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Keep Your Lips Sultry & Subtle


Having soft lips is a top priority for all men and women who care about their appearance. Celebrity advertised products have a lot of claims that they can’t back up and you pay huge out-of-pocket expenses. It is very important to have a lip balm that is easy to use everyday. More importantly, customers want a product that they can afford. Evolution of Smooth is superior lip protection that thousands of customers trust globally. They provide all natural ingredients that won’t dry your lips out and your won’t feel like their product is caked on your lips.
Evolution of Smooth has been in the industry for over 20 years with superior lip protection, lotion, and shaving cream. Their products leave you feeling soft and smooth. Thry have all natural ingredients that don’t include petroleum by products. It is good for all skin types including dry skin because Evolution of Smooth promises to hydrate your skin. Get full lips just like your favorite celebrity without Botox or painful surgery. Their revolutionary lip balm will restore your cracked dull lips. Take the first step in getting back your confidence. Busy professionals don’t have to worry about spending hours in the mirror for a reliable lip care solution. You can also wear Evolution of Smooth over your lipstick cosmetics.

Evolution of Smooth Offers

– Raspberry
– Mint kisser
– EOS/Acia
– Shea Butter
and much much more…

You can order their products securely on the Evolution of Smooth website, through eBay or Ulta.com and have their products shipped right to your door. They handle all financial transactions over a secure and trusted network. In fact, return shoppers receive valuable offers and free shipping deals. First time shoppers also receive incentives. Join Evolution of Smooth on their official website (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/) today.


Texas Based Dr. Jennifer Walden Named One of Nations Top Beauty Surgeons


Beauty surgeons are a dime a dozen these days and with more people every day taking advantage of the breakthrough procedures, you need to know where to go and who the best doctors are. With Botox, skin smoothing laser, and peels growing in popularity the almighty holy grail of treatments is going under the knife. While the previously mentioned procedures are noninvasive, there is a small minority of plastic and cosmetic surgeons that can pull off the gold standard surgical treatments, one of which is Dr. Jennifer Walden of Austin Texas.
Dr. Jennifer Walden began her medical career at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital mentored under Dr. Sherrell Aston after graduating salutatorian from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Staying seven and a half years in New York after completing a residency in the Manhattan hospital Dr. Walden returned to her homeland of Texas to open up her private practice in December of 2011 following the birth of her twin boys.
Westlake Hills was the original location of her private practice but not the only office, soon after a satellite office established by Dr. Walden in Marble Falls, Texas in 2014. Being featured as a spokeswoman for ASAPS in a Dailymail article in December of 2015 she was also named one of the best plastic surgeons in America by American Way magazine. Dr. Walden is known for her use and development of advanced technology in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Vectra, a 3-D imaging technology that assists doctors in visualizing what the patient looks like before and after surgery is one of the many tools Dr. Walden is known for using. Dr. Walden also is a consultant for aesthetic companies ThermiAesthetics, Venus Concept, Ideal Implant, and Sciton Inc.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Cosmetics By Lime Crime



With the multitude of various cosmetic companies launching numerous neutral eyeshadow pallets and standard products it can be over whelming yet rather boring for a free spirited beauty to get creative with her look. Lime Crime cosmetics breaks the trend mold and dares to live dangerously by excelling far beyond competitive cosmetic lines with their consistently new innovated products for all of the creatively bold beauties out there.

Lime Crime was launched in 2008 when Russian clothing designer, owner and CEO Doe Deere could not find cosmetics that matched her colorful designs. In 2009 she launched her popular Unicorn lipstick line featuring bold never seen before colors such as Mint to Be, Styletto, No She Didn’t and New Yolk City. These lipsticks ranged from the basic nudes and reds to the in your face black of Styletto, icy mint green of Mint to Be, baby blue No She Didn’t and New Yolk yellow. With this launch Deere went above and beyond the fulfillment of a need for color in the cosmetic artistry industry and makeup artists love her for Lime Crime’s eccentric products. The Unicorn lipstick line still caters to both the creatively daring as well as the playful beauty with their most popular nude shades Coquette, Babette and Chinchilla. These nude shades though extremely popular in the makeup industry are not however your typical nude shades you could expect to find at your local pharmacy. Lime Crime cosmetics are so original it’s difficult to find comparable shades from other brands. In 2012 Lime Crime introduced their unique version of the liquid lipstick with their Vevetines.

