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SahmAdrangi Company Raises Money


SahmAdrangi is one of the most respected investment officers in the world. At the moment, Sahm is serving as the chief investment officer of a company known as Kerrisdale Capital Management. At this position, the successful businessman has introduced so many changes in the enterprise. The institution has done his best to make sure that the company remains to be a leader in the competitive market. Kerrisdale was founded in the year 2009, and it has assisted so many individuals.SahmAdrangi has made his name in the modern market for being short research activism. The businessman managed to expose the fraudulent activities happening in Chinese companies. This act becomes a great subject of discussion among many people, especially in the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Just recently, Kerrisdale Capital Management announced that his company had managed to raise over one million dollars from investors. Sahm says that the money raised from the investors will mostly be used to bet against a single stock. The information has been released to the public. The new investment from the private company is known to be one of a kind.This is not the first time the private firm is engaging in such an activity. The hedge fund manager and his company organized to raise money that is used to bet on the stock exchange market. The successful firm is based in New York City. The management of the firm says that it will be used in a noble cause.The management of the company says that it managed to raise the huge amount in a very short, meaning that the investors are committed to the activities taking place in the stock exchange. Sahm doesn’t want to disappoint his investors in the market, and he is doing his best to invest in a public company that has not yet been disclosed to the world.Sahm has served as a hedge fund manager for a very long time. At this position, the businessman has acquired a lot of expertise, and this is why he has led his company to success. Most of the enterprises he has worked for say that he is a hardworking man who is going to change the world.

Don Ressler Articulates Leadership through Internet Marketing


Business owners as well as entrepreneurs understand the importance of appropriate leadership when it comes to success. Leadership encompasses a skillet of strategies that have been set to guide the terms and conditions of operating a business. With good leadership, a business is set to succeed. That is why Don Ressler is highly regarded for his input in the world of internet marketing. For a business as a boutique, Don Ressler has been instrumental in building Fabletics as well as TechStyle.




Don Ressler is a household name in entrepreneurship. Behind the multiple startups like Intelligent Beauty and the affiliates is his commitment to develop a plethora of successful platforms for business. His first business roots from a partnership with Adam Goldenberg. The duo invested in FitnessHeaven.com, a company that was purchased by the prominent Intermix Media. In 2001 when the business was bought, Ressler and Adam Goldenberg formed Alena Media. With the rise of ecommerce platforms, Ressler and Adam Goldenberg invested in internet marketing. Without sponsors and role models to look up to, the two motivated themselves into forming several online marketing platforms.




In 2005, Intermix was purchased by News Corp. The business blossomed by gaining a huge client base. What Don and Adam formed was flourishing in a different platform. They were disappointed because they did not enjoy the revenue that was generated from their efforts. They quit establishing a new business. Being visionary and skillful, the duo invested in online marketing by creating a platform that facilitated online trading autonomously. Don was the head cheerleader of the project. He poached a team from Alena Group. The co-founders held a strategic meeting to discuss their way forward in business. A brand was then born into the online marketing conglomerate. Intelligent Beauty focused on skin care.




After two years, Intelligent Beauty produced another business called SENSA, a weight loss initiative. Under the leadership of Don Ressler, the firm earned significantly massive profits. In 2010, Don Ressler led Intelligent Beauty into launching another company that graced many business platforms. JustFab is one of the major success stories that Don Ressler is now identified with. Within eight months, the membership had hit 4 million. Being the president as well as the creative director, he initiated an online platform that has vastly grown into a multibillion business. Presently, Don Ressler is also a lead executive at TechStyle, an online platform for active wear. He is a role model and pace setter in business.

Adam Goldenberg

The Online Business Empire of Online Entrepreneur Don Ressler


Entrepreneur Don Ressler has launched a series of successful start-ups which have given new life to more daughter businesses such as JustFab which s now known as TechStyle fashion Group.


TechStyle Fashion Group emerged from its mother company called Intelligent Beauty seven years ago in 2010. The business of TechStyle Fashion Group is an online retailer of clothes and shoes, jewelry and other accessories, and much more. The TechStyle Fashion Group sell through its many stores which make good use of subscriptions. Subscribing to services is a trend in the retail business as it ensures revenue and a consistent quality of the services provided.


Mr. Don Ressler created the TechStyle Fashion Group in collaboration with entrepreneur Adam Goldenberg. The two business partners are collaborative chief executive officers of the business, but Mr. Don Ressler is responsible for most of the success of the TechStyle Fashion Group. All of the companies are based in the United States of America, and many of them have physical stores as well.


