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Press Release About Cancer Treatment Centers Of America


Cancer Treatment Centers of America is an organization which aims at attending to patients ailing from cancer in the United States of America. It has its current headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida after shifting its headquarters from Schaumburg, Illinois. CTCA uses methods like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy when taking care of cancer. Its foundation was through Richard J Stephenson who was not happy with the services that his mother received when she was ailing from cancer, and therefore he decided to open the first CTCA hospital in the year 1998.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America achieves high patients’ satisfaction regarding their services. Four of the CTCA hospitals have earned fantastic ratings and recognition by the Medicare services in America and also the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. These CTCA hospitals include Eastern, Midwestern, Southeastern, and Southwestern.

There is a press release concerning the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Clinical Pathways consolidates every recent cancer research, treatment exercises and recommended therapies into the Allscripts Sunrise EHR, which enables the cancer specialists to have knowledge on the kind of care and also ways of taking care of cancer patients. Clinical Pathways has improved openness and quality at the point of care by helping patients to have freedom of expressions concerning the kind of treatments that they receive. Confidence is built on patients as they can freely discuss with their clinical teams on the kind and importance of therapy they receive.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, together with the Allscripts and NantHealth started a project together in 2016. According to Paul Black, CEO Allscripts, the project aims at achieving mutual benefits by both patients and the clinical capabilities. Chemotherapy and ordering process has been improved through continuous clinical analysis and careful medical procedures and therefore enhancing the quality of CTCA to its patients.

President and CEO of NexBank Gives a Speech During the Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference


John Holt serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of NexBank Capital, Inc. John Holt was among the speakers/panelists at the Texas Bankers Association’s fifth Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference. The event took place on November 7, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Discussions at the Event

During the event, the panelists discussed and evaluate the challenges facing the community banking. The conference also served as a forum for bank leaders, advisers and consultants to share their viewpoints on those challenges facing bank leaders.

As one of the market leaders in the banking sector, John Holt mentioned that NexBank has been taking various steps in enhancements of community banking. In addition, he stated that Nexbank had acquired a college savings bank to help parents plan for their children’s college education. The other initiative undertaken by the bank is the provision of funds to companies that offer mortgages to less privileged people from Texas.

About NexBank

NexBank Capital, Inc is a reputable financial service firm that offers commercial banking, institutional services and mortgage banking. The bank is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and it is currently ranked as the 14th largest bank in Texas. Nexbank is ranked as the 215th largest bank worldwide with 88 employees. The company operates in 4 locations and the executive management team consists of competent financial experts/professionals who are ready and willing to serve clients.

A majority of NedBank’s customer base are mainly public corporations,institutional clients as well as organizations offering financial services. Apart from that, Nexbank also offers tailor-made banking and financial services to real estate investors, large corporations as well as middle-market companies. Under the leadership of Mr. Holt, Nexbank has demonstrated high-performance innovations and solutions that meet individual needs. As of 2016, the bank has a large asset base with revenue turnover of approximately 4.6 billion dollars.

Norman Pattiz’s industrious role in radio broadcasting and PodcastOne


Recognized as an icon who has for many years brought about the significant advancement which has occurred in the radio broadcasting industry, Mr. Norman Pattiz receives the praise with humility. Even after his induction into the National Radio Hall Of Fame in the year 2009, Mr. Norman Pattiz has continued with his lifelong journey to transform and improve the companies he has invested. It is important to note also that even though Mr. Pattiz has always striven to make his companies success, he has over time served under different managerial capacities in many public institutions all of which enjoyed periods of success.

To attest to his success he was appointed by two presidents, President George W. Bush and President Clinton to be the chairperson at the BBG (Broadcasting Board of Governors) of the United States America. He held this post for two terms, and his time started way back in the year 2000. This board of governors is charged with the primary task of overseeing all American non-military broadcasting. In addition to this, he is also the person who hatched the great idea of starting the Americas Arabic radio station which has for many years now been responsible for broadcasting to more than 22 countries in the Middle East.

To add to his achievement and accolades Mr. Norman Pattiz presently serves under the capacity of Reagent of the University of California and also dubs up as the Chairperson of Lawrence Livermore & Los Alamos National Security Laboratories.

From recent news, Mr. Norman Pattiz launched an application software that would be used to transmit video content by PodcastOne to its audience. The software app was introduced to help increase the availing of show content that PodcastOne produced.

