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James Dondero Supports ‘The Family Place’ through $1 Million Challenge Grant


James Dondero, the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, helped The Family Place, a Dallas-based voluntary organization assisting the victims of family violence, by offering $1 Million Challenge Grant. The announcement of the assistance came in October 2016, and the challenge was to raise an amount of $2.8 million within six months from the grant declaration. Dondero made the announcement during the Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon by Family Place. The amount would be directed through the Highland Dallas Foundation, the philanthropic wing of the firm. Interestingly, the grant matches any amount with 50 percent contribution from Highland up to $1 million with a grant period end date of April 4, 2017.



Within three days of the announcement, The Family Place raised $200,000 for its campaign known as Legacy Campaign and received a corresponding $100,000 from Highland Capital. The total campaign funding goal of Legacy Campaign is $16.5 million with $2.8 million was not achieved until the announcement of the challenge grant. Per Dondero, the fund is addressing the call of action by the Police Chief of Dallas David Brown and Mayor of Dallas Mike Rawlings to solve various family violence issues and help the victims. With the campaign amount, The Family Place is supporting the construction of a new counseling center in Central Dallas for the victims of family violence. The counseling center has 13 emergency shelter bedrooms, a dental clinic, medical clinic, separate counseling rooms for children and women, dedicated place for job-training, and centralized call center for assistance.



Dondero has more than three decades of experience in equity and credit markets and has specialized expertise in distress and high-yield investing. He co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 to offer CLO and credit solutions for both retail investors and institutional investors around the world.



James Dondero is known for designing the customized and high-yielding financial products for its customers including hedge funds, CLOs, institutional separate accounts, mutual funds, private equity funds, ETFs, and REITs. Dondero worked with a number of organizations before founding Highland including American Express, Protective Life, and more. He completed his B.Com in Finance and Accounting from the University of Virginia. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesdonderohcm


Vinny Parascandola’s Career Shift from IT to Finance to Leadership


Vinny Parascandola is the senior vice president of AXA Advisors US since his recruitment in October 2014. He manages the hiring and advancement of the firm’s 225 employees in the company’s Central New Jersey region and the overall sales performance by sustaining a suitable profit margin. Vinny has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Lubin School of Business of Pace University. He began his career in the technological industry as a system analyst for Irving Trust Company in 1986. After two years, he rerouted his career to the economic field by beginning work as an agent ad Prudential Insurance. In 1990, Vinny joined The MONY Group as a financial professional and served for three years in that post before earning a promotion to the manager of sales. He worked his way to the managing director’s position for four years, after which he became the field vice president.


Vinny joined Advantage Groups, a subsidiary of AXA Advisors in 2008 as president and co-managed AXA’s branch offices in New York. Before that, he was the executive vice president of AXA Equitable for two years. In 2009, he became the president of the Northern Division of AXA Equitable. AXA Equitable is a branch of AXA Financial Incorporation, which is a part of the AXA Group. AXA Advisors, where Vinny currently works, is a distribution agent for EXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, which provides leading financial and life insurance and pension products. AXA Advisors has an employee capacity of 6000 in a count. It specializes in offering clients with insurance covers and investments in the property business, tertiary education, retirement, and business strategies.


Vinny Parascandola has an extensive experience in leadership and has been the recipient of a couple of awards and recognitions. Some of these awards include the Master Agency Awards and the GAMA Career Development Award. He often speaks on leadership and finance in various platforms such as the LIMRA Distribution Conference, LAMP Meeting hosted by GAMA and the 2014 graduation ceremony at Pace University. Vinny heads the council of field professionals of LIMRA and serves on the board of directors of GAMA.


A Dr. Walden Review


Anybody that is looking for service from a great cosmetic surgeon should contact Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Jennifer Walden has set the standard in the Austin, Texas area when it comes to attention to detail, proper planning and excellent results. She has emerged as an incredible cosmetic surgeon who handles a little bit of every type of service.

When a person is looking into cosmetic surgery, even out of curiosity, she needs to be sure that she does everything possible to receive an excellent cosmetic surgery. To this end, people should do their best to read below and learn as much as they can about cosmetic surgery.

What kind of experience does Dr. Walden have?

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews is an incredibly skilled plastic surgeon. She has conducted a number of different surgeries, and is one of the rarest occurrences in the medical field – a female plastic surgeon. This is a very male-dominated field, as of the more than 8000 licensed plastic surgeons, less than 900 are women. Of these 900 female plastic surgeons, less than 15 of these women practice in Texas.

Dr. Walden is the cream of the crop when it comes to cosmetic surgery. She graduated from the University of Texas and quickly accelerated in the field. She began her career in New York City and opened a practice there for a number of years. She has operated this practice successfully and then she decided to move back to Austin in order to get a fresh start.