Fabletics is one of the most recent brands that stemmed from the TechStyle Fashion Group. The brand is dedicated to selling active wear as well as sports shoes and basic sports gear such as yoga mats and dumbells. Fabletics came to be from the collaboration of CEO Don Ressler and his business partner with the actress Kate Hudson. She has been the face of Fabletics, and she is modeling the clothes for the product and brand photography on the retail website. Fabletics offers a monthly subscription as well as one time purchases. The business has a handful of physical stores in central locations such as New York City and Los Angeles.


Mr. Don Ressler has his hand in a vast number of businesses. He has created and co-founded many online stores. Along with Intelligent Beauty, Inc. Mr. Don Ressler also created the online store called FitnessHeaven. Mr. Don Ressler is president and chief executive officer of the retailer. Another of his successful ventures are called Intermix Media as well as Alena Media. Mr. Don Ressler is also the creator of a skin care brand under the name of Hydroderm. That is not all. Mr. Don Ressler co-founded Brand Ideas as well which is one of his most successful ventures up to date. In fact, the company earned him over a billion dollars from sales as the company is working in the industry of online advertisement.

David McDonald-Providing Food Service Providers With Safe and Culturally Rich Products


David McDonald is an accomplished food industry executive at OSI Group. He currently serves as President and Chief Operating Officer. Some of his accolades include appointment as Chairman of the North American Meat Institute where he also serves on the Board of Directors.

OSI Group is a company based in Aurora, Illinois that specializes in providing meat products such as beef patties, sausage patties, pizza and sandwiches to some of America’s top restaurant chains and food service providers as well as consumers in Europe and Asia. Some of the companies they provide to include Subway, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger King and Papa Johns.

With expansion into Asia and Europe, David believes that his local management teams are an essential part of the success of the organization because they have first hand experience about the different taste and cultures of the countries that they provide products to OSI’s expansion into China has only grown in the 20 year partnerships, and they continue to experience more growth in the Asian market.

They have opened eight facilities in the region with another two in the works. He believes that it is essential to listen to what the locals want and to garnish trust with them in order to assure that they are delivered quality products that also adhere to their standards and culture.

Food Safety and Food quality coupled with humility and listening to the needs and wants of the customer are important aspects of the success in China. He believes that listening and trying to understand from the customers perspective is an essential part of growing the business.

David’s ability to work with both upper management and local management is an asset to OSI Group. His knowledge of industry operations and international business is essential in his day to day operations at OSI Group. It is with this ability that OSI will continue to grow and provide products to industry food leaders throughout the world.

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Jim Tananbaum And Healthcare Innovation Move Together


Jim Tananbaum had always been aware that innovation in health care requires a lot of time along with much more capital than what anyone can think. However, he is also aware that the outcomes can yield surprising impacts that are of enduring value.


Jim Tananbaum is the founder as well as CEO of Foresite Capital that was architected in 2011. It specializes in identifying the emerging healthcare leaders. Then it provides them support in order to make them profitable.


He has co-founded other biopharmaceutical companies and healthcare investment practices before launching Foresite Capital. He has invested in Prospect Venture Partners II and III, besides a partnership at Sierra Ventures. He has led several investments in various pharmaceutical companies. This is why Tananbaum has founded Foresite Capital with his experience as well as the vision of combining all these elements of his career and creating an investment platform that is unique and innovative.


Jim Tananbaum has studied at Yale, Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has always been interested in combining hard sciences with healthcare and computer science. He has also had several productive relationships with leading academicians. This way he has embarked on a period of change as well as growth which is driven by insights in learning along with science.


His 25 years of experience in being an entrepreneur in healthcare, coupled with being an investment strategist channelized the formation of Foresite Capital. According to pelotontherapeutics.com, he was able to identify the key success factors that can make entrepreneurs and companies successful. Jim Tananbaum believes that he is harnessing the future of healthcare in this way, through Foresite Capital. He always had the insight that healthcare solutions require significantly more resources than most entrepreneurs are able to appreciate. Hence Foresite Capital can play a critical role here for these emerging healthcare leaders. According to Inc42, this can be achieved by supplying them with relevant information, along with proper networks, and adequate capital. This can help them to achieve success. This way they know what is required in order to impact healthcare. Hence they look for investment prospects which are the most viable.


