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Be Proactive with Online Reputation Management


In business, reputation is everything. The minute a business’ reputation suffers, profits begin to decline. Launching a marketing campaign to boost sales won’t help much if a brand has been severely tarnished. The minute potential customers have doubts about a business, they are not going to patronize the enterprise. People worry about wasting money on bad service.

Self-employed persons or small business owners should not think they are free from these troubles just because their reputation has remained positive for several years. Things can change quickly and without warning. Today, there are scores of anonymous review sites in which negative commentary about business enterprises can be easily published.

Once a few bad reviews are posted, the impact on a business could be enormous. What if the reviews are false, exaggerated, or inaccurate? Sadly, there is not much that can be to remove them. Most review sites have strict editorial policies about removing bad reviews. Sometimes, the negative information is published on blogs and social media platforms and there is no editorial review. Someone with an axe to grind pretty much can get away with tarnishing a reputation.

The best way to deal with such troubles is to be proactive. Taking the reigns and developing a solid online presence could defeat a bad review or other malicious material before they are even published. Businesses and entrepreneurs really do have to manufacture their own online reputation.

There are various ways this can be done. Building a website, creating a great social media presence, publishing positive testimonials, and circulating good reviews are ways a positive image and reputation is established. Imagine maintaining a really upbeat social media site and publishing hundreds of flattering blog posts over the course of two years prior to anything negative being published online. The negative material would be buried amidst tons of helpful online material.

The job of doing this, however, should be left to the experts. A legitimate reputation management firm will achieve desirable results. Trying to handle the task in-house and without experts at the helm could end up being worse than doing nothing at all.

Darius Fisher, the President of the online reputation management firm Status Labs, understands exactly what is required to help a business in these matters. He was recently listed on PR Week’s Innovation 50 list of top digital marketing experts. Those interested in building up a positive reputation should look closer at what Fisher’s firm can do.

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