From the app itself, any viewer would be able to see the shows that pertain entertainment, news, politics, sports, and the trending events. The software app also guaranteed its various users a chance to get points for their loyal use of the platform. In regards to this, the loyal point could again become useful to the user when upgrading the feature in the app.

The videos have so far proved popular with many of the audiences that use PodcastOne as many have gone on to stream the many videos that the podcast station adds on a weekly basis to their platform. The videos get produced under the partnership of PodcastOne and Mandt VR Company. Learn more: http://normanpattiz.com/


Boraie Skyrockets New Jersey’s Real Estate Market


Currently, New Jersey is globally recognized for its peak performance in the real estate industry. New York Times was mostly fascinated by the state’s exceptional achievement and published an informative article regarding Boraie Development, a New-Jersey-based real estate contracting organization. In NJ Biz’ opinion, New Jersey is among the nations with the highest rates and shares of residential mortgages characterized by delinquency. As a result, New Jersey’s market is dominated by the real estate sector whose focus is to enhance basic household aspects including household formations and home prices. Additionally, New York has incorporated low mortgages rates thus enlarging mortgage credit availability which contributes to the state’s housing boom. Boraie Development is the nation’s latest development firm designed to make improvements NJ’s real estate industry.


Boraie Development has operated in the real estate sector for over two decades. The company’s primary source of money to support its projects is private capital. Also, Boraie Development’s unique work is attributed to its affiliates who entail sophisticated financial organizations, contractors, and architects whose performances are duly diligent. Boraie Development line of activities is diversified in focuses on various aspects such as properties augmentation, marketing, and sales as well as asset management. The organization is made up of a dedicated team whose principal concerns are directed towards providing excellent and unique services that are customer-satisfying. Not only does the company find pleasure in meeting its client’s needs but also in employing its visions and capitalism to the fulfillment of each of its projects.



Boraie Development’s projects are characterized by exceptional elements aimed at attracting financial collaborators and residents. Additionally, the company’s marketing strategy is effective in meeting the arising requirements for housing properties. The firm signs deal with other reliable organization to supplement its activities. Most of the deals entail different real estate operations such as restructuring master plans or finances for redevelopment and augmentation. Various partnership considers various properties and the most common include retails, student housing facilities, hotels and residential among others.


Under the leadership of Omar Boraie, Boraie Development’s President, the company has participated in the construction of attractive properties. Among the most known work of the organization is the State Theatre New Jersey, The Aspire, College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative and Rutgers University housing apartments. Besides having actual achievements, Boraie Development still focuses on future successes. In the next one year, Boraie Development plans to skyrocket its next commercial site located at Albany Street. With the upgraded infrastructure, New Brunswick will be New Jersey’s transformation icon.







Don Ressler Articulates Leadership through Internet Marketing


Business owners as well as entrepreneurs understand the importance of appropriate leadership when it comes to success. Leadership encompasses a skillet of strategies that have been set to guide the terms and conditions of operating a business. With good leadership, a business is set to succeed. That is why Don Ressler is highly regarded for his input in the world of internet marketing. For a business as a boutique, Don Ressler has been instrumental in building Fabletics as well as TechStyle.




Don Ressler is a household name in entrepreneurship. Behind the multiple startups like Intelligent Beauty and the affiliates is his commitment to develop a plethora of successful platforms for business. His first business roots from a partnership with Adam Goldenberg. The duo invested in FitnessHeaven.com, a company that was purchased by the prominent Intermix Media. In 2001 when the business was bought, Ressler and Adam Goldenberg formed Alena Media. With the rise of ecommerce platforms, Ressler and Adam Goldenberg invested in internet marketing. Without sponsors and role models to look up to, the two motivated themselves into forming several online marketing platforms.




In 2005, Intermix was purchased by News Corp. The business blossomed by gaining a huge client base. What Don and Adam formed was flourishing in a different platform. They were disappointed because they did not enjoy the revenue that was generated from their efforts. They quit establishing a new business. Being visionary and skillful, the duo invested in online marketing by creating a platform that facilitated online trading autonomously. Don was the head cheerleader of the project. He poached a team from Alena Group. The co-founders held a strategic meeting to discuss their way forward in business. A brand was then born into the online marketing conglomerate. Intelligent Beauty focused on skin care.




