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Get Unicorn Hair Color Glam


A few years back, the cosmetics world was full of major corporate beauty companies that came at the industry with heavily marketed beauty products that all had a sameness to them. The ideas ranged from lipsticks that were either various variations on red, or neutrals that ranged from beige to light beige to brown.

The Lime Crime Difference

Women bought these products and wore them, but the truth is there was obviously a place in the market for something really bold and really different. Then Lime Crime came along, with its bold and bright, rock and roll style lipsticks and eye colors, and turned the beauty world upside down.

Now LimeCrime, which was launched by an adventurous Internet entrepreneur named Doe Deere, is making even more innovations in the beauty world, with the company’s new line of Unicorn Hair Colors. These gorgeous semi-permanent hair colors were first introduced last April, and the first colors were light and bright and exciting. These first shades ranged from mauve to minty green and everything in between. The company’s customers responded enthusiastically, and now LimeCrime is coming out with even more color innovations.

Dark, Goth New Hair Color Shades

The new shades of hair color in the Unicorn line are meant for dark brunette hair. These shades give dark hair a glossy and intense look that’s absolutely head turning. The shades range from Chestnut (a dark maroon) to Squid (deep purple), Charcoal (soft gray) to Sea Witch (a deep sea green). These colors have a lot of impact, plus they are 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free, so you can feel good about your color, even as you are turning plenty of heads.

Why not get a little more glam, and go for hair color that heightens the look of those incredible Lime Crime lipsticks and eye shadows? Why be boring? Be fabulous the whole way, with the new shades from The Unicorn Hair Color line.

Talkspace Helps People Get Help for Issues that They Face


Couples that want to get therapy through a non-traditional means can get help with Talkspace. The same thing goes for those people that are not interested in going to a traditional therapist. Talkspace has been presented as the future of online therapy. There are people that are interested in using this app because it connects people a plethora of therapists.

People really like this type of format because it allows them to engage in communication without wasting a lot of time. The sessions are really going to make it easier for more people to consider text therapy. Some people will consider video chat therapy, but it is going to be a lot better for some people to look at the texting option.

Talkspace gives people the ability to talk to someone that is will to help with anger and depression. People that are working as therapists will find that this is an app that helps people make good supplement income. That is one of the reasons that so many people are getting certified. Once people get certified they have the ability to help people with a range of different issue.

The millennial generation that is checking out apps today will discover that this is one of the best options for people that want to let go of the stress. The presidential election, for example, has caused a lot of people stress. Others are going to be interested in getting connected to Talkspace because they may want to resolve issues with their families.

Talkspace can help people with many things that they may not have ever thought that they would need help with. Talkspace is the company that makes the young generation a lot more comfortable. It gives people a chance to consider a chat with someone that can resolve problems.

Brazil Will Do Better With Felipe Montoro Jens’ Guidance


There has been a lot of upheaval in the Brazilian economy. In fact, they are experiencing a financial crisis. The major in the country is implementing all kinds of ways to correct this terrible state of affairs. There are a number of private and public options that are being discussed in order to improve what is happening.

Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert. He is in charge of Infrastructure projects. Because he knows how bad the situation is, he is trying his best to control it and improve the economy in Brazil. Since Felipe Montoro Jens is an educated and experienced man, he is an expert in what he does. He is overseeing many of the things that are being suggested for the improvement of affairs in Brazil.

When Felipe Montoro Jens gets involved, people listen. He doesn’t want their to be discussions about what is happening, and the people in power that are involved are not allowed to vote because there are so many ways for them to mess up the progress that could exist.

Felipe Montoro Jens has produced a lot of great work. He is able to get people to cooperate with him on a regular basis. He provides a leadership to the people in Brazil that they look up to. He can get things done, and they are supporting him as he tries to improve the economy in that country.

With Felipe Montoro Jens in his position of power, Brazil stands a great chance of improving in record time. This is because he has such an ability to make things change and take place.

His way of dealing with others is impressive, and Felipe Montoro Jens can draw out plans that will work. He is adept at what he does, and looks forward to the people of Brazil having more than they do right now.

