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The Impressive Growth and Career Development of Lori Senecal


Lori Senecal is the global chief executive officer for Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Her rise to the top of the global enterprise has been a story of resilience, persistence, and consistence. She attributes her growth as a person, and in her career to the guidance, she received from her siblings, who were successful in their rights in different fields. Their success served as a motivation for her to become the best that she could become in whichever industry she joined.


True to form, she got employed and worked in many different companies, where she excelled consistently. Upon graduation from college, Ms. Senecal worked with world renowned companies such as Xbox, Staples, Weight Watchers, Applebee, Nestle, Nabisco, InBev, and Molson. She served as the Global Accountant Director for Coca-Cola and also as the Chief Marketing Officer for DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. between 2005 and 2008. Throughout her career, Lori Senecal has shown a talent for growing organizations and helping them achieve both short and long-term goals sustainably.


After her involvement in the development of TAG Ideation, Senecal was appointed the Co-Managing Director for the project in New York. She later rose to the position of Executive Vice President and Accountant Management Director at McCann Worldgroup, the parent company for TAG Ideation. In 2009 she was made a partner and appointed to the position of President and CEO at Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. In 2015, after a short stay as the director and chief operating officer for MDC, Lori Senecal was appointed the global CEO for Crispin Porter & Bogusky.


According to Campaignlive, at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Lori’s responsibilities have included overseeing the expansion of the firm, coordination of its ten international offices and ensuring its continued growth. Since she took the helm of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Ms. Senecal has had a tremendous impact on the firm and its culture. She has worked tirelessly to facilitate the development of an agile, collaborative and inventive global agency capable of offering consistent global solutions with a view maintaining commendable local market innovation.


For her efforts, Ms. Senecal was named one of four “Agency Executives to Watch” for 2016 and led Crispin Porter & Bogusky to win the “Creativity Innovators of the Year” for 2017. You can visit her Twitter page to see more.


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Jose Henrique Borghi – Leading Name in the Brazilian Advertising Industry


Jose Henrique Borghi has achieved tremendous success in the Brazilian advertising industry, and it is all because of his unconventional ideas and ad campaigns that he has created for his clients over the years. Jose Borghi is the man behind one of the most popular advertisements of all time that he created and conceptualized for wildlife conservation. The ad named “Mammals of Parmalat” is still remembered by many as one of the most inspiring ads ever created in Brazil.Jose Henrique Borghi currently holds the designation of co-CEO at the third largest advertising agency in Brazil, Mullen Lowe Brazil.

Jose has played a very significant role in the success of the advertising agency and has also helped it get some of the big accounts. Even though Jose Borghi has worked with many companies over the years, some of his clients that are worth mentioning are Mitsubishi, Unilever, and Fiat. The advertising campaign designed by Jose Henrique Borghi for Fiat Automobiles helped the company achieve great success after entering the Brazilian advertising market, and achieve its sales target quite easily.

José Henrique Borghi graduated in Marketing from the leading institution in the country, Pontifical Catholic University. He has worked with some of the top most advertising firms in the country, such as FCB, Talent, Leo Burnett, and DM9DDB. Working with the top ad agencies helped him gain the experience as well as the exposure needed to survive in this highly challenging and competitive profession.Jose Borghi has won many awards in the advertising world, including 20 Awards at the Cannes Film Festival, 16 Abril Awards, 7 Awards at the London Film Festival, 15 Awards at the New York Film Festival, and more. One of the reasons he continues to enjoy continuous patronage of his clients is that he has managed to deliver consistent results in the advertising business to his clients over the years, and he does so by providing unique and out-of-the-box solutions. You can also visit his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100017864474120

José Henrique Borghi, the Mullen Lowe’s CEO


José Henrique Borghi is the current chief executive officer of Mullen Lowe agency. Mullen Lowe is famous for being among the top four advertising organizations in the nationally. It is among the fast developing advertising companies in the country of Brazil.

Under the leadership of Jose Henrique Borghi, they intend to attain a breakthrough shortly through the utilization of the newly established investments as well as the partnerships. Jose Borghi serves to enhance the establishment of campaigns alongside being the company’s founder. The fans of the two categories loved them. It for this reason that they still recall it.

Jose had the choice to either establish the advertisement agency or not. He assisted his sister in the process before a presentation at Castro Neves Theatre. It is at this point that he noticed that the money making advertisement was made via Vts. This was the point of the whole idea to start off the Mullen Lowe Company.

Learn more about Mullen Lowe Company: http://maringa.odiario.com/economia/2017/05/mullen-lowe-brasil-de-jose-henrique-borghi-desenvolve-campanha-que-estimula-sorrisos/2372713/

It is also important to acknowledge the fact that Jose Borghi is also a marathon runner. He has the hope of persistence regarding the adverse conditions and concentrates on the advancement of the Company. It is for this reason that he sets his energies towards facilitating the business stability as well as consistent activity.

He is unique in the fact that he often handles the difficult issues that the workers may not be capable of handling. It is important pointing out that Jose Borghi has done some promotions within Brazilian marketing. Most of the companies he aided won international awards.

Being a degree holder in the field of Advertising and Propaganda, he progressed from PUC-Campinas. He has been able to work for some companies before the current Mullen Group and agency. The latter has undergone tremendous improvements in line with the advertisements globe.