After two years, Intelligent Beauty produced another business called SENSA, a weight loss initiative. Under the leadership of Don Ressler, the firm earned significantly massive profits. In 2010, Don Ressler led Intelligent Beauty into launching another company that graced many business platforms. JustFab is one of the major success stories that Don Ressler is now identified with. Within eight months, the membership had hit 4 million. Being the president as well as the creative director, he initiated an online platform that has vastly grown into a multibillion business. Presently, Don Ressler is also a lead executive at TechStyle, an online platform for active wear. He is a role model and pace setter in business.

Adam Goldenberg

What’s The Future of Dr. Clay Siegall & Seattle Genetics


Cancer research is one of the most fascinating and demanding industries in the world today. A lot of preparation, research and work goes into each and every product that hits the market. It’s basically a life or death situation for many people and this company is on the ball every hour of the day. Seattle Genetics, located in Bothell, Washington, is the industry’s leader in cancer fighting drugs. The company has well over 1,000 employees, and it’s one of the Pacific Northwest’s biggest employers. Seattle Genetics has revolutionized cancer research in many different ways. Its advanced drugs are some of the most profitable cancer fighting drugs in history, and the company hosts one of the biggest names of the community.

President, Founder, and CEO Clay Siegall has been steering this huge ship to success thanks to his leadership, passion and vision. He knows exactly where the business should be at a specific time. Siegall is a well accomplished doctor as well as a scientist. The guy has many titles and multiple advanced degrees. This includes a Ph.D in Genetics and a B.S. in Zoology. Thanks to George Washington University and the University of Maryland, this man is blessing the world with some fine knowledge. Siegall’s long tenure in the industry didn’t come by chance. He has worked his way of the corporate ladder and now society gets to benefit from his strong work ethic. The same work ethic that goes into each and every product. He’s literally a lifesaver, but he’s also too humble to ever admit it.

Siegall does a lot of blogging when he has the time. These blog posts stretch across a broad spectrum. Some of his latest posts includes the criticism that’s been surrounding the Paris Agreement. He’s also talked about sustainability and President Trump’s actions while in office. All in all, Clay Siegall is human. Expect bigger and better things from Seattle Genetics in the future as well as the guy that control its destiny.


The Online Business Empire of Online Entrepreneur Don Ressler


Entrepreneur Don Ressler has launched a series of successful start-ups which have given new life to more daughter businesses such as JustFab which s now known as TechStyle fashion Group.


TechStyle Fashion Group emerged from its mother company called Intelligent Beauty seven years ago in 2010. The business of TechStyle Fashion Group is an online retailer of clothes and shoes, jewelry and other accessories, and much more. The TechStyle Fashion Group sell through its many stores which make good use of subscriptions. Subscribing to services is a trend in the retail business as it ensures revenue and a consistent quality of the services provided.


Mr. Don Ressler created the TechStyle Fashion Group in collaboration with entrepreneur Adam Goldenberg. The two business partners are collaborative chief executive officers of the business, but Mr. Don Ressler is responsible for most of the success of the TechStyle Fashion Group. All of the companies are based in the United States of America, and many of them have physical stores as well.


Fabletics is one of the most recent brands that stemmed from the TechStyle Fashion Group. The brand is dedicated to selling active wear as well as sports shoes and basic sports gear such as yoga mats and dumbells. Fabletics came to be from the collaboration of CEO Don Ressler and his business partner with the actress Kate Hudson. She has been the face of Fabletics, and she is modeling the clothes for the product and brand photography on the retail website. Fabletics offers a monthly subscription as well as one time purchases. The business has a handful of physical stores in central locations such as New York City and Los Angeles.


Mr. Don Ressler has his hand in a vast number of businesses. He has created and co-founded many online stores. Along with Intelligent Beauty, Inc. Mr. Don Ressler also created the online store called FitnessHeaven. Mr. Don Ressler is president and chief executive officer of the retailer. Another of his successful ventures are called Intermix Media as well as Alena Media. Mr. Don Ressler is also the creator of a skin care brand under the name of Hydroderm. That is not all. Mr. Don Ressler co-founded Brand Ideas as well which is one of his most successful ventures up to date. In fact, the company earned him over a billion dollars from sales as the company is working in the industry of online advertisement.

