Y U So Mad?

Mariah Doesn’t Want to See Nick for Christmas


She kicked of the holiday season with the start of a divorce from her husband Nick Cannon and it seems that it has been one incident after the next ever since. Mariah’s holiday curse started when she was over 2 hours late for the pre taping of her annual Christmas tree lighting in Rockefeller Center her lateness resulted in a live unrehearsed performance that everyone met with negative reviews.

The next phase of the curse started when Mariah was performing at the Beacon Theatre, what started out as a great comeback soon turned into a disaster when Mariah somehow lost her shoe during her performance, she literally was performing with her high heel clutched in her hand. Later in the same show she broke down into tears while singing her classic “Hero” before the battery pack to her microphone fell on while she was trying to compose herself.

Most recently Mariah’s ex assistant has decided to sue her for violation of labor laws. Mariah can not catch a break this holiday. Now with Christmas looming sources are saying that Mariah does not want to spend Christmas with Nick as previously planned because she blames him for all of her recent holiday havoc.

Apparently Nick and Mariah were fighting at their Thanksgiving family dinner and Mariah blames all of her stress surrounding the divorce on her most recent on stage mishaps.

“Mariah holds him partially responsible for the bad press her recent performances have gotten. She’s been so stressed over the split with the fighting and crying, its definitely affected her state of mind, her head, her voice and her stage presence. It’s rattled her” a close friend shared.

She may just need to spend some time on Dr Rod Rohrich’s NavigateYourBeauty.com to find her inner beauty and get back into the holiday spirit.