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Andie MacDowell’s Epic American Airline Rant


Actress Andie MacDowell took to social media last week after she received the injustice of being denied an expensive service that she paid for. MacDowell’s handling of the situation warranted her just as much backlash from the public as did the service she obtained. The Four Weddings and a Funeral actress was on a first-class flight when she was suddenly bumped to economy class.

MacDowell took to her Twitter account to air her frustration.

“HELP!” she wrote. “I was first class on a flight that I had pre-booked and paid for but they moved me to tourist class. Because of my dog!”

MacDowell was traveling on an American Airlines flight being piloted by Jon Urbana on January 22 when the incident occurred. Some of the starlet’s followers sympathized with her, while others were not as pleasant. A number of folks lashed back at MacDowell for her choice of words. MacDowell took a moment to defend herself.

“I didn’t mean to imply that I am superior, I’m not,” MacDowell wrote. “I want what I paid for and that was first class. It’s very expensive. I just thought saying ‘tourist’ sounded more exotic than saying ‘coach’.”

Others still were quick to defend the actress.

“I’m not defending her,” one follower wrote. “I think that ‘tourist’ was a poor choice of words. She just deserves to get exactly what she paid for.”

MacDowell,an animal lover, was traveling with her Chihuahua at the time. Her labrador, Spinee, underwent major surgery on January 26 and is recovering.

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