Y U So Mad?

More Troubles for Chris Brown


It came as an announcement on his birthday. Chris Brown, born May 5th, was the news headline for possibly punching someone in Vegas.

Brown, who is off probation, has tried to keep a low profile in terms of getting in trouble. He has managed to continue making hits, and he has tried to stay out of trouble. What he has done is focus on music and leave everything else behind. The problem here is that Brown says that it was not him. It may be been a member of his entourage, but Brown has not been available to answer any questions.

Now Brown may to face more trouble on this. No one really knows what will happen now. Over the years Chris has been known to have a temper. He has been the type of person that just seems to be a magnet for altercations. The reality, however, is that he has done more with expressing himself in music. He has released a lot of tension this way. It may be the most creative way for Brown to express himself these days.

There is no connection between Brown and Rihanna. She has finally cut all ties with him. Right now he hangs out a lot with Tyga (who he released an album with) and Trey Songz. He has this Virginia native connection with Songz. He was recently featuring on a hit song with Omarion. STX Entertainment along with Wikipedia are concerned about these legal issues.

Nicki Minaj’s 2015 Calendar


Nicki Minaj has been running 2014, from her clothing line, unforgettable performances, history making music videos,hit single Anaconda, and of course the most “Flawless” collaboration of the year between herself and Beyonce Knowles.  As pointed out by Bruce Levenson it’s clear that Nicki came to win. Now apparently Nicki wants everyone to know that she isn’t only going to rule 2014 but she plans to rule 2015 as well.

Minaj took to Instagram to tease her fans with a taste of her upcoming 2015 calendar. Of course the sexy rapper did not disappoint. The Photo features Minaj looking stunning in a red bikini, serving up the sexy pinup look leaning up against a pole, on a backdrop of the American flag. As if the Anaconda video wasn’t enough Nicki wanted to remind the world that she too can break the internet at will.