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Handy is the Best Cleaning Service App In the Entire World


Owning or renting a home, apartment, or other living space can be very rewarding. Having the responsibility of keeping up a home or other living space can require a lot of time, especially for families with lots of children. Younger children can make a home especially messy. Home owners and renters who have full-time jobs and other obligations to take care of and attend to may not be able to find much time out of their busy days to clean their home.

Searching for home cleaning service providers like Handy often times results in home owners and renters coming up empty-handed, with a house full of clutter. When home owners and renters do find house cleaning professionals, their prices are often not worth it, because there are not many home cleaning service professionals around. Besides, it is difficult to know of all the home cleaning professionals in a close proximity to one’s place of residence because most of them are self-employed and cannot afford pricey advertising expenses.

Handy is an app that provides its users with listings of local, independent home cleaning professionals. Handy is comparable to Uber in the sense that cleaners who are self-employed can list their own services on Handy for a low rate. Handy also effectively reduces the price that home cleaning professionals can charge because, typically, home cleaning professionals are difficult to find because they do not have enough money for advertising expenses.

The revolutionary home cleaning app we know as Handy was founded around four years ago. Handy has grown exponentially since its inception, and currently books in excess of one million US dollars worth of home cleaning service appointments a week – that’s right, per week!

Home cleaning service providers have traditionally been difficult to find, until now. Handy allows home owners and renters to find nearly all of the cleaning service providers in one place, which is especially convenient for the home owners and renters.

So, what can one do to keep up more around the home? The most important thing home owners and renters can do is to not make a mess. It sounds simple and obvious, but it is not too difficult – it just takes a lot more time than not picking up after one’s self.

Another thing home owners can do is invest in the cleaning products and equipment that cleaning professionals use. Unfortunately, some equipment necessary to properly clean a home is very expensive, sometimes costing more than one thousand dollars for one piece of equipment. Some services that cost a lot of money to complete is pressure washing and cleaning out the gutters (both of which are very tedious and take a long time to clean completely).

Having a clean home is not only favorable, but having a clean home can actually make the health, well-being, and livelihood of a home increase. Having clogged gutters can cause roof problems, for example. Another thing that can severely depreciate the value of a home is not cleaning up after pets in the home. Pet excrement can severely damage floors (and make a house stink), but hiring a cleaning service professional can clean everything in a messy home.