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Alternative Lending-Equities First Holdings


Equities First Holdings is considered to be one of the largest international lenders and a leader in alternative lending solutions. Ever since its establishment, it has been expanding its services and products to other regions. Recently the financial institution launched a new office in Australia; Melbourne office of Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. The new office is strategically located in the heart of Melbourne and the group is committed to market their services as well as products to win more clients and corporate acquaintances. The Managing Director of Equities First Holdings Australia mentioned that the business has been expanding ever since it began in the country and that the firm is considering relocating their offices in order to accommodate the growing number of customers. Equity First Holdings have three operational offices in Australia including; Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

Equities First Holdings can well be described as financial institution that offers an alternative lending resolution. Since its inception, it has been providing the financial services as well as products to its customers who include corporates, and high-net individuals. The financial group offers services to customers who are in need of non-purpose investment. Equities First Holding mostly specializes in stock loans.

Equities’s First Holdings stock loan is unique and unlike other stock loans, the organization uses stock as their loan security. When a client needs a loan and they have stock which they are sure will appreciate they can transfer their shares to Equities First Holdings and take a loan. The borrower has an added advantage of using loan for whatever purpose as the loan is non-purpose and the other benefit is that the loan has a low-interest rate. Another service that Equities First Holdings provides is margin loans. A borrower must have pre-qualified to qualify for the margin loan. Unlike the stock loan, the margin loan is borrowed and must be used for a specified purpose. The interest rate on the loan is variable and can range from 50 to 75 percent. Equities First Holdings is devoted to providing high-value loans with low-interest rates.

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