All in all, Brazil will find that the future will look a lot better for them. Things will improve with time, and the people will have more than they did before. Since this is what they are looking for, the people are backing their government in order to move things along in the right direction. Once the plans are implemented, the people will be able to see how much things can change. This will give them even more confidence in their government, and they will cooperate in more ways than before.

Contributions of Dr. Cameron Clokie in Facial Reconstruction and Bone Regeneration in Canada


Dr. Cameron Clokie is a surgeon, scientist, and businessman. He is a surgeon with a focus on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He has a degree in Dental Surgery which he got in 1985. Dr. Clokie also has a Ph.D. in bone regeneration from McGill University.

While at this university, he formed a bone research group which has influenced invention of new technologies. He is a renowned surgeon with a wealth of experience in jaw surgery.

For over thirty years now, Dr. Clokie has engaged in academic dentistry teaching at the University of Toronto besides also doing clinical work. In 1998, he became head of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He then ascended to the position of Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He retired from academics in 2017. While working at the same university, he also held positions as a board member of Scientific Advisory Boards of multiple firms.

According to Crunchbase, Cameron Clokie has published several papers covering Dentistry and other related medical fields. He also has multiple presentations to his name. His brilliance makes him a target both nationally and across the globe.

Dr. Clokie holds 25 US and international patents in fields like bone healing. This has enabled him to develop strategic partnerships with other businesses. These businesses gain a lot regarding the knowledge and experience from Dr. Clokie.

Apart from being a surgeon, Dr. Clokie is also a businessman. He is the CEO of a firm dealing in regenerative medicine. The company, known as Induce Biologics Inc., does research work and comes up with significant innovations in the field of musculoskeletal reconstruction. Dr. Clokie performs bone regeneration procedures at Toronto General Hospital and Mt. Sinai Hospital. Dr. Clokie conducts tissue regeneration for jawbones.

He uses protein to help grow bone tissue. His strategy is different from the old methods where a bone was taken from other parts of the body to fill other gaps.

His idea involves modeling a growth protein jelly into the shape of a jawbone. The new jawbone is then placed in the missing spaces and supported by a titanium rod.

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The CEO and Founder of Seattle genetics Clay Siegall


The CEO and Founder of Seattle genetics Clay Siegall

A biopharmaceutical company, ultragenyx pharmaceutical.Inc. Which focuses on the production of products for rare and ultra-rare diseases announced the appointment of Mr. clay to the board of directors as from January 30 in the year 2014.Mr siegall and Mr. Fuss are needed by ultragenyx to serve as its independent directors.Dr siegall acknowledged ultragenyxs’growth with its clinical programs and offered to share his expertise for the success of ultragenyx and to importantly help patients with rare and ultra-rare diseases.

Dr. Siegall is the President, Chairman of the board of Directors and also the Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics Inc. which is a biotechnology company that specializes in production and selling of antibody-based therapies for the treatment of cancer. In 1998 Dr. siegall cofounded Seattle genetics, and in 1988 to 1991 he worked for National cancer institute, National Institute of health, from 1991 to 1997 he worked for a pharmaceutical research institute known as Bristol-Myers Squibb. Dr. Siegall also serves as a director in two companies, Mirna Therapeutic and Alder Biopharmaceutical Inc. He got his B.S in zoology in the University of Maryland and a P.H.D in genetics from George Washington University.

Seattle genetics ranks as the largest biotech company in Washington which invests mainly in research and a marketing of new cancer drugs.Siegalls’ ambition is not only in drug development but also to handle all the complexities of international marketing of newer drugs, especially for rare and ultra-rare diseases. Clay Siegall says that he loves making drugs although it’s not easy he keeps pushing on. His strategy is to become a robust entrepreneur and imitates his mentors for his success.

Dr. Siegall built Seattle genetics based on scientific innovation, drug development, and research as well as his passion for helping patients. Under his leadership, the company has developed antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for cancer treatment. His motivation to start the company came up from watching his father progress with cancer till his death. He realized that the oncologists had fewer tools and so he wanted to improve the tools. His aim to treat cancer patients and to improve the treatment of cancer for it to be better than it is today.

Dr. Clay has received various awards which include Math and natural sciences, the 2012 Northwest Ernst young entrepreneur of the year and also the 2013 University of Maryland Alumnus of the year for the computer. Siegall has also authored more than 70 publications and holds 15 patents. His work is an excellent motivation to many people.