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Details Concerning Brian Bonar’s Career Life


Mr. Brian Bonar is famously known for his technical expertise in the finance sector. Brian Bonar takes pride in his extensive business skills gained from the many organizations he worked and still works with. Dalrada Financial Corporation is among the many firms Brian worked in as a leader. When it comes to developing business plans, I recognize Brian Bonar as a man who understands how best to design one that works ideally. Having pursued a bachelor’s degree in technical engineering gives Bonar an upper hand in his daily operations at Trucept, where he serves as a leader. He also attended Stafford University for a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Roles Taken by Brian in his Specialty

I envy the energy in Brian. At some point, he worked as a procurement manager at IBM after which he joined QMS as an engineering director. While there, Bonar efficiently managed a team of over a hundred people, depicting his sound leadership abilities. After working for several companies and garnering experience, Brian Bonar launched Bezier Systems, although it did not stop him from working with several other firms. At Dilrada Financial Services, everyone looked up to Brian as an influential authority and a fantastic associate. Mainly he concentrates on mergers and acquisitions, specialties he approaches with a technical mind making them more creative and compelling. In 2000, he scooped the Who’s Who award in America.

Fundamentals About Trucept Incorporated

Trucept mainly endeavors in creating solutions for relatively small and average firms. Management of payrolls is one of the many services they offer to assist companies with human resource administration. Trucept’s primary objective is to handle extra jobs for organizations as they focus on the major activities impacting their success. While at it, they invest quality time in analyzing a business’ interest and environment to deliver services matching their standards effectively. Companies in need of recruiting services also work with Trucept Incorporated for both short and long-term recruiting services. Precisely, Trucept Incorporated impacts the success of upcoming and existing businesses.

Activities Helping Brian Strike a Balance in Life

Bonar is a no dull man. He engages in a broad range of activities to remain productive in his causes. Of great importance is his dedication to family matters. He is also an avid golfer and commits his free time to the sport. I find Brian taking life as an exciting affair for having an ability to balance his work and leisure. Brian is an innate financial advisor and does not mind having his hands full all the time. When free he also enjoys boating as a mechanism of creating a balance in life. With a life overflowing with continuous projects, Bonar would not devise better ways to maintain productivity. I haven’t even mentioned Bonar’s fine taste for delicious meals, which played part in success of Bellamy’s, one among the most admired restaurants in San Diego County.

Rick Smith: The Man Leading Securus Technologies Down The Path Of Success


Rick Smith is someone who is extremely well versed in the field of communications. He is the CEO of one of the biggest prison communication service providers in the entire country. The company that he is the head of is Securus Technologies. Rick Smith has been working with the company since 2008 and has created an enormous impact on the company and the industry. Rick Smith was appointed as the CEO of the company after Securus Technologies took on a merger with T-Netix. Rick Smith was at the forefront of the merger of two of the biggest prison communications providers in the country. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

Securus provides its services to facilities across the United States. Their aim is to help the judicial systems in the country have a safe and secure way that they can communicate with people on the inside. The company also lends a helping hand to these systems to help them out with the investigations that they conduct. They have also contributed to monitoring all the calls that inmates make to their friends and families.

Currently, the company offers its services to prisons in America and across Canada. The company believes that their services can also benefit the community by keeping an external check on the inmates who are in these incarceration centers. The company offers the inmates a range of communications services, right from video calls to voice calls and messaging options.

In the past, Rick Smith has worked with numerous other tech companies, at which he learned all that he knows about the field today. Before beginning his career in the field of technology, Rick Smith attained a degree in engineering. He then went on to pursue a master’s degree in Mathematics to supplement his engineering degree further. Soon, he realized that if he wanted to be in managerial positions in tech companies, he would have to get a more management oriented degree, which is why he then decided to do an MBA. During his career, he has also switched around his field, working in a range of jobs like business development and strategy.

Rick Smith is one of the essential assets of the company and is the person who is majorly responsible for the growth and development that the firm has seen in recent years. He has transformed the company, making it the industry leader that it is today. Rick Smith Securus has lots of knowledge regarding the workings of a technical field, which is why he was such a perfect fit for the company. His excellent leadership qualities have also been a contributing factor to the growth of Securus Technologies. He also has good managerial abilities which are what has helped him form some of the frameworks that the company uses today. Visit securustechnologies.com for more info.

Fashionista and Ecommerce Specialist Don Ressler


Talking of those big names behind the e-commerce and internet marketing, then you can’t fail to mention Don Ressler. He is the co-founder of JustFab, an online fashion company that connects fashion lovers with stylish trends and new fashion developments globally.

