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The Doubled Power Of Sam Tabar


Becoming Director of Capital Strategy at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
did not happen by accident for Sam Tabar. He had been a stellar performer at the SPARX Group, where he had been in charge of that company’s Asia-Pacific Region. His expertise in not only law, but also business, doubled his power in his role as co-Head Business Development Managing Director. He had honed his legal chops while with the Schulte Roth & Zabel legal firm. He loves working in the legal arena.

It takes something for a person to succeed in a career in law. Not only are many years of university schooling required as a basic prerequisite, before several years of law school, but then there is the Bar to pass the tests of. It is a challenging process for the strongest of people. Sam Tabar has been a shining example of how to tackle a career in law. He is a top legal attorney with many satisfied clients. His reputation at FullCycle Fund is a wonder. His office is in New York City.

Sam Tabar started out working at the legal firm Arps, Flom LLP, Slater, Meagher, and Skadden. His main duties were to find new innovative ways to raise capital and contribute to business development. With a great deal of experience, he has succeeded with the development of several businesses. He is a Senior Associate who works within the area of compliance and hedge funds at FullCycle Fund. Besides having a top reputation is law and business, Tabar enjoys a hobby of photography.  Check out Sam’s finance tips on PRNewswire.

Solo Capital is The Latest Step In The Career Of Sanjay Shah


The former London trader Sanjay Shah seems to always be looking to develop his skills to become the best they could possible be in a range of different areas, which has seen him conquer the London financial markets, boutique financial services, and in recent years the best in philanthropic giving. Sanjay Shah enstablished his own Solo Capital brand after spending a number of years as a broker on the London markets, but this was not the first time Shah has looked to change career focus as he seeks to find the best life for both himself and his family. Shah was originally a medical student studying in london, U.K. before finding his true career love as a financial expert.

The establishment of Solo Capital came about after Shah had seen the problems caused on the markets by the 2008 economic slowdown. Sanjay Shah was facing a career that would take him away from his young family because of long hours and the hours of research he would have had to continue as a broker in the City; Shah took a chance to follow a different path as the founder of Solo Capital, which offers a range of boutique services to clients in countries around the world.

Solo Capital has continued to grow from its base in London to open offices close to the home of Sanjay Shah in Dubai. The growth of Solo Capital has been just one success for Shah, who has also sought to extend his philanthropic work with his own Autism Rocks charity that looks to fund research into the neurological condition through Cambridge University.

The life of Sanjay Shah has taken many twists and turns over the years and has continued to grow in ways that the financial expert himself had not considered throughout his life. By growing Austism Rocks into one of the most important autism charities in the world Shah continues to be an important figure across many different areas of life.


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Stephen P. Murray’s Life Legacy


During the lifetime of any one person, establishing a legacy that lasts for many years is something that many aspire to do. Stephen P. Murray, the man behind CCMP Capital, would have been a good example of this in recent times.

Stephen Murray was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1962 but his youth was growing up in North Tarrytown, New York. He attended Sleepy Hollow High School and after this he enrolled in at Boston College, to which he graduated from in 1984 with a degree in economics. A few years later in 1989 he attended and graduated from the Columbia Business School with a masters degree in business administration.

Immediately after getting his bachelor’s degree in 1984, Murray was keen on being involved in finances and business and did so by joining a credit finances program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, a banking group that operated in New York.

After he had earned his masters in 1989, Murray then went on to join the MH Equity, a combination the work of Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity group with their leveraged financing unit. Over the years the company had gone through three mergers and eventually all of them formed into JP Morgan by the year 2000.

By 2006, Murray had made his most noted business move, which was being a founding partner of CCMP Capital, which grew out of JP Morgan. The company’s main goal was to handle leveraging, buyouts and equity and all of their respective investments. By 2007, Murray was eventually named to be the CEO of the company.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital regularly invests as little as $100 and as much as $500 million of equity for every transaction made and successfully raised $3.6 billion in funding just two years ago.

Even though Stephen P. Murray was a noted equity investor, he was more than a businessman but also known for his work in humanity and philanthropy. For example, Stephen Murray was a supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation in New York and was even on the chairman’s council for the group.

Stephen Murray has also been involved with Boston College in the past, one time being the vice chairman on the school’s board of trustees at one point in his life. Murray has throw in his support for other organizations and groups, including the Stamford Museum and the Columbia Business School, his other alma mater.

Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/01/realestate/west-village-townhouse-for-17-million.html?_r=0

George Soros Making Major Moves in Current Market


If you have never heard of George Soros then you could be in for a major shock in the near future. Not only has George Soros been one of the top influences in many different aspects of society, but he has also risen towards the top of the list of the wealthiest people in the world. George Soros is someone that is known by many, but it is the actions of George Soros that investors are paying attention to as of recently. The reason for all of this is fairly simple. When someone who as as much wealth as George Soros does makes moves in the market then others will watch. However, when someone near the top of the wealth list starts to move major portions of their entire portfolio into different asset classes then there is a good chance heads will turn.