Securus Technologies Giving Officer Invaluable Tools


This year my fellow officers have been dealing with increased incidents of violence in our state prison. No matter how hard we push, the explosion in inmate violence continued to escalate due to a variety of reasons. Not only are these inmates being able to acquire drugs more easily than officers like, but the overcrowded conditions have raised hostilities to the point that these inmates are taking out all their frustrations on me and my fellow corrections officers. This was all about to change when we discovered the latest call monitoring system available from Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas and has been involved with helping law enforcement for many years. Their new inmate call monitoring system is changing the way that corrections officers are being able to get a handle on illegal activities inside jails. This same system has already been installed in thousands of prisons in the U.S. and is making a difference. Now that our officers are able to get out of that small call center and back on the grounds, we too are starting to see a positive difference in the amount of violence in our facility.


Now that the LBS software is operating, we wanted to see exactly how much safer conditions have gotten in our facility. These are just a few examples of what we have been able to take control of during the first month of the new monitoring system in place. An inmate called his elderly father and asked him to bring his medication to the visitor center, so we made sure those drugs were confiscated before the visit. An inmate spoke about how he is able to use drugs after dark, so we decided to up our cell inspections are received everything he was hiding from the officers on duty.


Karl Heideck on the car seat laws in Pennsylvania


Karl Heideck is one of the lawyers who takes his time to write thoroughly researched articles about the law and legislation in the state of Pennsylvania. One of his recent pieces has been about a law that has been passed by legislators in the state that recommends that car seats for children be modified in a particular way. This is legislation that has been passed after a public outcry on the number of children deaths that are associated with then car accidents in the state. The legislators in the state decided to take precautionary measure that would ensure the little ones were protected from unnecessary death and injuries.

As one of the measures the legislators decided to take is to control the way children sit while in a car. They recommended that for children who are less than two years, their seats should be facing towards the rear of the car. They should also be fastened to these seats to make sure that they are safe enough. For children of two years and below, their bones are fragile and can easily break even in minor accidents. The research was conducted that showed that, while children are facing towards the rear of the car, it is much harder for them to break their bones.

The law which was passed in August 2016 is now in full application after the grace period of one year that had been allocated was finished in August 2017. It is now mandatory of law enforcers to charge any car driver who has not complied with this directive. Car owners and drivers who have not complied with the law are to be charged an amount of $125.

The law does not stop at the two years old; it also recommends that any child below eight years to have a boost seat. For this category, however, there are exceptions for children who weigh more than 80 pounds and those who are taller than 4’9. For car owners and drivers who do not adhere to this law, they are to be charged $75.

The state hopes that with the new law, the number of cases will drop significantly. Karl helideck argues that law will be good for the people as it will protect the lives of the little ones who cannot defend themselves.

Karl Heideck is a lawyer and has been taking time to inform the public about the laws that are passed and what they demand from the citizenry.

For more info: lawyers.lawyerlegion.com/pennsylvania/karl-heideck-02002264

Things You Need to Know About Mark McKenna


Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the most sought medical doctors In Georgia. He has vast experience in his field of specialization and has worked with many firms through which he gained his knowledge. Mark is also a highly committed patient advocate and community servant. He is also a highly successful entrepreneur and has launched a vast number of firms including the McKenna Venture Investments, which deals exclusively with real estate issues. The Uptown Title Inc and Universal Mortgage Lending firms are also among the other companies that Mark launched his career to develop his life as well as a way of acquiring property.

Besides launching a vast number of firms to develop the economy of his country, Mark also has a high dedication towards helping other people and improving their welfare. He has given his best towards helping individuals affected by the Hurricane Katrina calamity in New Orleans, and this has gained a lot of respect as well as an excellent reputation. Though the hurricane left many individuals homeless and jobless, Mark has donated some items and also given financial support to all the affected individuals with the aim of helping them pick up their lives once again despite the harm that the calamity brought to their lives.