An entrepreneur and technology genius, Ressler is behind the inception of several start-ups that have grown into multi-million dollar companies. He first founded FitnessHeaven.com, an e-commerce and performance advertising platform in 2001, which he later sold to Intermix Media. After the purchase of the company by the Intermix Media, he teamed up with Adam Goldenberg to form Alena Media. He has since then formed several e-commerce companies including Intelligent Beauty and its subsidiaries such as JustFab among others.

JustFab is one of the most recognized brands of the Intelligence Beauty. Founded in 2010, the company basically operates on online VIP membership basis on perezhilton.com. Individuals have to subscribe to the VIP membership platform where they receive monthly updates on new fashion trends and subsequent exclusive offers available for the month. Identifying the diversity of its clients, the company has since grown into a multi-billion firm with several subsidiaries that cater for the needs of both children and adults. Some of its exclusive subsidiaries include FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics.

The rapid expansion and growth of JustFab are credited to the co-founders’ prudence and determination to source for funding and seek stable partnership with other well-recognized brands. JustFab first received major funding in 2011 from Matrix Partners, a deal which saw the company get a boost of up to $33million. According to Pando, the second phase of fundraising begun in around April 2012 in a lobbying that saw the company raise up to $76 million from sources like Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures as well as Matrix Partners.

With the number of online subscribers growing quickly and need for expansion arising day by day, JustFab embarked on the third fundraising exercise that began in 2013. The company raised over $40 million in its third phase of fundraising that ended in October 2013 at https://www.apparelnews.net/news/2016/sep/05/new-sizes-fab-justfab/. JustFab concluded the last chapter of its fundraising by mobilizing a stunning amount totaling to over $85 million.

JustFab has since changed its name to TechStyle. Don Ressler attributed the name change to the expansion and diversity of the company. Especially now that the company is offering apparels, shoes and other aesthetic products. Don Ressler will undoubtedly make the company better

Internet Of Things: Opportunities For Apple, Startups, And More


According to Jason Hope, the future is not yet decided concerning the Internet of Things. As much as that is true, there is a reflection of what the future will become through the factors we can now see today. As a matter of fact, we might have noticed the rapid change in technology which prompts us to have a certainty in what we believe. Technology is one of the ways in which we might get a better ending in what we want on the web. For technology to be made manifest in us, we must embrace the internet and what it brings to us through innovation.

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We must, therefore, develop a better sense of belonging and heed the call. In the past, those who accessed the internet were businesspeople who received numerous emails and other entities which must have a better way of development. However, the Internet of Things is now one of the most accessed resources in the universe. Its use has gone from entertainment to those seeking jobs and permanent employment. For this reason, we have a way to develop the internet and take care of our needs in the future.

The future of technology will have everything connected to one another in a manner which depicts the true nature of technology. We might have noticed that technology and the internet are two things which can never be separated. While the world is developing technology in devices to make this place a better environment, we might have noticed that it is all achieved through technology. In the recent past, we have seen people working to develop better ways of ending a new beginning which never comes with a price. The industry of payment is slowly adapting to the new pace. The use of technology and the internet of things come in with a handy price. For this reason, let us consider using the internet with pleasure.

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Smart Investing Has Allowed David Osio To Build A Massive Empire Today


David Osio is well known in the investing and real estate business today, as he is one of the wealthiest men in the industry out of South America. He also holds the position of executive director and CEO for his company, Davos Financial Group, along with his two partners, Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez. Davos Financial focuses on helping their clients with managing their finances as well as their investments when it comes to real estate. Not too long ago they just developed and released a mobile tool for their clients to help them even further. David’s drive to exceed expectations and do more to help others has helped him become the leader he is today.


It took a lot of effort and time in order to make the new mobile tool and get it working accurately for their customers, but in the long run, David believes it will be worth it and pay off. The more he can help his clients, the better. This new tool will keep his clients more informed while making their investing and real estate decisions, as it can bring up specific property information whenever it is needed. This information shows possible losses and gains from a property, as well as projected costs going forward.


A tool like this will go a long way in improving the number of clients they can help become and stay successful. It’s also a way for him to act on his inner philanthropist, as David enjoys actively helping others and getting involved with the community in order to make the world a better place for people everywhere. This is why David actively participates and contributes to worthwhile causes. David constantly advocates for successful entrepreneurs and those breaking into the industry to follow in his sharing footsteps.


This mobile app is also a step towards expansion, and providing even better services to Davos Financial’s clients. David has big dreams for the future, with plans for expansion still underway. With his knowledge and expertise, and desire to give back, will keep him dominant in the industry for a long time to come.

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