Continuously pushing the limits to meet high end fashion Lime Crime’s latest additions include their Metallic Velvetines Liquid Lipsticks launched just last week. The Metallic Velvetines feature 6 new highly foiled metallic shades. Their most recent launch are the 10 Superfoils. Supercoils are highly pigmented extremely metallic foiled dual compact eyeshadows.


Aside from indulging in the fun filled colors that are Lime Crime cosmetics you can rest assured that all products are cruelty free and have been reformulated to meet Vegan standards since 2012.  Learn more about the brand, by visiting their official website.

Lighten Up With Makari De Suisse Skin Whitening Cream


Sun exposure can leave your skin uneven, blotchy and darker than you would like. You can alleviate these issues with the right skin care. However, not all skin creams are created equally, and many either don’t work, or irritate skin, making things even worse.

Many so-called skin lightening creams and serums have harsh ingredients that may irritate skin. Makari De Suisse offers a line of products that will give your skin that radiant glow you have been looking for.

Makari De Suisse products are specially formulated to work on a variety of skin types and tones. Using botanical ingredients and combining the best in skin technology and advancements, you will find the solutions you are looking for in Makari.

Whether you have hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dull, dry skin or premature signs of aging, there is a product that will address your needs.

Products You Will Love

Beauty Milk Premium is a gentle, milky toner that is designed to smooth your skin, fade spots and reduce the signs of aging. It’s gentle enough for daily use and will leave your skin soft and radiant.

Makari 24K Gold

This serum is an all over whitening formula that also addresses the signs of aging caused by not only UV exposure, but also the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. This is perfect for those who are seeking comprehensive solutions to their biggest skin care concerns. Pamper yourself with 24K.

Makari De Suisse offers serums and creams targeted at specific skin concerns, as well as cleansers and moisturizers that pamper and care for your skin. Gentle and effective, Makari De Suisse will be your go-to products for beautiful, youthful and radiant skin.

Lovaganza: Changing The World


Onward comes the caravan, Bohemian and festive. Across the land they bring the news of three-dimensional entertainment, and cultural unity. A convoy, a traveling party, a new wave of reality in a world gone global on Academy Creative. It’s called Lovaganza, and in 2017 the caravan begins.

Featured in this Bohemian expression of cultural identity, adventure, humor, and intrigue will be new technology for showing films of Lovaganza that provides greater immersion than ever before. This is done via 180-degree screens and new means of technological capture that truly bring the experience of cinema to an immersive level. Think CINEMASCOPE from yesteryear, but upgraded with modern sensibility and tech, and you’ve got some idea the impact IMMERSCOPE 3D will have.

Lovaganza was originally going to unveil in 2015, but as technology developed, it became apparent that things would be more effective should deployment be delayed slightly. Now dates have been announced. Lovaganza is set to debut in eight simultaneous, strategic locations worldwide. The Lovaganza festival will look a lot like World’s Fairs of the bygone golden age. Combined with IMMERSCOPE, additional interactive presentations, entertainment, and seminars, the technological exposition of this upcoming event is set to be staggering. Each location will feature a four month run. Africa, The Middle East, Oceania, Europe, Asia, and America will all have locations. The amount of people that will be able to enjoy this technology could end up sparking a new trend in cinema.

Three trilogies are planned, and in 2017 films from the first will be cycled through the world via traveling convoy. They’ve already commenced shooting, and this convoy will sequentially release this first trilogy as it tours the globe.  type will follow.

Lovaganza has long history behind it, and promises to take entertainment and technology to a whole new level while simultaneously bringing the world together like never before. With locations on every continent where there are large people groups, Lovaganza is set to affect the world like no other cinematic experience.

To keep abreast of changes, updates, and coming convoy locations, check out Lovaganza.com. This celebration of art and culture is set to inspire billions, and establish historic precedents across the planet. Necessarily, there is great power behind it, and it will be interesting to see what is ultimately produced.

Learn more about Lovaganza: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lovaganza-2015

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.