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The Growing Reach and Success of the Securus Technologies Video Visitation Solution


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation solution is now being used by about 180 correctional agencies in the United States at this point in time. Securus Technologies Video Visitation accomplishes about 160,000 individual inmate visits each month. This computes to about 2,000,000 visits annually.


According to Securus Technologies, the number of individual inmate visits accomplished through the company’s Video Visitation solution is doubling each year. The company anticipates that this trend will continue in the immediate future as more correctional institutions, and the public at large, learn more about the benefits of Securus Technologies Video Visitation.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation app has been downloaded by friends and family members of incarcerated people over 232,000 times thus far. The company anticipates that this trend will also continue apace as an ever increasing number of loved ones of offenders learn about the benefits of virtual inmate visitation using this solution.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation technology is also enjoying growth in its use because it is highly cost effective. Family members of an incarcerated person oftentimes have to expend what amounts to a significant amount of money to accomplish a visitation with an offender. In many cases, visitation with an incarcerated loved one requires travel to a facility at a distant location.


In addition, the Securus Technologies Visual Visitation technology reduces expenses to correctional departments. In this day and age, correctional departments on the federal, state, and local levels are all facing extremely tight budgets. When money can be saved on costs associated with inmate visitation, funds become more readily available to address safety and security issues, both for the sake of institutions, but also for the public at large.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas Texas. The company currently provides services to over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correctional agencies in North America.


Thor Halvorssen Fighting the Good Fight Against Intolerence


Thor Halvorssen describes himself as a human rights advocate but also as a film producer. He has been labeled a champion of the powerless and an advocate for the underdog. He founded the Human Rights Foundation in New York City that is fighting for the liberation of political prisoners and making inroads toward promoting civil and political rights worldwide.Halvorssen also created and is CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum. An organization that meets once every year to aid the cause of the human condition when experiencing dictatorial governments. Halvorssen has written two books and has the rights to Robert Heinlein’s, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Halvorssen most notably came into the public eye when he was interviewed by Fox New in an attempt by right-leaning Fox to discredit Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign. Halvorssen was known for negative opinions on Che Guevara and Hugo Chavez. Fox assumed that he would also discredit Bernie Sanders, the progressive socialist candidate. Fox, however, was in for a surprise when Halvorssen educated the interviewer on the effective workings of socialist governments in Europe and as a coup de gras Halvorssen proudly admitted supporting Bernie Sanders and giving Sanders campaign the largest allowable donation.At this point, the right-leaning publication, The Weekly Standard, set out to do an intensive study of this intelligent, handsome young man born in Venezuela of privilege and power.

The consensus on Halvorssen is that he is opposed to any government that usurps the rights of their citizens. His efforts around the world are certainly needed because the world is being ruled by an increasing number of despots, tyrants, and those who seek to eliminate the political opposition. One of the first things that despots do is to eliminate a country’s free press. Many in the United States of America see a country that is moving toward a less tolerant and much less hospitable country that is far removed from the views of the founding fathers.

How To Protect Your Business With Online Reputation Management


Do you know that your online reputation can have a major impact on your business? Need to ensure that you are protected against negative and derogatory remarks? Then you should consider getting online reputation management service.

According to OnlineReputationReviews.com, it has become a way of life for people to go online searching for reviews and articles about companies and products, especially if they are planning to make a purchase. A large number of people surf the Internet for information and news about organizations, people, companies and brands. That is why it is essential for every business or professional to take proactive steps in maintaining a good reputation.

It is advisable that entrepreneurs and service providers perform set up a way to monitor and build their reputation. Search engines have become a common resource for research and networking, and you need to learn how to use it to build your credibility.

With the advent of websites, blogging and social media, any person can tarnish a person’s or organization’s image. If you are serious about running a successful business or organization, you need to take control of your reputation. The proliferation of consumer generated media makes it quick and easy for people to express their views or opinion. And this is being carried out at an alarming rate.

Internet surfers and social media users are posting their views and comments online, without showing concern about the consequences of their actions.

The more a company, product or organization is discussed or mentioned on public forums and social networking sites, the greater the chances that its reputation will be challenged by someone. This can include malicious competitors and irate customers.

It is commonplace for people to spread rumors about those that they don’t like. Sometimes they do this just to challenge another company’s integrity.

To avoid these types of situations, it is extremely important that you consult the experts and seek their services. Reputation management professionals have the right tools and resources to help you manage your reputation and build a good image about your organization or company.