The Creative and Forward Thinking, Samuel Strauch


In his interview with CEOCFOinterviews, Samuel Strauch explained his vision when he started Metrik Holdings; when they launched the company, it occurred as it was at the point of convergence of different pathways. By that time Strauch had come to Miami, about 15 years ago, he saw an excellent opportunity in a growing city. The city was turning away gradually from being a resort town, and it was transforming into a fledged city.

So, Samuel Strauch thought it could be an excellent opportunity to start a real estate company. Since he already had numerous relationships with Latin Americans, He put two-and-two together; Strauch also knew that he had people that were interested in being investors or clients in that kind of business in the city of Miami, as it’s a means of access to the Americas

Strauch said that the focus for Metrik now and where they are paying attention is that they see rapid changes especially in the way people are living, working, and traveling. Therefore, they are focusing their analysis, and they are putting efforts to invest in companies, industries, plus projects that could adapt to the new generations.

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They like how people transform the way they travel. They seek more experience instead of spending their money on things that are trivial. Therefore, they are looking towards projects that could accommodate plus attract that new generation. Currently, the Millennials mark the new society pace in travel, living, relationships, and work across every area of real estate.

Samuel Strauch studied at Hofstra University, NY, where he received his bachelor’s degree in business. Also, he completed studies at Harvard University and Erasmus University, Rotterdam. He began his career in the banking field, but ultimately, he decided to join his family Real Estate business located in South Florida, FL.

In 2002, Samuel Strauch started his company which he’s continuing to grow up to now successfully combining a platform of complementary businesses in management, development, acquisitions, equity sourcing, plus real estate brokerage in Latin America and South Florida. He’s an active investor in various restaurant and internet businesses plus he’s an avid photography and art enthusiast.

Read more about Samuel Strauch: http://www.ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/SamuelStrauch_MetrikHoldings17.htm

EOS is clearly the best


EOS lip balm is back and, if you can believe it, more luxurious than ever before says usmagazine.com. Aptly named, the new crystal lip balm is completely transparent. Nodding further to its name sake the new formula has revamped its iconic egg shape and opted for a more triangular shape, leaving no doubt this product is a treasure. Not only is it light in design, its sheer application will pamper your lips through the driest winter wind. The light as air finish is courtesy of the wax free formula. The new crystal formula is also vegan friendly with five main oils working overtime to protect your lips. The list of ingredients include; coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, avocado, castor seed oil, and aloe vera. Each of these ingredients were selected for their unique ability to moisturize and protect skin. Not to mention, with ingredients like avocado it’s hard to tell if you’re applying lip balm or having a treat. Currently, the crystal lip balm comes in two flavors, hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid. Both flavors are so richly fragrant that making a decision is impossible. EOS continues its mission to provide high quality products with Crystal by maintaining organic ingredients, and further elevating that standard to make their products vegan friendly, see allure.com. It is clear that they intend to provide new and interesting products while improving the quality.

For more info, hit this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRY7C3LEFeM.


David McDonald-Providing Food Service Providers With Safe and Culturally Rich Products


David McDonald is an accomplished food industry executive at OSI Group. He currently serves as President and Chief Operating Officer. Some of his accolades include appointment as Chairman of the North American Meat Institute where he also serves on the Board of Directors.

OSI Group is a company based in Aurora, Illinois that specializes in providing meat products such as beef patties, sausage patties, pizza and sandwiches to some of America’s top restaurant chains and food service providers as well as consumers in Europe and Asia. Some of the companies they provide to include Subway, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger King and Papa Johns.

With expansion into Asia and Europe, David believes that his local management teams are an essential part of the success of the organization because they have first hand experience about the different taste and cultures of the countries that they provide products to OSI’s expansion into China has only grown in the 20 year partnerships, and they continue to experience more growth in the Asian market.

They have opened eight facilities in the region with another two in the works. He believes that it is essential to listen to what the locals want and to garnish trust with them in order to assure that they are delivered quality products that also adhere to their standards and culture.

Food Safety and Food quality coupled with humility and listening to the needs and wants of the customer are important aspects of the success in China. He believes that listening and trying to understand from the customers perspective is an essential part of growing the business.

David’s ability to work with both upper management and local management is an asset to OSI Group. His knowledge of industry operations and international business is essential in his day to day operations at OSI Group. It is with this ability that OSI will continue to grow and provide products to industry food leaders throughout the world.

Read More: ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/DavidMcDonald-OSIGroup17-CEOCFOmobile.htm