joseph Bismark is an interesting individual indeed. Growing up in the Philippines, you could definitely say that Joseph did not have a typical upbringing. At the ripe old age of nine, Joseph decided to become a monk in the Philippine countryside, living in an ashram until he was seventeen years of age. When he returned to his family, he announced that he wanted to enter the business world. As an entrepreneur, Bismark’s life work has been to join the world of spirituality together with the business world. I found it refreshing that in the normal cutthroat world of business Mr. Bismark held the belief that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.”

Mr. Bismark became the managing director of the QI Group of Companies and also founded a company he called QNET. Bismark has been very successful, but at the same time his unique approach to business has endeared him to many of his employees because of the fact that he teaches that although material success is a blessing, it is only a temporary thing.

I found Mr. Bismark’s unique method of blending business and spirituality a refreshing respite from the normal method of society where it is dog-eat-dog and every man for himself. His books, seminars, and speaking engagements attempt to promote his methodology to other people, and it is my hope and prayer that he is successful in his endeavors.