Y U So Mad?

Tyga Owes Ex Landlord Over $100k


This week Tyga had some great moments, not only was he enjoying family time with the Kardashians when he accompanied Kylie in Cannes, but he also performed in the BET. Kylie was not with Tyga at the awards ceremony but she was with him when she showed up late to a nightclub appearance and ended up in a fist fight with the owner.

Apparently Tyga owes more than $100k in rent that he skipped out on at his old home in Calabasas. He was ordered by a judge to settle for $80,000 by the given deadline or he would have to pay the full $124,000 with no breaks. Oddly to Sam Tabar all of these things are happening while Tyga is showing up late to club appearances, it would seem that he should be more interested in making money, but he doesn’t seem to pressed about being in debt.

So far no word on Tyga’s case or if he actually paid, hopefully he has squared everything away with the landlord. If Tyga is strapped for cash, he can always borrow it from Kylie, but that won’t go over well with Kris Jenner who already is not impressed with Tyga’s bank statements.