Dr. Mark recently founded the OVME firm, which focuses on elective healthcare. He has a great passion towards achieving the best, and due to his hardworking nature, he has accomplished most of his business goals. He has also gained an excellent reputation since he founded the ShapeMed firm in 2007, which focuses on offering cosmetic solutions to all its clients. Mark uses highly specialized and unharmful products to enhance the looks of his patients and give them confidence in solving their skin and appearance issues. Through ShapeMed, Mark uses Botox injections procedures like the use of lasers for removal of blackheads or hair, to give his patients an even tone and great appearance on their sin. Besides, he also focuses on providing his patient’s remedies to deal with their weight issues and through this, he has successfully brought a smile to his client’s faces.

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The Impressive Growth and Career Development of Lori Senecal


Lori Senecal is the global chief executive officer for Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Her rise to the top of the global enterprise has been a story of resilience, persistence, and consistence. She attributes her growth as a person, and in her career to the guidance, she received from her siblings, who were successful in their rights in different fields. Their success served as a motivation for her to become the best that she could become in whichever industry she joined.


True to form, she got employed and worked in many different companies, where she excelled consistently. Upon graduation from college, Ms. Senecal worked with world renowned companies such as Xbox, Staples, Weight Watchers, Applebee, Nestle, Nabisco, InBev, and Molson. She served as the Global Accountant Director for Coca-Cola and also as the Chief Marketing Officer for DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. between 2005 and 2008. Throughout her career, Lori Senecal has shown a talent for growing organizations and helping them achieve both short and long-term goals sustainably.


After her involvement in the development of TAG Ideation, Senecal was appointed the Co-Managing Director for the project in New York. She later rose to the position of Executive Vice President and Accountant Management Director at McCann Worldgroup, the parent company for TAG Ideation. In 2009 she was made a partner and appointed to the position of President and CEO at Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. In 2015, after a short stay as the director and chief operating officer for MDC, Lori Senecal was appointed the global CEO for Crispin Porter & Bogusky.


According to Campaignlive, at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Lori’s responsibilities have included overseeing the expansion of the firm, coordination of its ten international offices and ensuring its continued growth. Since she took the helm of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Ms. Senecal has had a tremendous impact on the firm and its culture. She has worked tirelessly to facilitate the development of an agile, collaborative and inventive global agency capable of offering consistent global solutions with a view maintaining commendable local market innovation.


For her efforts, Ms. Senecal was named one of four “Agency Executives to Watch” for 2016 and led Crispin Porter & Bogusky to win the “Creativity Innovators of the Year” for 2017. You can visit her Twitter page to see more.


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Big Investment Streak Continues for Talos Energy


Off the coast of the Mexican state of Tabasco lies a well that holds an enormous amount of potential. Various companies and interests were trying to get it on the deal for a long time, ever since 2015 when Mexico opened up a bidding war for the rights to drill there. However, it was not always this way.

In 1938, Mexico put forth a policy preventing foreign investors from putting their funds into the oil and gas industry in Mexico. However, this led to a monopoly. Pemex was the only game in town, bringing competition down and incentives to innovative fell away. When Mexico allowed foreign investments, three firms stepped up to the plate. Premier Oil out of London, Sierra Oil and Gas from Mexico, and Talos Energy, LLC from Houston.

The three firms will split the proceeds almost evenly across the board. Sierra Oil and Gas will have more than others in the ownership, as Mexico wants to ensure their people get the best end of the deal. Analysts predict the drilling will be a success. That’s a good sign for a well that holds anywhere from 100 to 500 million barrels of crude oil.

Talos Energy is a Houston based oil and gas company. They were founded by investors with over $600 million in capital. Their parent company, Phoenix holding, had a cohesive strategy from the start. They didn’t want to fall into the fate of other companies that didn’t grow quick enough. They decided to quickly acquire Helix Energy, a competitor, for $620 million. It’s one of the reasons that their revenue is up to $475 million annually.

This revenue isn’t just dispersed to management and ownership like other companies. Talos stands apart in that it shares the profits with all employees. This goes from the clerks all the way to the geoscientists that go out and analyze the wells. Because of this, management finds that employees are more motivated than in other companies. It has led to it being one of the top and fastest growing small companies in the industry. Right now, they focus on the Texas and Mexico regions, pumping around 16,000 barrels of oil per day.

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