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Blushing Tips You Never Hear About


Applying blush is an important part of makeup. It’s one of the parts of the face that needs as much color as possible to help you shine as you smile. Blush needs to be applied a specific way, and this is why you need to know these special tricks to help you apply this makeup in the best way possible. Look your best with the help of these amazing tactics.

Blushing Tips You Never Hear About

– Use Different Colors

Avoid get stuck with using just a single color with your blush. Different seasons, outfits, and makeup looks will call for a different type of tone. Sometimes, it’s best to always opt for a typical palette composed of different shades to help you have multiple options for you to choose from. When you have multiple shades, you’ll be able to better experiment with your face and skin and simply get the look that you want to have. Sometimes, you just want to have 10 different shades of red to help give you a chance to be different and have other colors to choose from.

– Apply It Differently

Some people recommend smiling as you apply the blush. Doing so is a great technique, but you should try doing something else. It is highly recommended to have a neutral face as you apply it. This allows for the color and design of the blush to stay in place. Smiling causes for you to have a lifted cheekbone, and so applying the blush on it lifting will have it look different afterwards when you go for a neutral smile. In the end, try to apply the blush on the upper cheek area while your face is resting normally. It may look like a slight and subtle change, but it will make a big difference to how you look.

– Lime Crime Products

If you’re looking for a company with top of the line blush and different colors, this is the company to go for. Doe Deere crafted Lime Crime to give women the chance to look amazing and get a wide range of colors for different parts of the face. Lime Crime focuses on providing beautifully crafted colors in vegan and organic cosmetics. Blush colors are available in a wide variety of shades and colors to provide you the look of your dreams.

When applying your blush, always recommend that creativity is the way to go. Try different techniques to see what works. It’s also highly recommended to try and be subtle. Sometimes, a bit of subtly can go a long way for making your blush look just perfect for the night. All you need some days is another color to get it just right.

Lime Crime: Colourful, Different and Disruptive


The indie company was founded by former musician Kseniya Dovotova, who is popularly known as Doe Deere around 2008 to fill the niche in the market for colourful beauty products. She said that she was not impressed with the way colours were under-utilized and so she decided to try and shake things up a bit. The move came at a time when the fashion industry was “conservative” and was dismissed as a pipe dream that would not work or sell in the market. In an era where disruption is rife in the technology industry, Doe had already disrupted the fashion industry.

Doe designed the colours herself and worked with a lab to make the concepts a reality but said that when she was working with chemists, they were amazed at the extent to which she pushed the limits. They thought that some of the colours were extreme but Doe stuck with them and incorporated them into her products.

Lime Crime is based in Los Angeles and everything about the company can be thought about as young and full of funk from its products to the packaging that they come in. Lime Crime offers a wide variety of products on amazon.com from lipstick, nail polish and eye shadows. The products are known for their eccentric and non-traditional colours that resonate with the company’s slogan “So Bright Its Illegal.”

Since the company’s inception, the company’s products have had some very interesting names which at first glance do not sound like beauty products including; Retrofuturist, D’Lilac, the renowned Lime Criminal and the yellow Circus Girl eye shadow. If you are tired of looking the same and you want to try out a totally different look, you should definitely try out their products. You will surely fall in love with its Velvetine matte lipstick or the Unicorn lipstick which comes in a purple tube that is branded with a sparkling unicorn.

All the company’s products are vegan; they do not contain any animal product. The products are also animal-cruelty free which means that they are not tested on animals. In fact, the products are Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free.

Even though many people think that the company was started 7 years ago, Doe had her own store on eBay in 2004 where she had started with only two brands. Doe who has also worked at an investment bank, has said that as much as she has tried to do other things, her love for fashion and makeup has always followed her. Her success with Lime Crime has led her to give talks at various events including the PHAMexpo in Los Angeles. She also has tutorials on makeup on he own personal site which can help you choose what to put on and best for you.

I know you must be wondering where you could possibly get these amazing products. You can buy them from the company’s website and the company provides free shipping on US orders that are more than $50.Well, if there’s an Urban Outfitters or Naimie’s Beauty Centre near you, then you’re in luck and can shop for the products at these stores.