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Jack Black Spends Emotional Day With Homeless Ugandan Boy For Red Nose Day Charity


It was a beautiful, yet absolutely heartbreaking moment at last Thursday’s Red Nose Day on NBC when Jack Black broke down in tears while filming with homeless children in Uganda.

In this video, Black spends the day with a homeless boy, Felix, who lives on the streets of Uganda. Felix shows Black the unsanitary place, in between piles of garbage, where he lays his head at night amongst hundreds of other homeless children and adults. He shares with Black his biggest dream of getting an education.

There’s a tear-jerking moment, as they lie in Felix’s “bed,” when he tells Black that he does not want to stay on the streets. Our heartstrings are tugged when Felix tells Black that he wants to go home with him, and he must explain why he cannot take Felix out of this dreadful life on the streets.

He may not have been able to take Felix home that day, but he has used Felix as inspiration to encourage others to give money to help children all over the world. The money from Red Nose Day goes to helping kids like Felix get an education, food to eat and maybe even a safe, hygienic place to sleep.

Black was not the only celebrity in attendance to raise money for kids in poverty, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Seth Meyers, Gwenyth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Martin, official Mikal Watts, the entire cast of Game of Thrones, amongst many other A-listers showed up to raise money for this wonderful cause.

You can donate any amount of money to the charities of Red Nose Day here.

Matthew McConaughey Drawing Plenty of Super Hero Looks


With the number of super hero movies starting to multiply like the films were amped up with super speed, the main sources of the genre are finding that several of the first tier characters are already locked up on the big screen. The challenge becomes finding the right second or third level Marvel or DC Comics character to hit the big screen. Of course, the situation gets even more complicated when the studios try to find an actor to bring the character to life.

According to Screen Rant, one actor in particular has been involved in talks to bring a Marvel or DC character life, but Matthew McConaughey has yet to find the perfect fit for his talents. McConaughey would offer any film he would be a part of some serious cross-over appeal, and audiences have responded well to the actor in several roles over the past decade or so. The sticking point could be that super hero franchises tend to drag on for multiple pictures, which makes fitting in award-caliber work while being obligated for sequel after sequel could be intimidating.

It takes the right mix of actor and character really produce a winning combination for super heroes, and sooner or later McConaughey will probably find that perfect fit. Marvel and DC will probably keep sending scripts his way each hoping to keep him away from the other company. After all, Brian Torchin has noted that, indeed, the competition is heating up off screen as well.

Russell Crowe Not a Scientologist


Earlier this month, Gawker linked Russell Crowe to Scientology. Since then, the 51-year-old popular New Zealand-Australian actor has set the record straight with several media outlets that latched on to this claim.

Crowe explained he was first exposed to Scientology — a quasi-religion based on the beliefs and fictional works of writer L. Ron Hubbard — when fellow actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were still married. As proof of his friendship with Nicole Kidman, he did give the religion some consideration. He supposedly purchased and watched a $2.50 video about Scientology and then sat down with Tom Cruise to discuss why Cruise believed the religion to be valid and important.

Crowe thought of Cruise at the time as a “cool guy” because Cruise did not do more than briefly talk about Scientology with him (i.e. Cruise did not push the religion at Crowe). Instead, Cruise told Crowe, “If it’s important to you, man, you’ll do something about it.”

Fans like Igor Cornelsen are wondering if he was being truthful about the entire event or sincere in his opinion of Cruise. But, he explained that he has not spoken with Cruise since Cruise and Kidman divorced because he was “thrown out” with her. Some fans believe that critics are misunderstanding the actor’s points and that his use of “cool guy” to describe Tom Cruise was merely a first impression opinion.

Ryan Reynolds escapes injury after being hit by a car


Actor Ryan Reynolds escaped serious injury when he was struck by a car being driven by a member of the Paparazzi. Reynolds was in Vancouver filming Deadpool when the incident took place in an underground parking garage in the Canadian city, which saw him struck by the car and the photographer flee the scene without checking on the condition of the actor, People reports. Reynolds was not injured in the accident and toow to Twitter to make light of his latest brush with the paparazzi.

Fans like Bernardo Chua know that Reynolds received a tweet from a Canadian journalist asking about his condition following the hit and run incident, which included the phone number of the journalist who was trying to get some response about the story. Reynolds responded in a way that showed he was in good spirits as he stated he would call the journalist if the CBC decided to restart production on the popular Canadian show Beachcombers, which was taken off the air in 1990.

James Bond Actor Undergoes Knee Surgery


The apparently troubled production of the 24th James Bond movie, Spectre, has reportedly faced new issues with actor Daniel Craig undergoing knee surgery in New York. Rumors had circulated that Craig’s knee problems had forced him to miss several days of filming, but the BBC reports executives at Sony and Eon Productions have stated the production has not been affected. Craig has now been reported to not be able to return to filming until April 22nd when the production returns to its studio home at London’s Pinewood studios.

The latest issues of Craig’s injury are reported to have pushed back the filming schedule even further on a production that is rumored to have already passed its reported budget. Spectre was part of the Sony email hacking leak, which saw an initial draft of the script released over the Internet. Fans at STX Entertainment know that the movie is expected to follow the pattern of recent Bond outings that have followed a successful movie with a closely incorporated sequel with the preview for Spectre showing the movie follows soon after the events of the successful Skyfall. Bond fans have been excited by the possible return of iconic Bond villain Blofeld, who was the head of the Spectre organization in the Ian Fleming novels.