Y U So Mad?

What’s in a Mane




Poor Justin Bieber has now been criticized again—this time for an act of “cultural appropriation,” or something you might call hair imperialism. Curiously, he has gotten in trouble for showing up with his hair in dreadlocks, something rock and roll performers have been getting away with since the 1990s. Miley Cyrus has, of course, also faced criticism for the very same thing. There is a strange bifurcation between the reactions received by performers who adopt these styles for visual effect, and those who have been attracted by the music of traditional black performers. Nobody criticized the Red Hot Chili Peppers for covering James Brown and Parliament/Funkadelic. And checking out a catalogue of influences behind the Rolling Stones reads like an all-star team of black rhythm and blues.


Through an interesting juxtaposition of events, a retrospective exhibition of Rolling Stones memorabilia has opened at the Saatchi Gallery, in London. The exhibit is called Exhibitionism, and offers a look into the band’s fifty year career. Included in the retrospective are re-creations of concert backstages, dressing rooms and even an apartment from the band’s early days. Musical instruments, stage costumes, and collaborations with writers and visual artists are also part of the showing.

For the curious and curio-minded, you can visit the show’s Facebook page here.

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