George Soros has taken a tremendous position in gold which is not only a major investment strategy that signifies he is afraid of the current markets, but because of the major portion that he put into a safe class such as gold, you have to start wondering what could possibly be on the horizon. Simply by moving his position and investing heavily and significantly into a specific set of investments such as gold, George Soros is essentially saying he is so scared about what could happen to stocks that he doesn’t even want to ride out the potential bad times or deal with any of the hardships that could be hitting the economy in the near future.

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When you think about where you could potentially put your money to hide from any possible downturns in the economy, you have to consider why gold is such a tremendous class. People not only come after it because it has scientific properties that make it much better than other metals, but when you consider the natural supply and demand factors then you know gold is always in high demand. Furthermore, when you think about all of the potential jewelry options involving gold, there are certainly a significant amount of options that instantly come to mind on where gold could be. Gold has value because people want to be able to show that they have it.

In short, gold is a resource that is scarce and people will definitely want it in general. However, if you can buy low and then sell high (when the economy may turn bad), then you could completely capitalize just because you are prepared. If you are considering what George Soros’ gold strategy is and how it could effect you, perhaps it’s time to check into Philip Diehl and the US Money Reserve and see what your options are.

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Oil Production on the Decline in Venezuela


Venezuela is seeing the biggest drop in oil production in a decade. The crippling month of May was shown in a Linked In report that the already weakening economy of Venezuela is getting worse by the day. The decline of oil production is down to 120,000 barrels a day, to 2.37 million barrels a day, according to data from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. With Venezuela facing an economic hardship, major oil companies cut back on operations as the country is failing to pay multi-billion dollar debts with partners.
Venezuela relies heavily on the income from oil. Expert Manuel Gonzalez says that over spending being a major problem, they can no longer bring in the millions of barrels of oil per day that they were longing for. The last time oil production was this low in Venezuela was in 2003, when it was completely halted due to a strike led by PdVSA workers who wanted then-president Hugo Chavez discharged from power. The price of oil has impacted the revenue of Venezuela so much so that they can no longer afford the cost of a barrel of oil per barrel to turn a profit, or break even for that matter.


Alexei Beltyukov Figuring Out Ways to Make Economy Boom


When you think about the many different business owners, economists, politicians, or just theorists in general who understand how the economy works, the fact of the matter is there are many opinions on how to approach progress. However, one such individual is start to preach some economic strategy that seems to be turning heads the entire time. While not everyone has heard his message yet, it is the ideas of Alexei Beltyukov that are starting to make rounds as a possible solution and not just another idea.

The basic idea of the original article not only went into the ties of Alexei Beltyukov and small businesses, but it focused on Alexei Beltyukov stressing just how important small businesses are. When you continue to have individuals devoting their time, effort, and energy towards their own personal goals then you are able to bring the greatest number of opportunities to all due to the incentive. However, it just doesn’t matter how much focus is placed on the academic teaching of small business ownership being important if the political climate isn’t prepared to create an economy to support small businesses.

When a general area is able to focus their efforts on producing economic opportunities for all, then there is a much better chance anyone will be able to actually create a small business. At the end of the day it isn’t about taglines or about trying to fix the entire economy all in one fell swoop. The point of any small business is to help generate enough income and wealth so that the original owners and stakeholders of the business are able to provide themselves with a living. When you don’t have a landscape in place to actually allow those business owners to be be incentivized, then they simply won’t risk their time and effort. That’s why Alexei Beltyukov says the focus now is on incentivizing the business owners. Read more about Alexei on About.me.

Just Fab: Change Your Look With One Accessory


Most of us do not have the time to edit every single faction of our wardrobe when spring leaves it’s rainy days behind for warmer summer breezes. A lot of the items in our wardrobe are classics: denim shorts, gauzy white tees and blouses, a bright colored sundress.

One of the easiest ways to change the look of our wardrobe with minimal impact to our schedules and budgets is by changing the shoes that we wear with the clothes. Shoes have the ability to embody the trend of the season. Summer 2016 is all about lace ups, and we see them everywhere – JustFab Summer Shop.

Lace up fronts are everywhere in tops and can be seen weaving up the center of a tee, body suit or dress. Instead of switching out all of our basic tops for lace up tops, why not invest in a pair of lace up sandals? The lace up sandal can be worn with a variety of different styles we already have in our wardrobes, and can transform the look to be 2016 ready.

One of the best shopping sites that makes it easy to add shoes and accessories to the wardrobe is JustFab.com. Purchasing a variety of lace up tees and tops could easily run about $40 a piece. One pair of lace up sandals from JustFab averages $39.99 or even less. The amount of wear one could get out of the shoe is way more than the wear one would get out of a single lace up tee. The value of buying a trendy shoe far outweighs any other trendy article of clothing.

According to JustFab.com also has a wide variety of trendy handbags, which can change the style of an outfit in an instant. Adding one or two new shoes and handbags to the wardrobe every month is the easiest way to stay updated and current without adding to your weekly load of laundry. Handbags and shoes are also hand picked by style setters and celebrities so you can be sure that you are wearing or carrying an article that has a great sense of style behind it.

I would encourage any style enthusiast to put $39.99 per month into this lovely and stylish subscription service. It saves time and money and helps you to stay on trend even in your busiest moments.

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