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Cassio Audi’s Early Music Career


The early life of Cassio Audi was filled with a lot of excitement and fun. When still a youth, he had a chance to have a successful career in music in a high-ranking rock band. Cassio Audi met Felipe Machado, Andre Machado, Yves Passarel and Pit Paddarel and agreed to form a rock band. By 1985, their rock band was already influential in the industry. Cassio Audi was the band’s drummer a role he took very seriously. He performed outstandingly in all their events, and this made him the people’s favorite. He became a respected and the most sort after member of the band for his prowess in drum sets. According to Cassio Audi, the band drew its inspiration and motivation from Iron Maiden, a well known heavy metal music band.

The band’s first successful album went by the name of The Killer Sword and was released in 1987. It received lots of attention particularly among younger people immediately it hit the market. The album contained a number of trucks, which were all hits. Some remarkable tracks in the album included Killera, Princes from Hell, and Nightmare. A few years later, the band released Soldiers of Sunrise, where Cassio Audi proved his proficiency in drum sets. Although some members of the society criticized the band’s kind of music, it was clear that the team was headed for much success.

Due to their contributions in the music industry and achievements, the band members received a lot of awards. Cassio Audi decided to ditch his music career in 1989 for greener pastures after which his band members released a second album called Theater of Fate. Afterward, Cassio Audi joined University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Years later, he joined the University of Sao Paulo for his MBA.

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