What should a patient keep in mind when they get plastic surgery?

The absolute best thing a patient can do to help themselves out is to do their own research. Dr. Walden will happily explain any kind of procedure, and the patient really owes it to themselves to understand everything that they can on their own. After handling research, the patient should set up a consultation with Dr. Walden so that she can explain every facet of the surgery in as much detail as possible. Click here to know more.

Any plastic surgery candidate needs to be sure they get their medical insurance in order. This way, they can pay for the medical procedure with no problem. Consider these tips and contact Dr. Walden.

LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/in/drjenniferwalden

Talk Fusion is the Future of Video Marketing


Video marketing is a long-standing medium that is an immensely powerful tool that businesses and entrepreneurs can utilize to their advantage. Bob Reina, the CEO, and founder of Talk Fusion, recently shared some amazing insights into his product on how it is changing the face of advertising.

One of the drawbacks businesses and entrepreneurs face today when building their own brand recognition is the need to go to separate businesses and make different accounts for their advertisement. They need one account for doing face-to-face calls, messaging apps accounts, they need to go to another company for video advertisements, and other hassles. Staying one step ahead of the competition can be stressful for these businesses who don’t have a massive amount of resources to draw from.

The key to Talk Fusion is its mass market appeal to be user-friendly, it can be used by anyone. Large corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even non-profit groups can benefit from using Talk Fusion. The product comes with an assortment of tools people can use to their advantage for an effective marketing campaign.

The other vital component is the video is one of the most powerful advertisement tools on the market today. Talk Fusion is the whole package which includes all the following:

  • Video Email
  • Video Newsletters
  • Live Meetings
  • Video Chat
  • Sign-up Forms

Using these tools effectively has allowed many small businesses to stand out from the competition. The video is an ideal medium for advertisements since they engage the consumer and deliver information effectively. The consumer can make a choice on the spot whether they want the product or service being advertised.

The use of these products all in one place has made Talk Fusion an ideal platform for people across the board to use. They can stay in touch with their consumers, build relationships and networks, and deliver the information needed to keep their consumers and contacts informed of their developments. Bob Reina’s new product utilizes all these effective tools and anyone can get started the moment they pick up Talk Fusion. There is no special training needed so people can get started immediately.



Beverly Hills Auto Group Has Got What You Need


Buying a used BMW is a better investment than buying a new one. Besides, no one will ever know that you bought it used. By buying your BMW used, you can stand to save close to $20,000 dollars-that’s the price difference of buying used over new. When you buy used, all the kinks have already been worked out and you can even score a fully customized ride for a fraction of the cost.


Beverly Hills Auto Group puts the customer first and offers a wide variety of used luxury cars to choose from. Beverly Hills Auto Group will take your trade-in at a fair price and will not resort to pushy sales tactics. Beverly Hills Auto Group has its own finance department and will get you pre-approved easily. Beverly Hills auto Group even encourages you to bring in your own mechanic, since they are confident that their cars will pass any inspection.

Jason’s New Hope


Once thought of as merely a concept of the future, the internet of things, while still in its early phases, has blossomed into a real life entity that is changing the way the world communicates, offering an unprecedented level of connectivity and ease of use between people and the products that affect everyday life. Connecting people and devices through Bluetooth beacon technology has infiltrated major industries such as, medical and automotive.

One of the newest and most influential ways in which the internet of things is changing the lives of businesses and individuals around the globe is through air travel. In recent years, the conditions surrounding air travel, such as increased security measures and fluctuating ticket prices, have caused consumers to be increasingly dissatisfied with their overall experiences. With the continued growth of the technological capacity of the internet of things, aspects of travel, such as ease of check-in and personalized travel, are becoming increasingly efficient, as many major airlines have begun implementing new and groundbreaking processes.

Jason Hope is one of the leaders of the IoT movement, proclaiming himself a “futurist” and championing the internet of things as the next wave to significantly alter the way daily life is experienced. As a businessman and philanthropist helming from Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope attended Arizona State University, receiving a degree in finance, before furthering his studies at Arizona State’s W.P. Carey School of Business. While taking part in various ventures, such as philanthropy and entrepreneurship, he has recently delved into the political arena as well.

The Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference


On November 7th of 2016, the Texas Bankers Association held their 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. During the conference, the CEO of NexBank Capital Inc., John Holt, delivered a speech and served as a panelist. The panel’s discussion revolved around the topic of “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation. The panelists along with participants undertook a shared activity in which they investigated strategic opportunities, which included M&A, organic growth, and branching programs.


The conference serves as a forum for leaders in the banking sector, advisors, bankers, and consultants to come together and discuss the major challenge they face and explore different opportunities for growth in the banking sector.


