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Ken Goodrich Finds A New Home With Goettl


The Goettl HVAC brand has been at the heart of the communities of Arizona and Nevada for many years, and has played a key role in developing the career of new owner Ken Goodrich from a very young age. The Goodrich family owned a parts store and servicing company in Las Vegas that gave Ken Goodrich his first experiences with Goettl HVAC units when he assisted his father in repairing Goettl units across the city of Las Vegas; in 2013, Ken Goodrich had already purchased 15 companies he rescued from tough times, but Goodrich has stated his love of the Goettl brand makes this a different business opportunity for him.


Ken Goodrich grew up with Goettl being seen as the gold standard for HVAC customer service and has sought to return the brand to that level of success over his first four years in charge of the company. Instead of focusing on the bottom line of profits, Goodrich has instead looked to develop the Goettl brand as a leading purveyor of HVAC services with the focus largely on the knowledge of technicians and the quality of customer service offered.


Goettl was developed in the 1930s as a developer of what was then the latest technology in heating and cooling properties across the U.S.; the 100 patents held by Goettl during the early years of its life still form the basis of the units and technologies in use across the U.S. for many property owners.


The Goettl brand is now at the heart of the local communities the company provides services for and has attempted to extend its reach across many parts of the U.S. southwest. In 2016 and 2017, the Goettl brand has merged with a number of leading Las Vegas based HVAC and plumbing companies to highlight the high level of confidence and respect the brand is still held in by others within the HVAC industry.