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Capturing the Beauty of Flawless Skin with Makari skin whitening


Clear and flawless is an admirable trait, and many women don’t realize that a beautiful complexion is not out of reach. We live in an age where health and beauty products have advanced to a scientific level that makes it possible for all women to enjoy the incredibly pristine facial skin that is so esteemed; such as the buttery complexion of actress Zoe Saldana or the deep, rich skin tone of Kenyan Lupita Nyong’o.

Capturing the beauty of flawless skin takes a lifestyle commitment that embodies healthy living; that is unless you happened to be one of few who are born with naturally radiant skin. Start from the inside out – invest in a portable, refillable water bottle to ensure you are drinking eight glasses daily; experiment with interesting recipes that boast vegetables, fruit, and whole grains; try group exercise classes that offer social opportunities while you get fit; commit to going to bed at a certain hour to ensure you get enough rest; and finally, minimize the drama in your life, whether it’s people, places or things that cause you stress, find creative solutions that may include learning to say “no”.

Next, consider implementing a skin care regime that incorporates the following four steps, using the right products that perform the critical requirements of flawless skin:

Reduce dark spots and acne scars with natural products that don’t contain hydroquinone, which the FDA is studying as a possible carcinogen. The Body Beautifying Milk reduces the appearance of skin discolorations leaving your skin with a soft, healthy glow.

Exfoliate the skin to remove dry and dead skin cells and cleans out pores by using the Makari Skin Whitening Antiseptic Soap which not only brightens the skin tone, but also conditions and protects facial skin with its antioxidant formula.

Moisture with a deep hydration with Caviar Face Cream to maintain a luminous complexion that leaves your skin with the correct moisture balance and a soft skin texture.

Cleanse skin thoroughly with a Deep Cleanising Skin Lotion that works to dilate the pores for the deepest cleansing, attacking the bacteria that promote acne and is especially useful for greasy skin types.

Flawless skin for all skin tones is no longer a beauty secret of Asian women, but all cultures can achieve stunning results when choosing the right products.


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