John Holt has joined NexBank in 2011, serving as president and CEO.

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a financial services company based in Dallas, Texas, with the mission to deliver uncommon value at every opportunity. Established in 1922, and currently operating with $4.6 billion in assets, NexBank offers three care business services: Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Institutional Services. NexBank’s financial and banking services are customized to suit the needs of institutional clients, financial institutions, and corporations nationwide. NexBank SSP is a member of the FDIC.

Women in entrepreneurship; Jennifer Walden’s success at work and home


There is a stereotype that has been pushed for a very long time about women who do well in the looks department being unable to deliver when it comes to talent and career development. However, if the modern career woman is anything to go by, beauty and brains are the norm. One success story that is proving this to be true is that of Dr. Jennifer Walden. The plastic surgeon and mother has been named as one of Harper’s Bazaars top 24 surgeons in the country.

Jennifer knew for a very long time that she wanted to be a cosmetic surgeon. When she completed her medical school, she got an opportunity to train with some of the best surgeons in New York. The first practice that she set up was in Manhattan. Her practice was very successful to the point that she was awarded several times and the community in the area recognized and respected her. Then, she decided that it was time to fulfill her lifelong goal of becoming a mother. This made her reconsider several decisions, including the best environment to bring them up in. She realized that her children needed to be close to her extended family as this was the best environment to bring them up in.

This among other things is what prompted her move back to Texas. She set up her practice in Dallas and within no time, she had built a reputation for herself, owing to her good work. Most people that have had the chance to be treated by her state that she is a great cosmetic surgeon and that her leadership skills are commendable. She has also served on the board of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons for many years now. It should be noted that very few women are able to get a position on this board, which makes her achievement no mean fete.

Jennifer is a mother of two wonderful children. She is also a sister to very successful siblings. Unlike many situations where a woman in charge is stereotyped to come across as too tough, Jennifer is a great boss and those who work under her can testify to this. It is the combination of her great upbringing and her charismatic personality that have led to her current success.


Why Securus Technologies Is a Reliable Form of Communication For Inmates and Their Visitors


Securus Technologies is offering both inmates and visitors opportunities of communication with one another via methods of videoconferencing. It is highly recommended for inmates and visitors to ensure that they’re taking the steps that are necessary for signing up for the video conferencing system of communication if it is available for them, as it offers them a highest speed server connection which is secure and offers convenience.


Securus Technologies should not be regarded as being an ordinary form of communication, as it enables people to keep in touch in a way in which one of the parties is in an environment in which they normally would not have an opportunity of communicating through any other means aside from a visitor, or visitors, visiting their physical location or through phone calls. This is why Securus Technologies is such a recommended form of communications, as it is enabling people to keep in touch more often than they may have had an opportunity of doing so with conditions of physical visitations, as it offers convenience in its highest regards. If you are not necessarily sure about what exactly Securus Technologies entails, then please do not hesitate to visit their website, as there are several resources that could be of assistance to you. It is highly recommended for you to look into the list of correctional facilities that are on the page, as all correctional facilities have not had its system of communications implemented into their communicative systems yet.


Customer service representatives are available to assist if you need their assistance. They are capable of answering any questions that you may have, as well as guiding you through the processes of installing the program and signing up for an account so that you can be on your way towards communicating effectively and efficiently. Reach out to an inmate today!


Ken Goodrich Finds A New Home With Goettl


The Goettl HVAC brand has been at the heart of the communities of Arizona and Nevada for many years, and has played a key role in developing the career of new owner Ken Goodrich from a very young age. The Goodrich family owned a parts store and servicing company in Las Vegas that gave Ken Goodrich his first experiences with Goettl HVAC units when he assisted his father in repairing Goettl units across the city of Las Vegas; in 2013, Ken Goodrich had already purchased 15 companies he rescued from tough times, but Goodrich has stated his love of the Goettl brand makes this a different business opportunity for him.


Ken Goodrich grew up with Goettl being seen as the gold standard for HVAC customer service and has sought to return the brand to that level of success over his first four years in charge of the company. Instead of focusing on the bottom line of profits, Goodrich has instead looked to develop the Goettl brand as a leading purveyor of HVAC services with the focus largely on the knowledge of technicians and the quality of customer service offered.


Goettl was developed in the 1930s as a developer of what was then the latest technology in heating and cooling properties across the U.S.; the 100 patents held by Goettl during the early years of its life still form the basis of the units and technologies in use across the U.S. for many property owners.


The Goettl brand is now at the heart of the local communities the company provides services for and has attempted to extend its reach across many parts of the U.S. southwest. In 2016 and 2017, the Goettl brand has merged with a number of leading Las Vegas based HVAC and plumbing companies to highlight the high level of confidence and respect the brand is still held in by others within the HVAC industry.