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Are There Wedding Bells For Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill?


Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have had people thinking that they were ready to get married. The fact is, Nicki only recently left her ex-boyfriend Safaree, and it seemed too soon for Nicki to have moved on. Nicki Minaj Marriage Rumors. Although Nicki moved on to another boyfriend, many were indicating that Nicki and Meek were ready to get married. Nicki decided to flash her heart-shaped diamond ring all over social media, and she was indicating that marriage was not too far behind.

Now everyone is questioning the entire relationship, and people are questioning if this couple is really getting married.STX Entertainment noted that Meek commented on the so-called upcoming marriage, and Meek claims that they are not ready for marriage yet. Meek says that they are still getting to know each other, and that marriage is something for the future. It makes one wonder why the couple would push the marriage issue so hard if it’s not something they were ready to do.

This all may be a case of mistaken identity, because Nicki was with one man for well over a decade, and she never married him. It’s unlikely that Nicki would have jumped into marriage with this new boyfriend, just because they seem to be a good couple. Whether they get married now or in the future, this couple seems to have staying power, and it’s likely that they will be together for a long time. Obviously, Nicki and Meek are in no rush to get to the altar.

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