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Hair Care – WEN by Chaz



Most people stock conditioner in their bathroom. Some know how to use it right, others don’t and others don’t even use it. Wherever you stand in this category, understanding the benefits of conditioner on your hair will help you appreciate it and ensure use in every hair cleaning session. Here are some benefits for you.


Hair conditioner is beneficial in moisturizing. Once a conditioner is applied on the hair, it helps to close up cuticles that might have been left open by the use of shampoo. The failure to use a shampoo after cleaning your hair with shampoo, encourages persistence of the alkaline PH that was created by the shampoo. This makes it hard for your hair to retain moisture. Therefore, leaving your hair feeling dry. Retention of moisture is beneficial in enhancing hair strength. Hence, you will notice less hair breakage while washing or brushing your hair. Also, on styling your hair, you will notice better curls and waves than before you started using a conditioner.

Beneficial on Colored Hair

Conditioner is beneficial on colored hair. With regular use of a good conditioner after shampoo, you will notice that there is less loss of color. What happens is, after being washed by a shampoo, your hair shafts begin to let the color flow. But, a good conditioner closes back the cuticles so that no more color is lost. Therefore, you will notice a slow hair color loss if you incorporate conditioner into your hair baths.

If you are looking for a quality hair conditioner, WEN hair By Chaz Dean conditioner is an excellent choice.

About Wen By Chaz Dean

Wen By Chaz Dean is a hair products line based in Hollywood. The Sephora marketed brand is most popular for producing quality hair products. In their profile are cleansing conditioners, conditioners, serums, shampoos and styling products. Visit the product’s Wikipedia page to learn more.

Need WEN hair care? check out:

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+ http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care


Drop Dead Gorgeous Cosmetics By Lime Crime



With the multitude of various cosmetic companies launching numerous neutral eyeshadow pallets and standard products it can be over whelming yet rather boring for a free spirited beauty to get creative with her look. Lime Crime cosmetics breaks the trend mold and dares to live dangerously by excelling far beyond competitive cosmetic lines with their consistently new innovated products for all of the creatively bold beauties out there.

Lime Crime was launched in 2008 when Russian clothing designer, owner and CEO Doe Deere could not find cosmetics that matched her colorful designs. In 2009 she launched her popular Unicorn lipstick line featuring bold never seen before colors such as Mint to Be, Styletto, No She Didn’t and New Yolk City. These lipsticks ranged from the basic nudes and reds to the in your face black of Styletto, icy mint green of Mint to Be, baby blue No She Didn’t and New Yolk yellow. With this launch Deere went above and beyond the fulfillment of a need for color in the cosmetic artistry industry and makeup artists love her for Lime Crime’s eccentric products. The Unicorn lipstick line still caters to both the creatively daring as well as the playful beauty with their most popular nude shades Coquette, Babette and Chinchilla. These nude shades though extremely popular in the makeup industry are not however your typical nude shades you could expect to find at your local pharmacy. Lime Crime cosmetics are so original it’s difficult to find comparable shades from other brands. In 2012 Lime Crime introduced their unique version of the liquid lipstick with their Vevetines.

Continuously pushing the limits to meet high end fashion Lime Crime’s latest additions include their Metallic Velvetines Liquid Lipsticks launched just last week. The Metallic Velvetines feature 6 new highly foiled metallic shades. Their most recent launch are the 10 Superfoils. Supercoils are highly pigmented extremely metallic foiled dual compact eyeshadows.


Aside from indulging in the fun filled colors that are Lime Crime cosmetics you can rest assured that all products are cruelty free and have been reformulated to meet Vegan standards since 2012.  Learn more about the brand, by visiting their official website.

Doe Deere Beauty Products


The beauty industry has been and always will be a booming business. Traced back to medieval times where women swallowed arsenic and experimented with bats’ blood to improve complexions, Victorian ladies removing their ribs to shape their waist, and 18th-century Americans using urine of young boys to erase freckles, the desire to be beautiful is nothing new. The $160 billion yearly global industry encompasses make-up, skin care, hair products, fragrances, cosmetic surgery, health clubs, and diet pills. Basic instinct keeps the beauty industry powerful.

Since the Roaring Twenties and the age of the flappers, woman have used cosmetics that were meant to be noticed. From rich lipstick and blush colors, to dark lined eyes with smudged kohl. Nail polish became popular in the 1920s, inspired by enamels used to paint cars. Looking forward to the modern day beauty industry, it is massive and involves everything from teeth-whitening toothpaste to expensive hair case products.

Lime Crime is a makeup brand that has received a lot of buzz recently. Created by Doe Deere, Lime Crime makeup was featured in last November’s issue of Nylon magazine. The public is raving over the spectacular colors used in the Magic Dust eyeshadows and Candyfuture lipsticks as well as the phenomenal packaging which can attract anyone with the intense pigments and bright colors. Lime Crime is made to target a specific audience, those who wish to make a statement with their makeup.

Doe Deere built her brand on the internet on doedeere.com once she recognized its potential to market and sell products. She began her entrepreneur-type mentality in 2003 when she began selling DIY clothing on eBay. The following year she released the CD “I Believe in Fairytale” with her band SkySalt. During the same year, Lime Crime was introduced as her eBay store name and a website was made to promote her clothing lines. In 2006, Deere began to focus on makeup tutorials and selling repackaged glitter on her website. Lime Crime makeup officially launched in 2008 with prices for eye shadow, glitter, blush, primers, and brushes ranging from $12 to $25. Over the subsequent years, various Lime Crime makeup lines were released.

Doe Deere’s goal is to prove that cosmetics are more than just a way to conceal imperfections, but rather a form a freedom and self-expression. Her makeup line was based off the principal that she wanted to wear what she felt comfortable in versus what looks natural and is accepted by society. She realized how to utilize the internet to advertise and market her cosmetics, which has allow her to build her business into an empire. While some have objected to this concept, stating that individuals would rather go to a store to see the products in person, Lime Crime has taken numerous steps to make e-commerce shopping as convenient as possible, even pioneering the “on-lip” lipstick swatch. This unique aspect of Lime Crime has been adopted by other makeup companies, making it an industry standard. Lime Crime is for the young and those who wish to be young. It is a bold and bright makeup brand that has towered to success over the past few years.