Why Equities First Holdings-UK Is A Leader In The Non-Purpose Capital Industry


Equities First Holdings-UK specializes in offering stock-based loans to businesses and high net-worth individuals. The company seeks to provide its clients with innovative financial services through a simple, transparent, and secure process. The loans have attractive terms. This way, more people are able to borrow such loans and enhance their businesses.

The company has been offering non-purpose capital to high-net-worth individuals and businesses for over 10 years. Through its experienced and qualified professionals, the company has managed to close over 700 transactions within this period. Through the funds, clients have been able to expand their business, invest in new areas, and maintain liquidity for optimum operations. Equities First has nine offices around the globe. They are found in London, Sydney, Perth, Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.

Over the years, Equities First has been offering unique services to its broad client base. For example, the company posits that there is no need to sell one’s stock to access capital if one believes that his or her stocks will appreciate in the future. He or she only needs to contact the firm and discuss a loaning arrangement. After agreeing on the amount of the capital, the client transfers the stocks to the company as collateral and gets a loan of a similar amount, which is forwarded to his or her account. After completing repaying the loan, the financial services firm releases the stocks back to the client. At the end of this process, the borrower retains 100 percent of the market value of his or her stock.

Individuals seeking a career in the financial industry should consider making their applications to Equities First. Interns and fresh graduates are guaranteed to work with experienced financial experts such as AL Christy Jr., Vincent DeFilippo, and Jeff Smith. In addition, one stands to benefit from international exposure, considering that the company has active operations in different parts of the globe.

Helping Students In and Out of the Classroom


Sometimes students wish that their parents could be more involved during their school day, and the same is true for parents. Now there is a way. ClassDojo is an app that allows students to connect with their parents about their school day, all day. This app allows students to send their parents pictures, messages and videos about what they are learning and doing. Thankfully, even if the student doesn’t connect with their parents, the teacher will be able to upload the schedule of activities for the school day and keep the parent fully involved. This app has been designed with teachers and parents in mind, in fact, it started from the feedback of educators on their needs for the classroom. Check on businessinsider.com to learn more about the App.


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ClassDojo, an educational communication platform, is creating ground up change by getting everyone in the classroom involved and connected with a focus on growth mindset. Growth mindset is the idea that children will learn better in a positive and rewarding environment. So, this application allows teachers to reward students for their good behavior and excellent grades, which can be a great inspiration for the student to keep doing well. Parents can check in with how their students are doing and the teachers can leave notes for the students when they receive marks.   According to amazon.com, this app is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools that gets everyone fully involved, and because everyone knows what is going on, there aren’t any loose strings that need to be tied up. Parents don’t have to wait impatiently for a once a month parent teacher conference to be caught up and debriefed, they can be thoroughly integrated in the events of the classroom as they occur. No wonder two in three schools are using ClassDojo, it creates connection and empowerment for teachers, parents and students.

Check https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/classdojo

What you should know about Vijay Eswaran, the co-founder of Q1 group


Vijay Eswaran is one of the founders and Executive Chairperson of the QI Group of Companies. The QI Group was established by in 1998. It is an e-commerce based empire with businesses broadened into retail and straight sales, luxury and collectables, education, training, telecommunications, lifestyle and leisure, conference management, property development and logistics.

The company holds regional offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia and a presence in almost ten countries by a wide range of subsidiary companies

Vijay Eswaran received a socio-economic degree in 1984 from London School of Economics. Afterwards, he lived in Europe for one year and performed several odd jobs, such as operating at a construction site in Belgium, picking grapes in France and repelling a taxi in London.

It was in the United Kingdom that he was inaugurated to binary system marketing, and that motivated him to get a professional reservation from CIMA in the United Kingdom, succeeded by masters in Business Administration from the University of Southern Illinois in 1986. Learn more about more Vijay Eswaran: https://www.amazon.com/Sphere-Silence-English-Dutch/dp/9719264721

At this period, he participated in multilevel marketing on a half-time basis when working for Synaptics in the United States. It was not until his come back to Malaysia, where Conway group approached him to start Philippines business, that he began taking MLM seriously.

Moreover, Eswaran is a hugely respected motivational speaker. He lectures throughout the world on a diversity of topics starting from spirituality to business.

QBuzz said that Vijay Eswaran has addressed top universities, business and management and leadership forums including World Economic assembly events and Commonwealth Business meeting at CHOGM.

Additionally, Vijay’s business achievements have resulted in invitations to hold various high posts. He has worked as the president of the Quest International University Council of Malaysia in the past. Presently, he is among the members of Corporate Malaysia Roundtable and the advisory board of the Global Business Council. Also, he is part of the Business Council for Sustainability and obligation.